What Does “YFM” Mean in Texting? (Text Speak Explained!)

What Does YFM Mean in Texting

Wondering, ‘what does YFM mean in texting?’

If someone used the abbreviation ‘YFM’ in a text message to you or via a DM on social media, they’re saying ‘Ya Feel Me’!

Ya Feel Me basically means ‘do you understand what I’m saying?’ or ‘do you agree with me?’.

It’s used as street slang and in some parts of the world more than others and makes for a pretty nice short text slang.

What Does YFM Mean in Texting?

YFM is a direct abbreviation for Ya Feel Me and is used over text messages as a quick way to ask if someone agrees with the person saying it.

It’s seen as more friendly than just Y or FYI, and is typically used by close friends who text often.

In some cases, it might be used in a more general sense to ask if someone understands what the person is saying, but this is less common.

I have one particular friend who uses YFM, but I don’t see it used that often within my circle of friends.

It’s pretty popular with the online gaming community though, so if you’re a gamer you may have seen this abbreviation used.

What Does YFM Mean on Social Media?

Some abbreviations have a different meaning on social media, but YFM means exactly the same thing.

If you’ve seen someone typing YFM on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, or any other messaging platform, it’s going to mean Ya Feel Me.

If it doesn’t mean that, I’d be very surprised and it would be the first time I’ve seen it used to mean something else!

Examples of YFM in A Text Conversation

Here are some examples of YFM being used in a text conversation:

A: “I’m so annoyed with my boss, he just doesn’t get me, YFM?”

B: “Yeah, I get you mate.”

A: “I think we should go check out that new sushi place, YFM?”

B: “Awesome idea!”

A: “You wanna go to the game next week?”

B: “Bah, I’m broke, YFM?”

What Does YFM Mean in Texting Example

How Do You Respond to YFM?

YFM is fairly casual text slang, so you can respond with something like ‘yeah’, ‘sure’, or ‘for sure’ if you agree with the person.

If you don’t agree or don’t understand what they’re saying, you can simply reply with ‘no’.

If you’re not sure why they’re saying YFM, take a good look at the context of the conversation and see if you can figure it out.

If you can’t, maybe they’re using it in the wrong context or mean something else by it.

Some Text Abbreviations Similar to YFM

There are a few other text abbreviations that have a similar meaning to YFM if you don’t want to use YFM yourself:

  • AFAIK: As Far As I Know
  • IGHT: alright
  • IMO/IMHO: In My Opinion/In My Humble Opinion
  • FWIW: For What It’s Worth

Basically, anything that means OK or alright will do as a substitute.

Should You Use Text Slang Over Full Words?

I often see debates over whether people should use text slang like YFM or put the (small amount of) extra effort in and write in full words and with proper grammar.

I think it really depends on the context and who you’re talking to.

For example, I wouldn’t use YFM when texting my mom, but I would when texting a good friend who I know understands text slang.

Likewise, it’s not very professional – or professional at all – to use text slang, so I’d never do it when communicating about work.

It’s all about knowing your audience and using appropriate language with the person you’re communicating with.

On the plus side, modern phones are great at making it quick and easy to text with complete words, so there’s really no excuse not to do so.

Text slang has gone from being almost necessary to just lazy in recent years if I’m honest!

I hope this article has helped you to understand What Does YFM Mean in Texting?

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!

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