11 Signs Co-Workers Are Sleeping Together

11 Signs Co-Workers Are Sleeping Together

Office romances are common, and it’s still a grey line whether or not coworkers should be open about it if they are sleeping with someone they work with.

Sometimes it’s just not appropriate. Sometimes it’s going to cause inter-office problems. And, sometimes it’s just more exciting for those in a romance to keep it to themselves.

All the signs are usually there if you look close enough though. If you want to turn detective, here are some of the most obvious signs co-workers are sleeping together:

They Always Arrive and Leave Together

If two of your co-workers are spending the night together, that means they’re waking up together.

It’s a lot easier to come to work together, especially as they work at the same place, than it is to try and wait a few minutes round the corner to make it look like they’re not arriving together.

If it’s more of a casual fling, they might just be grabbing 30 minutes before or after work. That’s also a convenient thing as they’re already 

They’ve Developed a Secret Language

You know when couples have their own secret language and ways of communicating? If two coworkers have some sort of secret language going on, they’ve been spending a lot of time together alone to develop it.

Little things like knowing when they want a drink or what drink they want. Making reference to things that don’t make sense to anyone else other than them. Using the same words and sayings. Things like that.

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They Take Toilet Breaks Together

Young love and new relationships are exciting, aren’t they?  When people are having a fling, it’s hard to go the whole day without stealing a few minutes together here and there.

The only real excuses most people have at work to get some alone time is either their lunch break or a toilet break. Plus, who knows what they’re getting up to, right?

They’ve Met Each Other’s Family and Friends

It’s common for coworkers to hang out outside of work, go to various events, etc. It’s not common for coworkers to meet each other’s families and close friends, however.

Not unless they’re either sleeping together or becoming very close friends. If they let slip that they’ve met one of the others’ inner circle, that always raises an eyebrow.

They Probe Coworkers for Details on the Other Person

When co-workers become involved with each other, the best people they have to find out more about the other person is other coworkers.

If you’ve noticed any of your coworkers becoming very interested in finding out small details about another coworker, they’re either interested in them or they’ve already crossed that line.

They Find Each Other’s Jokes Far Too Funny

It’s always obvious in the workplace when someone is overreacting two things another person says or does.

Admittedly, it’s often associated with people sucking up to the boss. It’s also an indication that there is a special feeling towards that person too.

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You Catch Them Smiling at Each Other

In my experience, coworkers that become involved with one another just can’t resist smiling, winking, or making some other cute gestures to each other.

I mean, I think you can agree it’s kind of difficult not to. If you’re spending 8 hours with someone you’re physically attracted too, it’s hard to keep your hands off of them, let alone pretend there’s nothing going on when you see one another.

They’ve Started Making More Effort With Their Appearance

People typically either make a lot of effort to turn up at work, or they don’t. The only reason this would suddenly change was if they were trying to impress someone, or trying to look their best for them.

Keep an eye out to see if this is raising any compliments from a certain somebody. Or, for further clarification, see if said person doesn’t make as much effort when their significant other is not in.

They Fiercely Defend Each Other – Even If It’s Unjust

There are exceptions, but typically speaking, the working environment is each for their own.  if someone is adamantly defending someone else, especially if they aren’t completely in the right, something is going on.

Even when coworkers are trying to keep their shenanigans secret, it’s hard for them not to step in and defend someone they have feelings for.

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You Spot Something on Social Media

Social media is like the all seeing – always snitching – eye nowadays. I’m not suggesting you go digging around or sticking your nose in too far, but often the answers lie in a person’s social media profiles.

Is a certain coworker popping on on their timeline more often than you’d expect? Have they changed their relationship status to “dating”, but have not said to who? Take a look and see what you can find out.

Their Body Language Is a Dead Giveaway

Sometimes it’s just obvious when two coworkers are hooking up. Especially if you know one or both of them pretty well, you’ll just be able to know by how they’re behaving.

If you’re getting a “hunch” or the vibes that something is going on, that’s when you should look for some of the other signs I’ve listed here.  The more of the boxes they check, the more likely it is true.

You now know all the social cues, body language, and things to look out for that should be able to give away if, who, of which of your co-workers are sleeping together – if you wanted to know.


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  1. Sometimes it’s just obvious when two coworkers are hooking up. Especially if you know one or both of them pretty well, you’ll just be able to know by how they’re behaving.

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