Seeing Golden Light in Meditation? (What It Means)

Seeing Golden Light in Meditation

Have you been seeing golden light in meditation? Maybe you’ve seen a bright white or yellow light too?

Seeing any of these lights while meditating often means you’re activating the spiritual or third eye.

The third eye, which is the sixth “Ajna” chakra is located in the forehead. It’s associated with a powerful “sixth sense”, enabling us to transcend beyond what we feel, smell, and see while conscious.

What one sees, feels, and experiences while activating their third eye is personal and different for everyone.

I can share some of my own experiences, however, and hopefully, help you better understand this powerful and profound experience that happens during deep meditation.

Why Do I See Light When I Meditate?

You may or may not have heard of the “third eye”. I wasn’t fully aware of what it meant before I started investigating why I was seeing lights while meditating, but it all started to make sense once I did.

The third eye is located where the pineal gland is, a small pea-shaped gland that regulates some of our hormones.

It’s also believed to be able to release DMT and some other powerful chemicals that may be responsible for the bright lights 

From speaking with dozens of other meditators, it’s something that either takes time or practice to engage with, that much I know.

If you’re not there yet, don’t worry. If you keep meditating it will happen. I’ve also included a meditation technique in this article that will help you focus on your third eye while meditating.

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What Does Seeing a Golden Light in Meditation Mean?

What Does Seeing a Golden Light in Meditation Mean

Seeing a golden light means different things to different people, but it’s important to be aware that it’s a positive thing.

A few accounts I’ve read from meditation teachers and spiritual leaders include:

It means you’ve connected with your supermind. A state of awareness and consciousness higher than the physical mind.

It’s an aura surrounding you giving you protection and bringing forth peace and clarity.

It signifies divine protection and enlightenment. A sign that you’ve activated your third eye and connected with your deep subconscious.

It’s a sign that your mind and body are in a state of healing. If you’re going through emotional or mental illness you’re in recovery.

You’re increasing your self-awareness, happiness, and inner peace.

As you can see from the comments above, seeing a golden light while you’re meditating is a very positive sign with numerous healing and spiritual benefits.

What Does Golden Light Mean Spiritually?

Spiritually, golden color is typically associated with compassionate energy, generosity, and protection.

If you look at the chakra most closely resembling golden, the yellow chakra, this relates to self-confidence, power, and vitality.

This is why it’s believed that when you see a golden light during meditation it’s your subconscious mind telling you positive things are going to happen.

Meditation Techniques to Activate Your Third Eye

If you want to actively focus on opening your third eye, here is the best meditation technique to do so:

  • Sit in an upright position somewhere you are comfortable and free from distractions.
  • For most people, the Lotus position (crossed-legged) is the best. If this is difficult, then sitting in a chair is fine.
  • Keep your back straight, and rest your hands on your knees facing up.
  • Start taking deep breaths in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Settle into a breathing rhythm that’s comfortable for you.
  • Focus on each part of your body, starting from your feet and working up to your head.
  • When you get to your forehead, imagine the bright light starting to form like a ball of energy where your third eye is.
  • You should start to feel an energy, or you might notice your thoughts going to a new place.
  • Just try not to focus or distract your mind from your meditation. It’s about being present in the moment but letting the moment guide you.

It may take some practice to get to the point where you’re regularly activating your third eye. But it will come with practice.

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In Summary

Next time you see a light while meditating, try not to focus on it. Just allow whatever lights and images that appear, do so.

You can reflect on what you experienced later to search for answers. You’ll start to notice that it’s not just while meditating you get these deep, profound feelings, too.

You’ll start to feel more enlightened and connected with your subconscious mind while going about your day. This is normal, and it’s a truly wonderful thing to experience.

If you’re seeing other colors while meditating, you can read some of my experiences here – what seeing purple and blue during meditation means to me.

