Why Does My Husband Ogle Other Women? (Explained)

Why Does My Husband Ogle

Does your husband ogle other women while you’re together?

Whether he’s trying to hide it or not, it’s disrespectful and understandably it’s upsetting for you.

In this article, I’m going to help you better understand why men ogle women – even though it’s not OK to do so.

As well as what you should do when you catch your husband ogling other women.

What Exactly Is “Ogling”?

Just so we’re on the same page, I want to explain what ‘ogling’ means;

Ogling is basically when a guy stares at a woman for an extended period of time without trying to hide it.

Sometimes it happens when a guy finds a woman so attractive he just can’t help himself.

Other times, it’s because there is something unique or unusual about a woman and he wants to spend some time processing what he’s looking at.

It’s also the case that some guys are not really aware that they’re doing it – while some guys actually want the woman they’re staring at to know!

The bottom line, however, is that it’s a type of objectification and more often than not it will make the woman being ogled feel uncomfortable.

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Why Does My Husband Ogle Other Women?

I can’t necessarily tell you exactly why your husband ogles other women, but there are a few different reasons why husbands ogle other women.

  • Some men do it because they’re not happy in their relationship and they want to make their wives jealous.
  • In some cases, it’s a way of flirting and trying to get the attention of other women.
  • Other times, men ogle women because they’re simply visual creatures and they can’t help but appreciate a woman’s physical beauty!

To narrow down why your husband is doing it, you’re going to either have to ask him directly or read between the lines.

It’s important to remember, however, that regardless of the reason – it’s still not OK.

It’s not OK for him to make women feel uncomfortable by ogling them, and it’s not OK for him to do it in front of you.

Don’t accept any weak excuses like, “I can’t help it,” or “I wasn’t ogling,” etc.

He knows what he is doing, and he has full control of where he directs his eyes!

Is Ogling Disrespectful?

Yes, ogling is disrespectful – to both you and the women he’s ogling.

At its most basic level, ogling is a form of objectification and it shows that your husband is more interested in a woman’s physical appearance than he is in her as a person.

It also sends the message that you’re not good enough for him – which is incredibly hurtful.

Your husband should be able to control himself and if he can’t, that’s a problem.

How Does Being Ogled Make Women Feel?

To add some extra perspective to this, I thought it only fair to explain how being ogled makes most women feel.

Generally speaking, it makes them feel uncomfortable, exposed, and self-conscious.

They might even feel like they’re being stalked or that they’re in danger.

It’s not a good feeling and it’s certainly not something any woman should have to deal with on a regular basis.

If your husband can’t see that he’s making other women feel this way, he needs a wake-up call for sure.

No one should be made to feel like they’re in danger or that they can’t go out in public without being stared at.

If your husband doesn’t take this seriously, maybe you should ask him how he’d feel if he was being stared at!

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What to Do When You Catch Your Husband Checking Out Another Woman?

If you catch your husband ogling another woman, the best thing to do is to talk to him about it.

Sit him down and explain how hurtful and disrespectful it is.

Make it clear that you won’t tolerate this behavior and that he needs to find a way to control himself.

You might also want to ask him why he’s doing it and see if there’s anything you can do to help him stop.

If your husband is ogling other women on a regular basis, it might be a sign that there’s something wrong in your relationship.

It could be that he’s not happy or that he feels like he’s not being appreciated.

If this is the case, you need to have a serious discussion about your relationship and see if there’s anything you can do to improve things.

Ogling other women is never OK and it’s something that you should not tolerate in your relationship.

The bottom line is that if your husband cares about you and values your relationship, he will stop doing it.

It’s as simple as that.

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  1. My husband does it on Instagram. He doesn’t want to look at me in lingerie but definitely wants to look at others in it. I have low self esteem anyway and this just makes it worse. He evens looks at shemales in lingerie. Talk about a kick in the gut!! BTW he is 71 and old enough to be their great grandfather!!!

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