18 Signs a Commitment-Phobe Likes You!

Signs a Commitment Phobe Likes You

Commitment phobes, by nature of their commitment issues, are not great relationship material.

This doesn’t mean you should write off a commitment-phobe if they like you and you like them, however.

With a little work things could work out and they might be the special someone you’ve been looking for!

Commitment phobes are hard to read, so, to help you out – here are 18 signs a commitment-phobe likes you!

18 Signs a Commitment-Phobe Likes You

1. They Pursue You

Commitment phobes will often go out of their way to pursue the person they’re interested in, it’s taking things to the next level they struggle with.

If they like you, they’ll text first, ask you out on dates, and make sure to see you as often as possible.

They want to be around you and get to know you better!

2. They Introduce You to Their Friends

A commitment-phobe who likes you will want to integrate you into their life and show you off to their friends.

They’ll want their friends to meet you and get to know the person who has caught their eye.

If they’re keeping you a secret, that’s not a good sign.

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3. They Want to Know Everything About You

Another sign that a commitment-phobe likes you is that they’ll want to know everything about you.

Your favorite food, movie, color – they want to know it all!

Don’t be surprised if you find out they’re interested in all of the same things you are all of a sudden, too!

4. They Make an Effort with Your Family

When a commitment-phobe likes you, they’ll make an effort to get to know your family.

They’ll want to know about your parents, your siblings, and anyone else who is important in your life.

This can be a big deal for commitment-phobes, as they typically don’t let people into their lives this easily.

5. They’re Open with You

A commitment-phobe who likes you will be open with you about their feelings.

They may not say “I love you” just yet, or ever! But they’ll definitely let you know how they feel in other ways.

You should feel like you can tell them anything and they won’t judge you.

6. They Make Time for You

A commitment-phobe who is interested in you will make time for you, even if they’re busy.

They’ll find time to see you, even if it means making sacrifices.

This is another thing that is a big deal for commitment-phobes, as they typically don’t let people dictate what they do with their time.

7. They’re Affectionate with You

A commitment-phobe who likes you will have no problem being affectionate with you, even if they’re not typically an affectionate person.

They’ll want to hold your hand, hug you, and maybe even kiss you (if you’re lucky)!

This is a big step for them and shows how much they care about you but you’ll still struggle to get them to verbally commit.

8. They Talk About the Future with You

When a commitment-phobe likes you, they might even start to talk about the future with you.

This can be anything from what they want to do next weekend to where they see themselves in five years.

They’re starting to include you in their plans, which is a big deal. Don’t tell them, but this is called a ‘commitment’!

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9. They Include You in Their Life

If they’ve started integrating you into their life, which I’m sure will start to happen naturally, you hold a special place in their life.

This could be things like inviting you to events, introducing you to their friends and family, and generally making sure you’re a part of their world.

They want you to be a part of their life because they like you, a lot.

10. They Get Jealous

Another huge sign that a commitment-phobe likes you is when they start to get jealous when you talk to other people.

They might not like the idea of you talking to anyone else, even if there’s nothing going on between you two.

Jealousy is a sign of possessiveness, which is definitely a sign of love for commitment-phobes.

11. They Defend You

If someone says something bad about you, anyone who likes you will have your back.

They’ll stick up for you and make sure that everyone knows that they don’t agree with what was said.

This is another sign of how much they care about you and want to protect you.

12. They Get Possessive

It’s not always a nice feeling, but if someone is getting possessive over you it’s a sign that they care.

They might butt in when you’re talking to other people, checking on you a lot, and fighting for your affections.

Whatever it is, possessiveness is a sign of love for commitment-phobes, as they want to make sure that you’re theirs and only theirs.

13. They’re Always Checking Up On You

This one ties into being possessive, although it doesn’t always mean it’s an act of being possessive.

If someone calls you a lot, checks in with you often, or generally want to know what you’re up to, at the very least they’re thinking about you.

They might even show up unannounced, just to make sure that you’re okay!

14. They Confide In You

Commitment phobes, in particular, find it difficult to share their intimate problems and secrets as it builds a bond – a form of commitment – with the person.

So, if they start to confide in you about things that are going on in their life, it’s a big sign that they trust you and see you as a close friend or more.

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15. They Are Genuinely Interested in You

A commitment-phobe – or anyone – who likes you will be genuinely interested in YOU.

They’ll ask you lots of questions and actually, listen to your answers (unlike some people).

This is because they’re genuinely interested in you as a person, which always feels great.

16. They Remember the Little Things

As proof that they’re interested in you and they are listening, you’ll also notice that they remember little things about you.

I’m talking about dates like your birthday, even your family member’s birthdays, or other dates that are personal to you.

16. Your Friends Are Noticing They’re Into You

Your friends are a great way to judge whether someone is interested in you as they can see what’s going on without any bias.

If your friends start pointing out that they think the person likes you, then there’s definitely something going on!

If they know this commitment-phobe personally and can tell they’re being way more open and forward with you than they are with others, it’s a huge sign.

17. They Buy You Gifts

Gift-giving is a sign of love and appreciation, so if someone starts buying you gifts for no reason, it’s a good indication that they like you.

It could be something small, like a coffee or your favorite treat, or something bigger, like jewelry or clothing.

Either way, it’s a sign that they’re thinking of you and are trying to make you take notice in their own way.

18. It Feels Good to Be Around Them

This one is a feeling more than anything, but it’s an important sign nonetheless.

When you’re around someone who likes you, it should feel good. You should feel happy, comfortable, and safe in their presence.

If you don’t feel good around them or if they make you feel anxious, it might not be the best idea to pursue anything further.

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Should You Get Into a Relationship With A Commitment-Phobe?

Now that you know all the signs a commitment-phobe likes you, you might be wondering if it’s worth getting into a relationship with one.

The truth is, it’s not easy.

Commitment phobes are often afraid of intimacy and relationships, so even if they do like you, it’ll be hard to get them to open up and truly commit to you.

But, if you’re patient and understanding, it is possible to have a happy and healthy relationship with a commitment-phobe.

Just be prepared for some bumps along the way!

My advice is to go with your heart (and your head), if you like them it’s always going to be worth pursuing them.

Now you know that they like you, you have a huge advantage anyway!

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