20 Signs of Chemistry Between Friends That Is Hard To Ignore!

Signs of Chemistry Between Friends

If you’re starting to get a different feeling when you’re around a friend, like a fuzzy feeling, it might be because there is some chemistry developing.

It can happen suddenly, after years, with someone you’d never expect, you can’t always control how you feel about someone.

It’s important you know what the signs are that chemistry is forming so that you can do something about it and hopefully get the outcome you want!

Here are 20 signs of chemistry between friends that shows there is something more happening:

20 Signs of Chemistry Between Friends

1. You’re Engrossed When They Talk

We all listen intently to friends, there is nothing out of the ordinary in that.

But if you get engrossed in what they’re saying and even get lost in their eyes, it’s a sign there is something more at play.

It’s possible that there is a chemistry forming between the two of you and the pull of that chemistry is what’s causing you to become fascinated by their every word.

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2. You Feel Strong Empathy for Them

Feeling a strong empathy for someone is a sign of a connection on a deep level.

If you find yourself feeling what they’re feeling, even when they’re not explicitly telling you how they feel, it’s a sign you have a strong connection with them.

3. They Make You Smile, Even When You’re Down

This is something friends do, and I’m sure you’ve always been there for each other and made each other smile.

But if you’re also noticing some of the other signs on this list, and they make you smile even when you’re feeling at your worst, it’s a sign that there is some chemistry there.

4. You’re Picking Up On Nervous Body Language

If you’re picking up on nervous body language, it tells me two things;

One is that you’re close enough and connected to the point where you can tell when they’re nervous.

The other is that they’re nervous around you for some reason.

Nervousness can be a sign of attraction, so it’s possible that the chemistry you’re feeling is mutual.

5. You’re Interested in Each Other’s Love Lives

Friends are interested in each other’s love lives, but if you find that you’re both a little too invested, it might be because you’re attracted to each other.

If you’re interested in their love life because you want them to be happy, that’s one thing.

But if you’re interested in their love life because you want to know if they’re available, that’s a sign that you feel something for them.

6. They Just ‘Get You’ and Vice Versa

When you have chemistry with someone, it’s easy to feel like they just ‘get you’.

You might find that they understand you in a way that no one else does.

Or that they just ‘get’ your sense of humor.

It’s because you have a connection on a deep level that allows you to just be yourself around them and vice versa.

7. You Notice Small Changes in Their Behavior or Appearance

When you’re attracted to someone, you tend to notice even the smallest changes in their behavior or appearance.

If they change their hair, you might find yourself drawn to it.

Or if they are acting differently, you can not help but take notice.

It’s because you’re attracted to them and your curious side is interested to know why something is different about them.

8. It Just Feels Comfortable to Be Around Them

If it feels comfortable to be around someone, it’s a good sign and you’d expect to feel like this around a friend.

It means that you’re not feeling any awkwardness or tension and that you feel relaxed in their company.

But if it feels extra comfortable and like there is a sense of ease between the two of you, it might be because you have some chemistry developing.

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9. You’re Willing to Share Your Deepest Secrets

There are some secrets that we don’t even feel comfortable telling our friends.

Not unless we trust them implicitly and feel like we can rely on them to not judge us, and also care about what they think of us.

If you find that you’re willing to share your deepest secrets with this person, it’s a sign of trust and also a sign that you feel close to them on a deep level.

10. You Prefer Hanging out With Each Other Than Your Partners

It’s a big indication that you’re developing feelings for a friend or have chemistry with them if you’d rather hang out with them than your partner.

I’m sure it’s not that you don’t love your partner, it’s just that there is something you’re more drawn to with this friend, stronger chemistry.

This could easily be the start of an emotional affair, here is more on emotional affairs and why they start.

11. You Make Each Other Feel Better About Yourselves

This is one of the best things about having chemistry with a friend, it’s uplifting for both of you.

When you have positive chemistry, it makes you feel good about yourself.

It’s because you feel like this person sees the best in you and they make you feel good about yourself.

In return, you do the same for them.

12. It Feels Different When You Make Physical Contact with Each Other

Chemistry often intensifies when you make physical contact with someone.

It could be something as innocent as a hug or a pat on the back and you might not even think anything of it.

But if you find that it feels different when you make physical contact with this person, it’s a sign that there is something more going on.

13. Silences Feel Fine

Silences can make or break even the best of friends, so when silences are not uncomfortable at all with a certain friend you know you’re tight.

But if you find that silence is comfortable and even inviting with this person, it might be because there is an unspoken connection between the two of you.

14. You Naturally Complement One Another

When you have chemistry with someone, it’s easy to see how you complement each other.

You might find that one of you is more spontaneous and the other is more laid back.

Or that one of you is good at giving advice and the other is good at listening.

Whatever it is, it’s hard to become as interconnected without there being some form of chemistry between the two of you.

15. You Feel Protective Over Each Other

If you find that you’re feeling protective over a friend, it’s a sign that you have strong feelings for them.

It could be that you don’t want anyone to hurt them or that you want to show them you’re there for them to impress them.

Whatever it is, it shows that you have more than just friendly feelings for this person.

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16. Others Have Noticed You Have a Special Bond

You might think that you’re being subtle about the way you feel toward a friend but often other people will see and notice there is chemistry before you do.

If you’ve had people say to you that you have a special bond or that they can see how close you are, it’s likely because they can see the chemistry between you.

17. You Feel a Strong Physical Attraction to One Another

It’s not uncommon for people to develop a physical attraction to their friends.

But if you find that you’re constantly drawn to this person, even when they’re not doing anything to stand out, it’s a sign that you have physical chemistry with them.

18. You Find Yourself Wanting Them to Say They Have Feelings for You

If you find that you’re constantly hoping this person will say they have feelings for you, it’s a good sign that you already know how you feel.

You might not want to admit it to yourself but on some level, you know that you have feelings for this person and are waiting for them to say something first.

19. You Can Just Feel It When You’re Close to Them

There’s no denying chemistry when you feel it.

You might not be able to describe it or understand it, but you’ll know if you can feel it.

If you find that you can just feel the connection between you and this person, even if you can’t explain it, it’s because there is definitely something there.

20. You Can Just Feel It When You’re Apart from Them

I think feeling a strong connection to someone when you’re apart is even more telling than if you only feel it when you’re close.

There is truth in the old adage, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

If you find yourself missing a friend more than you would normally, it’s a sign that there is something special developing between the two of you!

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What Does It Mean When You Have ‘chemistry’ with Someone?

Having chemistry with someone is often described as feeling like you have a special connection with them.

It’s that ‘je ne sais quoi’ feeling that you can’t explain but you know it when you feel it.

When you have chemistry with someone, it’s easy to feel drawn to them physically, emotionally, and even intellectually.

There are various forms of chemistry, not just physical chemistry in the sense of being romantically drawn to someone.

You can also have platonic, familial, and work chemistry with people.

It just means that there is something more there, something that has a profound and positive effect on you!

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