15 Signs a Woman Is Interested in Your Husband!

Signs a Woman Is Interested in Your Husband

Picking up on signs a woman is interested in your husband is important for two main reasons;

The first is that you don’t want to be played for a fool with your husband and another woman flirting in front of you while you’re blissfully unaware.

The second is that if you don’t pick up on these behaviors and do something about them, it could lead to an emotional or physical affair.

Having another woman flirting and being inappropriate with your husband can be a difficult topic to bring up without looking like you’re being overly possessive or jealous.

But you absolutely have to do something about it.

The best thing you can do is to be as sure as you can that this woman is interested in your husband before talking about it with your husband/and the other woman.

The good thing is, there will always be signs if she’s interested in your man – you just need to know what those signs are.

To help you out, here are 15 signs that a woman is making moves on your man, and some of the things you can do to put a stop to it:

15 Signs a Woman Is Interested in Your Husband

She Finds Excuses to Bump Into Him

If another woman is interested in your husband, she is going to find every excuse, reason, and ‘coincidence’ she can so that she can bump into him in person. 

If it is becoming completely obvious that she is manufacturing these reasons to bump into him you have to question what her motivation is.

She Puts More Effort Into Her Appearance When She Sees Him

A woman knows when another woman is putting Effort into her appearance. Especially when it involves dressing a little seductively.

If you have noticed this woman wears more makeup, does her hair, and dresses a little bit more provocatively and she sees your husband, this is a sure sign she’s trying to get his attention.

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Text or Calls Him at OddTimes

We all know where the boundaries lie when texting or calling family members, friends, partners, and other acquaintances.

If this woman is texting your husband at inappropriate times such as late at night, or just far too frequently, she’s stepping over the casual friend boundary. 

It’s Obvious That She Flirts With Him – Even When You’re There

If this woman is flirting with your man, especially when you’re there, it’s very likely she’s interested in him and she is probably trying to challenge a reaction out of either of you. 

You have to resist giving her that reaction at the time, as that’s what she wants. I’ll cover below in more detail how you can deal with this situation. 

She Focuses on Him Even When You’re in a Group

I think most of us have found ourselves in that uncomfortable position where we’re in a group, but one person is quite obviously focusing on one particular person.

When that situation involves a woman and your husband, however, it’s more than uncomfortable and something you’re going to need to address.

She Asks Him Personal Questions

Whether it’s in front of you or not, if another woman is asking your husband personal questions about himself, you, or the relationship, it’s a red flag.

This is inappropriate. Even if this is how the woman generally behaves, it’s something your husband needs to make clear to her it’s not appropriate. 

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She Makes Excuses to Try and Be Alone With Him

If another woman is interested in your husband, her goal is going to be landing some alone time with him. 

If she has been making up reasons to see him one-on-one, you’re right to question if there is more behind her motivations than whatever the excuses are she’s making up. 

You’ve Noticed She Makes Physical Contact With Your Husband

Whether she’s a touchy-feely person or not, there is no good reason why she should be making physical contact with your husband.

Common tactics include brushing past your husband, grabbing or putting their arm around him in a joking manner, coming up with an excuse to make contact, etc. 

She Is Often Rude or Passive Aggressive Towards You

When a woman has an interest in your husband, by default you become the ‘other woman’ in the triangle and the obstacle standing in their way.

If this woman starts acting passively aggressive towards you, takes jabs at you, tries to put you down in front of him, or does anything else negative towards you, she is showing her true colors. 

You Get a Strong Gut Feeling That She’s up to Something

Maybe it’s a combination of some of the things I covered above, or you just get a strong gut feeling – you should listen to your intuition.

You may or may not be right, but unless you look into it the feeling is unlikely to go away. You’ve done the right thing by ending up here looking for more signs, hopefully, I can help!

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She Started Giving You Advice on Your Relationship

Has this other woman suddenly started giving you relationship advice? Particularly around things where she thinks she could do better than you?

It’s normal for friends to chip in a bit of advice, but if you’re already suspicious of this woman and she’s overstepping the line, you have to question her motives. 

She Always Takes His Side When You Talk to Her About Disagreements

I don’t like friends to be ‘yes’ people and always say that I’m right just because they’re my friends. But there’s a difference between being honest and always siding with your husband. 

If a woman is clearly a huge supporter of your husband and can see him doing no wrong, this might be a sign that she is guided by her affections for him. 

She Makes Inappropriate Jokes and Uses Innuendo Towards Him

There are few things more awkward or cringe than someone making inappropriate jokes or using innuendo inappropriately, especially when it’s directed to your husband and you are present.

If this woman is making these kinds of jokes towards your husband – and it’s not something she does everyone – she’s probably testing the waters to see how he reacts.

She Has Given Him Gifts

Giving another person gifts is only something you do when you’re really fond of them. Sure, between friends it’s normal, but it’s not normal to give gifts to another person’s partner.

You may also be able to read something into what the gift was. But, whatever it was, it’s probably not appropriate and it’s a sign she’s trying to win his affection.

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She Is Outright Inappropriate in Some Form or Another

Leading on from inappropriate jokes and innuendo, a step further it’s for her to just be outright inappropriate towards your husband that makes you – and maybe him – feel awkward.

This could be getting touchy-feely, asking him personal questions, propositioning him, any number of things. If she’s crossing that line between friend and something more, it’s going to be fairly obvious.

How Should You React When Another Woman Is Interested in Your Husband?

Now that you are aware of the signs that a woman is interested in your husband, the real question is what do you do about it.

It can be a very sensitive and difficult situation to tackle, but you have to do something to stop her advances from escalating.

Here is what I advise:

Don’t Make It Into a Big Deal or Confront either of Them

Your natural reaction is probably to say something if another woman does something inappropriate towards your husband in front of you.

There is a thin line, however, between justifiably putting her in her place and looking like an insecure, jealous wife.

Unless she is getting completely out of control, this is always best handled with cooler heads and not in the moment.

Talk Openly to Your Husband and Let Him Know How You Feel

As with most problems, you’re going to have to talk about it openly with your husband if you want to resolve it.

You need to establish what he thinks about the situation, whether or not he feels the same as you do, and what, if anything, he wants to do about it.

Put aside some time to talk about it without distractions. Be sure to let your husband know exactly how her behavior is making you feel, but without being confrontational or blaming anyone.

Talk to The Other Woman About It

You’re more than likely going to have to talk to this other woman about her behavior, otherwise how else is she going to change how she’s behaving?

This can be extremely difficult, but you have to keep in mind that it is her he was acting inappropriately, not you. You have nothing to feel bad about by bringing it up to her.

Exactly what you say and how you approach it will depend on how the conversation went with your husband, and how close you are with this woman.

Be prepared for her to play either the, ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about’ card. Or the ‘it seems like you’re jealous of how well I get on with your husband’ cards.

These are common defensive reactions from women when they’re confronted with inappropriate behavior towards someone else’s man.

It’s completely normal. Just keep in mind that you’ve been caught in the middle and none of this is your fault.

Ask Your Husband to Talk to Her

Depending on who has the better relationship with the woman in question, it may be better received if your husband speaks to her about how she’s been behaving.

This will help you avoid being looked at as the jealous wife, and it also helps your husband hold her more accountable in the future by personally setting those boundaries.

Either way, one or both of you are going to have to speak to her. Not only will she not stop and not be aware that both you and your husband do not appreciate her advances, but it’s also really the only fair thing to do.

With everything out in the open, let’s just hope that everyone can behave like mature adults and move forward!

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