What Does “BSN” Mean in Texting? (Text Speak Explained!)

What Does BSN Mean in Texting

Wondering, ‘what does BSN mean in texting?’

If someone used ‘BSN’ during a text message to you or on social media there are actually a few different possible meanings.

“BSN” is commonly used as an abbreviation for “Business”, “BS’ing”, and “Brand Spanking New”.

To know what the sender means you’re going to have to look at the context of their text message or your conversation.

Knowing it’s almost certainly going to be one of those three should make it pretty easy to figure out!

What Does BSN Mean in Texting?

BSN is one of the more confusing text-speak abbreviations as it can be a number of different things.

The most common meanings of BSN are ‘Business,’ ‘BS’ing,’ and ‘Brand Spanking New.’

So, if someone has written BSN in a text message to you, the best way to determine its meaning is to look at the context of the conversation.

More often than not, it will be one of the three common meanings.

BSN can also occasionally stand for ‘Baby Sitter Needed’ or ‘Big Scary Noise.’

However, these are much less common usages of the term.

If you’re still unsure of what BSN means after reading the message again, the best course of action is to simply ask the person who sent you the text message!

No one should feel bad about explaining what they mean by an abbreviation they’ve used.

If you can’t ask them, you’re just going to have to make the best-educated guess based on what you now know!

What Does BSN Mean on Social Media?

A lot of abbreviations mean something different on social media than they do in a text message, but BSN is the same wherever you see it.

Again, you’ll have to look at the context to be sure about what the sender is saying.

Different platforms tend to have different cultures due to the demographic of users.

For example, Twitter is known for having a lot of adults whereas Snapchat and TikTok are mostly used by teenagers.

This might help if you’re stuck as I see BSN being used on Twitter a lot to mean Business, while on TikTok I see it to emphasize the phrase BS.

Examples of BSN in A Text Conversation

Here are a few examples of how BSN might be used in a text message conversation.

Remember, the context is key to understanding what the sender means.

“Man, I had a rough day. I really need to get all of my BSN in order.”

“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this, it’s such BSN.”

“I’m so excited for the new year, everything is going to be BSN!”

As you can see, in each of these examples, the context clues help explain what BSN stands for.

Sometimes you’ll need to read between the lines a little, but you should now know what someone is saying when they use BSN in a text message!

What Does BSN Mean in Texting Example

Why Use Abbreviations and Text Speak When Texting?

Some abbreviations are common and well-known, but there are some that even make me do some searching sometimes.

So, why use them?

For one, they save time.

If you can shorten a word or phrase by using an abbreviation, it’ll take less time to type out the message.

This is especially helpful if you’re in a hurry or trying to get a message short enough for the recipient to read without scrolling or getting confused.

It’s also helpful if you’re limited in the number of characters you can use.

For example, Twitter only allows 280 characters in a Tweet, so using abbreviations can help you get your message out without going over the character limit.

Another reason people use abbreviations is because some words or phrases might not be allowed on certain platforms.

For example, if you’re using a chat function on a gaming website, there might be certain words that are not allowed due to profanity filters.

In this case, you might see people using alternative spellings or abbreviations, even BSN!

Despite the confusion they can sometimes cause, abbreviations are a common part of text speak.

If you’re unsure of what one means, the best course of action is to ask the person who sent you the message.

Most people are happy to explain what they mean, and it’ll save you the headache of trying to guess!

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