If a Waitress Touches You Does It Mean They Like You? (Explained!)

If a Waitress Touches You

If a waitress touches you, you’re probably wondering if she likes you or if she’s flirting for a bigger tip. Sometimes it’s a ‘yes’, they do like you. Other times they will just be being nice or flirting. In this article, I’ll explain how to best decipher a waitress’ behavior!

Why Do Waitresses Flirt?

First of all, we need to get something clear – most waitresses, waiters, baristas, and basically any servers who rely on tips to bump up their pay will flirt and be overly friendly with customers.


Because it’s the easiest and most effective way they can get a bigger tip. They’re at work while they’re serving you, they’re not doing it for fun.

And, let’s be honest – few people do not enjoy someone being a little flirty and paying them attention, right?

Even if you’re happily married, interested in the opposite sex, or not in the mood. If a waitress makes you feel good, you’re going to remember it.

Some are better than others at delivering that excellent level of customer service that may or may not involve flirting, but generally speaking, flirting equals more tips.

That’s the main reason why waitresses flirt.

There are also occasions when a waitress will flirt with a customer because they like them and want to make that obvious. But this is a little harder to decipher.

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How Do Waitresses Flirt?

Waitresses flirt in many of the same ways any woman would flirt with you – it’s just that the environment is very different.

Some of the key signs that a waitress is flirting with you include:

  • She’s smiling a lot – Smiling is pretty much a basic requirement for someone serving customers, but all smiles are not equal. You’ll know if a waitress is really smiling at you, you’ll feel it.
  • She’s visibly excited to see you – This is more evident when you keep seeing the same waitress. If she’s clearly excited to see you (and you’re not her best tipper!) she’s flirting with you.
  • She touches you – Touching and physical contact is certainly not something all waitresses do with customers. If a waitress is touching you, she’s almost certainly flirting.
  • She spends a lot of time with you – Waitresses are typically busy. If they’re not serving customers they’re cleaning tables and doing other tasks. If a waitress is spending a lot of time hanging out with you, she’s clearly enjoying your company.
  • She seems nervous around you – Have you noticed she’s acting nervous, playing with her hair, stumbling over her words? The only reasons a waitress would be nervous around you is if she’s new, or she likes you.
  • She asks personal questions – For most waitresses, asking personal questions of customers is crossing that professional line. But there is nothing wrong with crossing that line if they really want to get to know you.
  • She makes good eye contact – Eye contact is a classic sign of flirting. Waitresses are often busy and their attention is divided between numerous people and tasks. If she still only seems to have eyes for you, that’s a good sign.

While all of this may sound complicated and hard to read, it’s really not that difficult. You will almost always know, or at least have a strong hint, if a waitress is giving you some special attention.

Not only will you pick up on one or more of these signs, but you will also very likely get a ‘gut’ feeling.

You shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that she’s really into you though. As I touched on already, it’s within the nature of the job that they will flirt to some extent.

It does give you something to explore further, however. If a waitress is clearly flirting more with you than other patrons,

So, What Does It Mean if a Waitress Touches You?

If a waitress touches you – unless she’s just brushing past you – she is almost certainly flirting with you.

Whether or not she’s just doing her job and acting how she does with every customer, that’s for you to pay attention to to find out.

It’s certainly a positive sign if you’re wondering if the waitress likes you. You can be pretty sure she wouldn’t be touching you at all if she didn’t like you for some reason!

There is also a big difference in how she touches you. If she reaches out and touches you while making eye contact, that’s some pretty strong flirting body language.

If she’s laughing and she gives you a tap, like a mate would, that’s also a good sign.

So, the real question is, what should you do if you’re sure a waitress is reaching out and touching you?

Well, you have to keep in mind that she is at work, there are lines neither of you should cross.

You have to read the situation carefully. If she’s being so friendly and touchy that it’s perfectly natural for you to do the same like a high five or a hug, then go ahead.

See how she reacts to you making contact with her. As long as you’re only doing the same as she’s initiated with you, there shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s a line you have to tread carefully though. Waitresses are friendly and flirty to get tips, and even if they like a customer, they should keep things strictly professional.

If you want to get to know a waitress better, you have to ask her to meet you outside of work and not within her role of being a waitress.

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In Summary

Generally speaking, waitresses are flirty and a lot of them will touch customers as part of their friendly and personable approach to making sure you have a great experience and leave a generous tip.

If a waitress is touching you, she’s stepping over that line that most waitresses set themselves as a boundary – so it’s a sign that she’s comfortable around you.

It might even be a sign that she likes you. It’s something you’re going to have to carefully interpret yourself.

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  1. I had a cute Mexican American waitress smiled at me, twice. And I already had a crush on her. I know she was probably doing it for a tip. And she probably doesn’t like me in that way. But it still makes me feel good around.

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