What to Say to a Player to Hurt Him? (50+ Hurtful Things!)

What to Say to a Player to Hurt Him

If you’ve been played by a guy, I can understand you’re hurting and probably want to get one back at him.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

In fact, giving a player a piece of your mind might be exactly what he needs to grow up and stop playing women.

I’m going to help you out – here is what to say to a player to hurt him where players are most vulnerable, their egos!

What to Say to A Player to Hurt Him – 50+ Ways to Burn Him!

  1. “You’re not as smooth as you think you are, I saw through you from the first time we locked eyes.”
  2. “I can see right through your games now so there is no chance you’ll ever see me again.”
  3. “Why do you have to lie to me? I hope you’re happy knowing you hurt me.”
  4. “I deserve better than this. I guess to you I’m just another notch on your belt, right?”
  5. “Guess what? I’m not falling for your tricks anymore, bye.”
  6. “I knew what your game was from the start, I was stupid enough to think I could make you a better person.”
  7. “You’re not as smooth as you think you are, everyone knows what you’re up to.”
  8. “You might be proud that you’re a player, but everyone else thinks you’re pretty sad.”
  9. “I’m glad I’ve seen who you really are, enjoy being alone.”
  10. “What’s missing in your life that makes you want to hurt others?”
  11. “You know what, I forgive you for being such a loser.”
  12. “You think you’re being smart, but honestly everyone feels sorry for you.”
  13. “It might have taken me a while, but I figured you out and you’re nowhere good enough for me.”
  14. “I guess you’re too emotionally detached to love and commit to someone – I feel for you.”
  15. “I hate to break this to you but you’re not as charming as you think you are.”
  16. “You’re not as good between the sheets as you think you are.”
  17. “I can do better than you, and I will do better.”
  18. “I don’t need you.”
  19. “Your games won’t work on me.”
  20. “I’m not interested in players, they suck.”
  21. “Your parents must be really disappointed in you.”
  22. “I can tell you’ll never change and that means we don’t have a future.”
  23. “It’s not my job to try and make you grow up.”
  24. “You’re trying to act like a man, but you’re just a boy.”
  25. “Being a player might get you some high fives from your mates, but it’s going to leave you sad and alone at the end of the day.”
  26. “You don’t deserve any happiness.”
  27. “You have low self-esteem and need some professional help.”
  28. “Life must be so challenging for you.”
  29. “Being a player says more about your lack of self-worth than anything else.”
  30. “One day it’s going to hit you hard how much you’ve screwed up.”
  31. “It’s hard to call someone like you a man.”
  32. “You better hope karma isn’t real, or it’s going to come for you and it’s going to be painful.”
  33. “What happened to you to make you such an uncaring, immature person?”
  34. “I hope you get the help you need.”
  35. “Every player has their day, you’re going to get yours one day.”
  36. “I hope you’re happy with yourself, well done.”
  37. “Do you even feel ashamed or guilty? I wonder.”
  38. “I doubt you’re capable of feeling bad – but if you are I hope it eats away at you.”
  39. “It’s kind of cute you tried to play me, good luck with your next victim.”
  40. “You know, your life would be more fulfilling and enjoyable if you tried to make others feel good about themselves, not worse.”
  41. “Everyone warned me you were a loser, it’s my fault for hoping you were not a lost cause, how wrong I was.”
  42. “I knew you were a player, you think it’s not obvious but it really is. You’re not clever.”
  43. “You have no idea how obvious your actions are. Everyone knows what you’re up to, the game is up.”
  44. “It’s funny seeing someone like you trying to be a player. Good luck.”
  45. “There is no undoing what you’ve done, I deserve so much better than you.”
  46. “You didn’t play me, all you did was reveal what a sad excuse for a man you are.”
  47. “I was crazy to get involved with you, and you were the worst partner I’ve ever had.”
  48. “It’s not my job to fix you, and I don’t think I could even if I tried.”
  49. “Good luck in the future, you’ll need it!”
  50. “This is goodbye, don’t call me.”

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How Do You Hurt a Player’s Ego?

Hurting a player’s ego is the best way to get at them, and there are a lot of ways you do this.

You can point out their faults, you can ignore them, you can tell them you never liked them, or you can just end things with them and cut off all contact.

Whatever you do, make sure that it hurts their ego more than anything else because this is what drives a player.

They play women because it makes them feel good to know that they’re the ones taking advantage and they have more than one woman on the go.

But the reality is that they have low self-esteem and feel bad about themselves deep down, and that’s why you can hit them where it hurts.

Will a Player Ever Change?

Honestly, the answer to this is usually no, most players will not change – at least not overnight.

If they have been playing the field for years and years, then it’s likely that they’re happy with their lifestyle and don’t want to change.

However, there are always exceptions to the rule and there may be a chance that you could be the one to change them.

But you need to have a good think about whether or not you want to put the time in as it’s not going to be easy.

You’re likely to go through some tough times and they may cheat on you here and there, which isn’t something I recommend anyone puts up with.

Ultimately, it’s up to you. If you really think a guy is worth the challenge and heartache, you could try and change him.

But my advice is to keep on high alert and not expect him to change easily.

Good luck – you’ll need it!

Image credits – Photo by Eliott Reyna on Unsplash

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