15 Signs the Kiss Meant Nothing to Him Explained!

Signs the Kiss Meant Nothing to Him

There is no worse feeling than finally kissing a guy you’ve fancied for a while only to get the feeling that it didn’t mean anything to him.

However, before you jump to any conclusions while emotions are still high, it’s best to take a step back and look at how he reacted to your kiss.

Not just immediately after, but also in the days following.

To help you better understand what he felt about your kiss, here are 15 signs the kiss meant nothing to him:

15 Signs the Kiss Meant Nothing to Him

1. He Was the One Who Ended the Kiss

I know there is such a thing as a kiss lasting too long, but if he cut it short then it’s a strong sign that he wasn’t into it.

Maybe he realized in the moment that it was a mistake or he wasn’t ready, or he literally didn’t feel anything so it felt wrong.

Only he will know the reason for sure, and hopefully, he tells you why he pulled away if you ask him!

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2. He Turned Away After the Kiss

Maybe he didn’t pull away before you did, but if the reality hit him after the kiss that he didn’t feel anything he might turn away to avoid the awkwardness.

It’s also a way of making sure that you don’t both go in for round two – and honestly is just a strong sign that it didn’t mean anything to him.

3. He Didn’t Make Eye Contact After the Kiss

Eye contact is a funny thing in the heat of intimate moments; some guys will make strong eye contact, and others will shy away.

It’s hard to read exactly what it means when a guy doesn’t make good eye contact, but it’s not a good sign.

If a guy didn’t make eye contact after your kiss there is a good chance that it meant nothing to him and he felt so bad he couldn’t lock eyes.

4. He Starts Talking About Something Random

If he breaks the silence after the kiss with some inane topic it’s a way of him trying to move on quickly and not make a big deal out of the kiss.

If he was into it, I’m sure he’d want to talk about what just happened, kiss again, smile, or do any of the other things you’d expect in the heat of a romantic moment.

Pulling away and changing the conversation is a sign he doesn’t want to dwell on what just happened.

5. He Didn’t Hold You During the Kiss

A guy might not feel like he can pull away during a kiss, but if he’s not holding you and getting close to you it’s still negative body language.

It might not have been the best kiss of your life, but if he was into you he would have at least held you close.

You are certainly right to question if a kiss meant something to a guy if he didn’t even hold you.

6. He Hasn’t Tried to Talk About It Since It Happened

If a guy kisses you and then never mentions it again, he was definitely not into it.

It can be hard to bring up the topic of a kiss without it being awkward, but if it didn’t mean anything to him he won’t feel any need to talk to you about it.

You’ll be able to tell if a guy is shy and wants to talk about it and can’t or if he doesn’t want to, trust your gut on this one.

7. He’s Been Texting You Less Since You Kissed

If you were texting a lot before you kissed, as most of us do, but are hardly texting – at least on his part – since it happened, it didn’t mean as much to him and it did to you.

In fact, this is an indication that he regrets it or feels awkward in some way and is trying to distance himself from you.

It’s a hard thing to face if you like him, but you’ll have to accept that this isn’t the start of something special.

8. You Feel Like He’s Avoiding You

I say ‘feel’ because I don’t want to make you jump to conclusions, but I’m sure you’ll know if he’s avoiding you or not.

If a guy is into you, he’ll want to spend time with you after you kissed and take things further.

If he’s avoiding you, it’s a strong sign that the kiss meant nothing and he doesn’t want to lead you on.

It might hurt, but it’s better to know the truth sooner rather than later and you should give him the space he wants.

9. You’ve Asked Him How He Feels About You and He Didn’t Answer

It’s normal to ask a guy how he feels after having that first kiss, whether it’s just after, or even several days later.

If he doesn’t want to answer or gives you a vague answer, it’s not a good sign.

It might be that he doesn’t know how he feels, but if you’ve known each other for a while it’s more likely that he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings by telling you that it didn’t mean anything to him.

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10. He Tells You That It Was a Mistake

This is a pretty big sign; if a guy tells you that kissing each other was a mistake, it’s hard to take but it’s clear that it didn’t mean much to him.

You may be heartbroken, but this is just how it goes sometimes.

On the bright side, it’s better to have kissed and found out that the magic wasn’t there than to not have tried at all.

11. He’s Referred to You as A ‘Friend’ Since

A more subtle sign that a kiss didn’t mean anything to a guy and he doesn’t want to take things further with you is how he talks and refers to you.

If he’s calling you a friend or using names like “mate” or “dude” then it’s pretty clear that he doesn’t see you as anything more and the kiss was just a mistake.

None of these signs are any less heartbreaking if you really like the guy, but at least you can be friends.

12. He’s Unfollowed You on Social Media

This is such a modern way to read between the lines about how someone is feeling about you, but it’s also one of the most reliable these days.

If a guy stops following you on social media, or worse he blocks you, it’s a sign that he doesn’t really care about you and wants to distance himself from you.

That kiss may have felt like you two connected and had something special in the moment for you, but sadly it’s not the case if he unfollowed you on social media.

13. You See Him Flirting with Other Girls

Sometimes actions speak much louder than words, and those actions don’t have to be directed at you.

If you see the guy you kissed flirting with other girls, or even worse if he’s talking about hooking up with someone else, then it’s clear the kiss didn’t mean much to him.

It might not have been the best kiss of your life, but if it meant something to you and he’s already talking to other girls like that then it’s time to move on.

14. You Find out He’s Kissed Another Girl Since He Kissed You

Taking it one step further from flirting with other girls, if the guy has kissed another girl since he kissed you then it sounds like either it didn’t mean anything to him or he’s a player.

If the two of you aren’t dating or serious at all, then it’s not necessarily that he’s a bad guy if he kissed someone else.

But it does speak volumes about how much he felt about the two of you kissing if he’s moved on to other girls instead of getting in touch with you.

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15. He Hasn’t Said Anything but You Can Just Feel It

This isn’t a sign that you can see, but it might be one of the most reliable ways of knowing if a kiss meant something to a guy.

When you’re around him, or even if you’re not around him and you’re using social media or talking to friends, chances are you’ll just know if it meant as much to him as it did to you.

Call it a gut feeling or a woman’s intuition, but when it comes to love there is just something we can feel when we take a moment to think about it.

So, my best advice is to take into account as many of the signs you can identify off of this list and combine that with how you feel about this guy with your head and your heart.

I hope things work out for you, I really do. Good luck!

Image credits – Photo by kevin laminto on Unsplash

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