What It Means When a Married Man Hugs You Tight!

When a Married Man Hugs You Tight

Has a married man given you a tight hug and it didn’t feel like a regular, friend-like hug?

Tight hugs are very personal and usually reserved for close friends and our partners.

So, there is a lot you can tell about a guy and how he feels about you by the way he hugs you, even if he’s married!

Here are 5 explanations of what it means when a married man hugs you tight:

What It Means When a Married Man Hugs You Tight – 5 Explanations

1. He Considers You a Good Friend

If a married man hugs you tight, it could mean that he sees you as a good friend.

It shows that he’s comfortable around you and that he values your friendship and enjoys spending time with you.

Some guys like having platonic relationships where they feel comfortable showing physical affection.

When we hug, it releases hormones that make us feel good, so it’s a sign that he’s in a good place and enjoying the feelings that come with physical connections.

Unless you’re seeing some of the other classic signs that he’s interested in you in any other way, it’s likely that he’s just a tight hugger.

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2. He’s Using It as A Way to Get Close to You

Guys commonly use tight hugs as a way to get close to women in a physical sense.

This is no different for married guys, they may even use the fact that they’re married to give the impression that they’re just being friendly.

There is a good chance that this guy is attracted to you and wants to feel and smell you, without that being creepy.

Or, it could be that he’s trying to send a subtle message that he’s interested in you.

Try looking for other signs that he’s interested in you a little more than just as a friend.

Does he pay a lot of attention to you? Is he always smiling or looking at you? Did he linger a little long on that hug?

There will always be clues!

3. He Secretly Has Feelings for You

The next step from just wanting to get close to you to see what it feels like is that the guy already has feelings for you and he’s drawn to you.

This is a more serious level of attraction and you’ll definitely be able to tell if this is the case.

He’ll go out of his way to see you, he’ll try to make conversation with you, and he may even start acting jealous if he sees you talking to other guys.

And when he goes in for that hug, he’s giving you a squeeze and seeing how it feels when your bodies are touching.

Seeing as he’s married, I would set some boundaries at this point and give him a gentle push or pull away when he’s tightening the hug.

If that doesn’t get through to him, you might have to tell him that you don’t think it’s appropriate and you don’t like tight hugs.

4. He’s Sad and In Need of Some Comforting

Sometimes, people just need a hug.

It doesn’t have to be anything more than that.

If a guy comes up to you and gives you a tight hug, it could mean that he’s going through something tough and he needs some comforting.

We all have our moments where we feel vulnerable and just need someone to show us some affection, and hugging is one of the best ways to feel loved.

Look at his body language, if he doesn’t look like his normal happy self and he’s a friend, take a moment to ask him if everything is alright.

And, if he says that all it takes to lift his mood is a tight hug now and then, why not oblige him!

5. He Wants to Leave a Good Impression on You and See How You React

Some guys – and this is true of married guys – are flirty or always on the lookout for new friends and use tight hugs as a way to make an impression.

Because let’s be honest, when someone gives us a hug, we feel something. When it’s a tight hug, we share a close, physical moment that leaves an impression.

It’s hard to tell if he likes you without taking into account some of his other actions, so keep an eye on how he’s behaving.

There is a chance that he’s a married player, but at the same time, he might just be a super friendly guy who is comfortable hugging people!

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Is It Inappropriate to Hug Someone Tightly?

Whether or not it’s inappropriate to hug someone tightly depends on the relationship between you and the person who is doing the hugging.

If it’s someone you’re in a romantic relationship with, then no, it’s not inappropriate at all!

However, if it’s someone you barely know or are just friends with, then yes, it might be considered a little bit too forward.

When hugging friends or strangers, you shouldn’t hug them tight. At least not until you know they’re going to be OK with it.

Giving someone a squeeze brings your bodies together and makes a physical connection, and some people aren’t comfortable with that.

The important thing is to be aware of the other person’s body language and personal space, and to respect their wishes if they don’t want to be hugged tightly.

Telling the Difference Between A Friendly Hug and A Romantic Hug

Tight or not, there are a few things you can look for to tell the difference between a friendly hug and a romantic hug.

If it’s a friendly hug, the other person will usually pat your back or tap you on the shoulder before they release you.

They’ll also only hug you briefly and will back away quickly afterward to avoid any awkward moments where you may be gazing into each other’s eyes.

On the other hand, a romantic hug will usually last longer than a friendly one, and there might be some light squeezing involved.

The person will also usually hug you around your waist or lower back, and they’ll hold you close for a few seconds before releasing you.

In a romantic hug, one or both of you will usually close your eyes and savor the moment, too.

Then there is the feeling, which is something that is hard to explain or manufacture.

Hugging releases hormones and chemicals that make us feel good, which is why (almost everyone) loves a good hug.

If one or both of the parties involved in the hug has feelings for the other, the feeling of chemicals being released is even more intense!

If there are romantic intentions, you’re almost certainly going to feel it – trust me!

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