My Son Is Obsessed With His Girlfriend (Why It’s Bad and How You Can Help!)

My Son Is Obsessed With His Girlfriend

If your son is obsessed with his girlfriend his actions can quickly cross the line from being loved up to derailing his life.

‘Obsessed’ is not a nice word and it can make people do some crazy things.

It’s important you’re able to spot the signs that your son is obsessed with his girlfriend and help get his emotions (and priorities) in order!

Here are 10 reasons why it’s not healthy for your son to be obsessed with his girlfriend and how you can help him develop healthier relationships:

My Son Is Obsessed With His Girlfriend – 10 Reasons Why It’s Bad!

1. He’s Going to Lose Focus on School/work

When someone is obsessed they put all – or too much – of their emotional, physical, and mental efforts into the thing they’re obsessed with.

This means, if your son is currently at school or working, it’s going to affect their performance in a negative way.

This could have some serious implications for their future as they might not be able to pass exams, get good grades or keep a job.

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2. It’s Unhealthy to Be Obsessed

This is a general statement, but being obsessed affects everyone in different ways.

One thing that is consistent, however, is that it’s unhealthy.

Being obsessed can lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues which are not good for anyone.

It’s often hard to spot too, as you might just think your son is all loved up and doting on his girlfriend.

When in reality his behavior is toxic and unhealthy as he’s thinking about her almost every minute of every day.

3. It’s Going to Cause Him Stress when They’re Apart

If your son is obsessed with his girlfriend I’m sure you’ve noticed they’re either together all the time, or he’s thinking about her.

It’s not healthy to be so consumed with another person and it can cause your son a lot of stress when they’re apart.

He will likely be missing out on other parts of life such as spending time with family and friends or simply taking some time for himself.

4. It’s Likely to Lead to Jealousy

Jealousy is one of the worst traits to have and it often comes hand-in-hand with obsession.

Your son may become jealous of other people in his girlfriend’s life, or of other couples they come across.

This can be extremely damaging to the relationship and it’s not a healthy place for anyone to be in.

5. It Will Make Him Do Crazy Things

When people are obsessed they often do crazy things without realizing it.

This could be anything from sending text messages all the time to buying gifts they can’t really afford, to being overly possessive and aggressive.

It’s important to be able to spot these behaviors and help your son understand that it’s not normal and he should be more mindful of how his actions are affecting not only himself but those around him.

6. It’s Going to Be Explosive If/When the Relationship Ends

It’s not nice to think about his relationship ending, but if your son is obsessed you have to think about what might happen if you’re not prepared.

If your son is obsessed with his relationship and it ends, the consequences could be far-reaching.

Your son may become depressed or turn to destructive behaviors, it’s not going to be as simple as just ‘getting over it’.

7. Obsession Leads to Possession

Another ugly word when it comes to relationships is ‘possessive’, and that’s something that goes hand-in-hand with obsession.

Your son will start to act over-protective, and jealous and try to control every aspect of his girlfriend’s life the more obsessed he becomes.

This is not healthy and can only really end up in a destructive way.

8. His Girlfriend Is Going to Feel Trapped

While focusing on your son and his behaviors, it’s easy to forget about how his girlfriend might be feeling about his obsessive behavior.

She is likely to be feeling trapped and smothered, which is not a nice place for anyone to be in.

One of the ways to get through to him might be by explaining this and helping him see how his behavior is having a negative effect on her.

9. It’ll Put an Emotional Toll on Him

An obsession with anything can take an emotional toll on a person and this is especially true for relationships.

Your son will be so overly obsessed that he won’t be able to focus on anything else, I’m sure you’ve started to notice a decline in his general demeanor to reflect this.

10. It’s Always Going to End in Disappointment

Even if the relationship doesn’t end, being obsessed is such an unhealthy way to be in a relationship things are going to end in disappointment for your son one way or another.

I’m sure you care about him, which is why you can’t wait this out or hope that he’s going to get over it.

He needs help and you need to be the one to reach out and help him.

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How Can You Stop Your Son from Being Obsessed with His Girlfriend?

The first thing to do is to talk to him about his obsession and make sure he understands the implications of it.

Reassure him that it’s not healthy and that it will only lead to unhappiness, for him and for his girlfriend.

You should also try to get him involved in activities that will take his attention off of her.

Encourage him to spend time with friends and family, as well as doing things he enjoys.

Finally, keep the lines of communication open and try to understand why he’s become so obsessed with his girlfriend in the first place.

You could also tackle this from his girlfriend’s side, too, and reach out to her. I’m sure she’ll tell you how unhappy she is.

Everyone reacts differently to receiving help from loved ones, but the important thing is that you try.

If he’s in too deep you shouldn’t shy away from trying to get your son professional help as well.

If you can see his obsession damaging other areas of his life it’s unlikely it’s going to get better without someone helping him.

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