What Does “Lolz” Mean in Texting? (Text Speak Explained!)

What Does Lolz Mean in Texting

Wondering, ‘what does Lolz mean in texting?’

If someone used the abbreviation ‘Lolz’ in a text message to you or via a DM on social media, it’s usually a good thing!

Lolz means ‘Laugh Out Loud’, just as LOL does, but the ‘Z’ is a ‘cooler’ way to write it and means you’re laughing even harder!

What Does Lolz Mean in Texting?

I have to admit, Lolz is one of my favorite text slang or abbreviations and I do use it a lot.

I got bored of LOL and I find it a bit predictable, so I prefer to write Lolz when I want to tell someone I find something really funny.

Lolz means Laughing Out Loud used as a plural form, or just with the added ‘Z’ to give it a little more emphasis.

The Z doesn’t stand for anything, no one seems to know how or why it was added to LOL but it’s certainly become popular.

So, if someone sends you a ‘Lolz’ in a text message or on a chatting app like WhatsApp, they’re laughing at something.

You’ll have to look at the whole context of your conversation to know what they’re laughing at, hopefully it’s not you!

What Does Lolz Mean on Social Media?

The same as in text messaging, if you see Lolz on social media it means the person is laughing out loud.

If someone comments on your post with ‘Lolz’, they probably found what you wrote funny.

If you see Lolz in a tweet, again, the tweeter is probably laughing out loud at the content of the tweet.

You might also see Lolz as part of a hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.

For example, there might be a trending hashtag like #lolz or #funny lolz.

This means that people are finding the content of the tweets or posts with this hashtag funny and are laughing out loud.

It’s also popular slang on TikTok and Snapchat as those two platforms have a large number of younger users, and Lolz, among general text slang, is popular with the younger generation.

Examples of Lolz in A Text Conversation

Here are some examples of how Lolz might be used in a text conversation.

Note that the person using Lolz might not actually be laughing out loud in real life, but they are indicating that they find something funny.

Person A: “I can’t believe you told [name] he looked like a goose!”

Person B: “Lolz, I don’t think he minded.”

Person A: “I heard you actually slipped on a banana peel yesterday? Lolz”

Person B: “Hey, it can happen to anyone!”

Person A: “I just bumped into your mom, her stories make me Lolz!”

Person B: “Yeah, she’s a character alright.”

As you can see, Lolz can be used in all sorts of different situations where someone finds something funny.

It’s a great way to lighten the mood in a conversation and it’s also a way to show you’re laughing with the person, not at them.

What Does Lolz Mean in Texting Example

How Do You Respond to Lolz?

If you receive a Lolz in response to something you’ve said, you can respond with another lolz.

This shows that you also found what they said funny.

If you want to keep the conversation going or aren’t sure why they’re laughing, you could also ask a follow-up question about what they found funny.

For example, you might say “Lolz, why did you find that funny?”

Just go with the flow of the conversation, at least it’s a positive, lighthearted way to portray that you’re laughing or find something humorous.

Some Text Abbreviations Similar to Lolz

If you don’t want to use Lolz but want to make it clear to the person you’re talking to that you found something funny, you could also say:

  • LOL –  Laugh Out Loud
  • ROFL – Rolling On the Floor Laughing
  • LMAO – Laughing My Ass Off
  • LUL – This also means laughing out loud

All of these mean you’re laughing, try mixing it up if you don’t want to become predictable!

Why Do Some People Use So Many Abbreviations When Texting?

The main reason people use abbreviations while texting is to save time and space.

It’s much faster to type “ML” than it is to type out “Much Love” or “My Love”, so it’s a convenient way to pass on your sentiment without having to worry about taking up too much space in a text message.

Of course, this used to be the case when there was limited space on a text message or it would cost more to send longer texts.

As well as being more relevant when cell phones were more difficult to type on.

But it’s still a habit that is commonly used today, and some people will use more text slang than others, even if it takes just as long to do so!

Another reason is that some people don’t want to type certain phrases out in full, and this might be the case with Much Love.

It’s easier and looks more casual to type ML than it is to say Much Love, and I know some people find it easier to do that.

Maybe it’s someone you didn’t know felt that strongly for you and this is their way of testing how you’ll react to them using the word ‘love’ without actually using it!

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