He Seems Interested in Person But Not Over Text (Here’s How To Tell!)

He Seems Interested in Person But Not Over Text

If a guy seems interested in person but not over text it can be confusing knowing where you stand with him.

Before you jump to conclusions, however, there could be some innocent reasons for this – it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not into you.

Here are some things to consider and what you should do next:

He Seems Interested in Person But Not Over Text

Before you delete his number or block him on social media, here are some reasons to consider as to why this guy doesn’t seem keen over text:

He’s Not Big on Texting

Some guys (and girls) aren’t big on texting. He might find it time-consuming, impersonal, annoying, it’s hard to say.

If he’s a dry texter or takes a while to text you back it could be because he doesn’t like texting.

This is even more likely if he sees you in person and enjoys that face-to-face interaction.

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He’s Nervous and Doesn’t Know What to Say

Even if he’s not replying or doesn’t seem interested in you, it’s possible that he likes you a lot but feels more confident face-to-face than over text.

Maybe he doesn’t know what to say or finds it difficult to express his feelings over text.

In this case, if you ask him when you see him in person I’m sure he’d be willing to tell you that’s the case.

He Thinks You’re Not Into Him

Even if you feel some chemistry when you see him in person, he might not be picking up on the same chemistry.

In fact, he might even think that you’re not interested in him or not available.

This could be one explanation for why he’s coming across like he’s not interested over text.

He’s Really Busy

It could also be that he’s just too busy to text, so he comes across like he’s not interested.

Try and find out more about him and how busy he is to see if this might be true.

He’s Playing Hard to Get

This is the most frustrating reason – at least I think so – as I don’t like it when people play hard to get!

But lots of guys will play hard to get, and one of the main ways of doing this is to act a little disinterested to keep you chasing them.

How Can You Tell if A Guy Likes You?

There is only so much you can do by looking at how a guy is texting you, ultimately you’re going to need to ask him if he likes you!

Yes, that’s right, as scary as that seems, if you like him you need to make that clear and ask him if he likes you.

It’s the only way you’re going to find out for sure if he likes you or not.

If he does, he’s going to tell you and you’ll know right then that you can take things to the next level.

If he says he doesn’t, well it’s better to know where you stand if you’re investing energy into him when you meet in person and over text.

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Some Tips for Texting a Guy You Like

If you’re interested in a guy, it’s a good idea to make sure you keep the conversation interesting when texting back and forth.

Try to keep things light-hearted and don’t get too serious, too.

Ask him questions about himself and let him talk about what he loves.

It’s OK to flirt a little, too – in fact, that’s a great way of getting him to open up and gauge how much he likes you.

It can be difficult to ask a guy out or ask him directly if he likes you over text, but sometimes you have to ask yourself, ‘what do I have to lose?’

If you like him and think he likes you, (or even if you’re not sure if he likes you)

don’t be afraid to take that leap and ask him!

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