17 Signs She Wants You to Leave Her Alone!

Signs She Wants You to Leave Her Alone

Does it feel like a woman you like is giving you mixed signals? Or maybe you’re starting to feel like she wants you to leave her alone?

There are always going to be signs to look out for that tell you how a girl feels about you.

It might be body language cues, reading between the lines in messages, or something else.

But if you know what to look for, you can save yourself some heartache!

To help you out, here are 17 clear signs she wants you to leave her alone:

17 Signs She Wants You to Leave Her Alone

1. She Looks Away when You Catch Her Eye

Some people are just shy and bad at making eye contact, but you’ll know if this is the case with the woman in question.

If she’s not shy or awkward but doesn’t make eye contact with you, or worse doesn’t smile when she sees you, this is a red flag.

It means she doesn’t want to get your attention and engage in conversation.

If you already suspect she wants you to leave her alone, it sounds like this is the case.

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2. She’s Always Making Excuses as To Why She Can’t See You

We’ve all had friends or love interests who keep making excuses as to why they can’t hang out, don’t call or text you back, etc.

You give them the benefit of the doubt at first, but it quickly starts to become apparent that they’re avoiding you.

If she’s making excuse after excuse about why she can’t see you, it’s clear she’s not willing to make an effort and probably wants you to leave her alone and stop asking.

3. She’s Not Replied to Your Last Text…Or the One Before

When someone likes you, they’re interested in what you have to say and will reply to your texts relatively quickly.

If she’s taking hours or even days to reply, it’s a sign she doesn’t care about having a conversation with you and probably wants you to leave her alone.

If you’ve just sent one text it might not be personal, she might just be busy.

But if you’ve sent more than one text that has gone unanswered, you seriously have to consider the fact that she’s ignoring you and doesn’t want to talk to you.

4. She Doesn’t Acknowledge You on Social Media

Nowadays you can read more into how someone feels about you by their actions on social media than you can in person.

If she’s not liking or commenting on your posts, it might not mean much.

But if she’s actively avoiding you on social media or unfollowing you, it’s a sign she wants you to leave her alone.

This is especially true if you’ve noticed other changes on her social media that suggest she’s trying to distance herself from you.

5. She’s Told You She’s in A Relationship

If it’s obvious that you’re interested in her and she’s told you that she’s seeing someone, whether you think it’s true or not, she’s making it clear that she’s not interested in you.

It doesn’t matter if she’s actually in a relationship or not, the point is that she doesn’t want to date you.

You should take her at her word and leave her alone.

Trying to pursue someone who’s telling you they’re in a relationship is a recipe for disaster, my advice is not to waste your time.

6. She Pretends to Not Hear You when You Say Something

This is one of my personal pet peeves as it’s obviously rude and makes you feel a bit silly and embarrassed in front of others.

But if she’s done this to you more than once, it’s a sign she doesn’t want to engage in conversation with you and would rather you left her alone.

It’s the equivalent of her saying “I’m not interested in talking to you,” and showing you that she’s willing to snub you.

7. She’s Always Answering with One-Word Closed Answers

If she’s not rude enough to ignore you or pretend that she can’t hear you and does respond when you talk to her, only to give you one-word answers – it’s just as bad.

It shows that she doesn’t want to talk with you and is willing to make it obvious. It’s best you leave her alone at this point, she’ll start a conversation with you if she wants to.

8. She Dry Texts You if She Does Respond

The same applies to texting as it does to conversations in person.

If a girl you’re interested in only gives you short, one-word answers, she doesn’t want to text back and forth but doesn’t want to be as rude as to just leave you on read.

Giving short, one-word responses via text is called ‘dry texting‘ and it’s a way of showing that someone isn’t interested in texting at all.

My advice is to take the hint and give her some space. I’m sure she’ll text you if she wants to, and this way you’ll know it’s because she wants to.

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9. She Flirts with Other Guys in Front of You

This is another clear sign that a woman wants to be left alone, and can be quite hurtful if you’re really into her.

But if she’s constantly flirting with other guys in front of you and never flirts with you, it’s a sign that she doesn’t want anything to do with you.

Some women find it easier to do this than say something, so it’s best that you take the hint.

10. She Stares at Her Phone When You’re Around Her

OK, I’ll admit that most people stare at their phones when they’re around others these days.

But if she’s constantly on her phone and never looks up to talk or engage with you, it’s a sign that she doesn’t feel comfortable talking to you.

It might be hard to tell if this is the case but just look at it from the other side. If she wanted to talk to you, she wouldn’t bury her head in her phone.

11. Her Friends Have Asked You to Back Off

Another way a lot of women will get the message to a guy that they want to be left alone without being confrontational is by having friends say it for them.

If you’ve been talking to a girl and her friends have suddenly started asking you to leave her alone or stop talking to her, it’s a sign that she doesn’t want anything to do with you.

It’s best to listen to them and not question it, there’s nothing worse than a guy who doesn’t know when to quit.

12. Your Friends Have Told You They Can Tell She’s Not Into You

This is similar to the point above but from your friends’ perspective.

If you’ve been talking to a girl and your friends have started saying they can tell she’s not interested, you should take a step back and see if they’re right.

Your friends will have a perspective you can’t see, especially if you’re blinded by your infatuation for her.

13. She Has Defensive, Closed Body Language Around You

There is a lot you can tell about how someone is feeling and what they’re thinking by looking at their body language.

If you’re around a girl and she has her arms crossed or is closed off in any way, it’s a sign that she doesn’t want to talk to you.

Just as if she doesn’t make eye contact, doesn’t smile, frowns a lot, and doesn’t want to get close to you means she isn’t interested.

14. She Backs Away when You Approach Her

On the back of negative body language, if she physically backs away from you when you approach her this is also a clear sign she doesn’t want you in her personal space.

Some people like to have their own personal space but combined with other signs on this list it adds to the signs that she wants you to leave her alone.

15. She Doesn’t Laugh at Your Jokes (Even if They’re Funny)

If you’re trying to make a girl laugh and she doesn’t even crack a smile, it’s probably because she doesn’t want to encourage you.

It might not be that your jokes aren’t funny (I’ll leave that up to your judgment), but more so that she doesn’t want to give you the satisfaction of thinking you’re funny or that you’re impressing her.

It doesn’t feel good when you can see a girl you like acting like this, but it’s better you take notice of the fact that she’s not getting involved in your jokes than keep trying to impress her.

16. Her Mood Changes when She’s Around You

We can all feel it when someone’s mood just changes when they’re around different people, and in particular, us.

If you’re around a girl and her mood just changes for the worse, it’s probably because she doesn’t want to be there.

It’s not always easy to tell what someone’s mood is, but sometimes you can just feel it. Or, you can usually get a good gauge of it by their facial expressions and body language.

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17. She’s Joked About Wanting You to Leave Her Alone

Call it jokes, sarcasm, or whatever you want, but sometimes the truth comes out in what we say as a joke.

If you’ve been talking to a girl and she’s joked about wanting you to leave her alone, it’s likely that she actually does want you to leave her alone.

It might not be easy to hear but if you’re getting mixed signals from a girl, this is usually the most accurate one.

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