What It Means When a Guy Says He Wants You All to Himself

When a Guy Says He Wants You All to Himself

OK, so you’ve had a guy say he wants you all to himself – but what does it really mean?

Unfortunately, I can’t give you a 100% accurate and conclusive answer.

It really depends on the man, the context in which he said it, and of course, what his intentions are – which only he knows.

But I can help you narrow down what it means, and help you figure it out that’s for sure.

Because when a man says to his GF, lover, partner, or whatever that he wants her all to himself, there are a few things it usually means.

Take a read of the following and see if any of these situations sound familiar, or help you better understand what your guy’s intentions are:

He’s Talking About Tonight

Looking at the short-term, and let’s be real here a lot of guys don’t think far past tonight, he might be asking you to be his tonight.

It’s a way some guys “woo” their woman by making it clear they want to be with them for the night. So, keeping it clean here, I think you know exactly what I’m saying here.

It’s more of a sign of lust than love. If you’re trying to read between the lines and find that form of commitment or undying love.

He’s Asking You to Leave Your Partner

I’m not here to judge you. If you’re in a relationship with someone and another guy tells you he wants you all to himself, it’s pretty clear what he’s asking, isn’t it?

Whether you want to hear it or not, he’s asking you to leave your partner and be with him.

This means you’ve managed to find yourself in quite a predicament. Or, maybe it isn’t that much of a predicament. Maybe you know exactly who you want to be with?

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He Wants a Serious Monogamous Relationship

He Wants a Serious Monogamous Relationship

If you’re not currently in an exclusive relationship – or if your guy doesn’t think you are – then this could be his way of asking if you can be.

The intent behind them saying it could be anything from wanting to go serious with you to making it clear you’re the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Whether you’re seeing other people or not, he’s making it clear that he doesn’t want to share you with anyone. Pretty serious stuff, and a huge decision for a lot of people to make.

He’s Getting Possessive

The worst-case scenario is that your guy is starting to get a little too possessive. Some guys will try and lay down the law that they don’t want to share you with other people, at all.

This could mean they don’t want you seeing, or even just hanging around with other guys. A lot of guys are jealous, especially early on in relationships, and try to impose their control early on.

It’s important that you recognize the signs that they’re trying to control who you do or don’t see. If you think this is the intention behind what they’re saying, you really need to think hard about your future together.

Is It Something You Should Be Worried About?

Sometimes there is a creepy undertone to any phrase around “wanting you all to themselves”.

I’ve seen it used as a romantic phrase in TV shows, and it’s great if that’s how it’s intended. But unfortunately, the person saying it often wants to try and “own” or “possess” the other person.

There is nothing healthy about being overly possessive in a relationship. I know it’s hard sometimes, but a relationship is at its strongest when both parties 100% trust each other.

Sure, he can have you all to himself when it’s you and him time. But it’s not the right mindset to have all the time. You need time with friends and family without feeling like you should be with your partner 24/7.

All I can suggest is that you really pay attention to what he’s saying to you, and how he’s behaving.

Do your best to read between the lines, and don’t be afraid to ask him what he really means.

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  1. Hello I’ve been in a relationship for three years with my partner we’re engaged but I’ve always wanted to know what he means by he doesn’t want to share me with anyone like for example I like girls as well but he don’t want me to get with them or fool around with them why is that n now I’m a paraplegic in a wheelchair n he just feels like he’s taking control of me but I can’t seem to understand if its true

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