9 thoughts on “Seeing Golden Light in Meditation? (What It Means)”

  1. For the past several years I have noticed a strange phenomena. Every few weeks I notice while resting in my bedroom that all of a sudden everything in my perspective changes. It’s like Iam looking on a slight downward angle and slightly behind my eyes, everything in my vision is suddenly bathed in a golden light.
    A few days ago it happened again and I was able to capture on camera since I was using my phone. Is it possible Iam emitting this light from my third eye? I am very spiritual , posses intuition, telepathy and have seen many “Mythical creatures”, UFOs, aliens, orbs, portal and beings. Any thoughts. As I say I have captured it on my camera.

  2. Hello.
    I’ve seen this same light. Mine was a deep warm gold colour and it was pulsating on and off. Crescent shaped. I wasn’t afraid and actually felt very calm and relaxed.

  3. I’ve searched everywhere for this and I think we should all find a common connection. My looked like a mass of gold sparkles and glitter. Some of the gold was floating downwards and disappearing before hitting the ground. I felt warmth kindness and beauty… love. I have seen UFOs and intuition is a huge sense i posses. Mine happened around Sept. 16th I believe 2021.

  4. I have been continuously meditating for the past 4 months. I have seen golden beam of light during meditation on and off. But yesterday it was no beam of light but the whole thing was golden and everything out there was golden. I felt good about it. Don’t know what it was and don’t know the interpretation or meaning of it.
    Thought of just sharing with everyone.

  5. Today 9/12 I experienced a bright gold light in the shape of a donut with a center. The light was significantly yellow and bright and it was almost solid in brightness. As I viewed it I had the sense that it was fully connected to every internal aspect of my body as well as it had its own purpose for being present. I have seen other colors and images all with different messaging or what I interpret as purpose for being seen.

  6. I seen a Golden circle in front of me while meditating. I was sitting on our sectional during the incident. The light started moving to the right in a circular angle and when it reached the part of the couch where my wife sleeps on our L shaped couch to the right of where I was sitting it told me telepathically “to huge my Wife more” I could feel the way my Wife had been feeling as well. Then the light started moving towards me and eventually made it to point of entering my body. I thought it a really strange experience because I experienced the Holy Spirit before and I can smell and feel spirits presences sometimes. With this I just felt completely normal even though it was in my body. About a week later my daughter who is the same height as me while sitting on couch was standing in front of me in same spot I seen light. That’s when It hit me that the light could have been me because it was the exact same size of my body sitting down. Anyway when I spoke to my Wife she said it had to be something spiritual because she said there was no way I could of known all that I discribed about how she felt, that I was right on and she never told me or anyone else she had been feeling that way. That article was very helpful as well. Thank You

  7. I am so happy I found this page to share my experience also.
    I have been doing meditation on and off, whenever I had time during the day, however a week ago I decided to join the Vibration healing with a group of people, we were surrounded by our musicial healer George and while we were all lying down he went around us with each instrument and playing with it over us. At one point i opened and closed my eyes and I seen bright bight Yellow light, it was looking nearly like a bright sun with lots of glittery gold sparkles, it kept getting closer and bigger whilst i was watching it happening, it was so interesting and I was so happy to experience it.. now that I decided to google it and I managed to find all of u experiencing same, makes me so reassured that I am doing so well and managing to open my third eye chakra, which I thought maybe i will never be able to do 🙂

    Thank you all for sharing,

    Much Love

  8. While in a group meditation, 2 Golden Light Beings in Human form, a male and a female like swooped down I assume from the higher realms and appeared right in front of me hovering a little higher than me and without saying a word combined their energies and zapped my solarplexus with their Golden Light Energy and after a few seconds I felt like something inside me wanted out of my body through the top of my head and I fought it at first and then I just went for it and totally let go and the next thing I know my consciousness (soul energy) was starring down at my physical body and I was like white energy which I thought was strange because I thought I would be like Golden Energy lol. I thought I had died or something but when I looked at my physical body, it was still breathing and seemed ok, just surprise that it didn’t fall over lol. Then all of a sudden I could see the soul energies of everyone in the group and then those 2 Golden Light Beings got my attention and asked me to follow them. So I followed them until we arrived at a place which is hard to describe then the female one approached me and shared some information I needed to know. I won’t get into details about what I had witnessed as it took me awhile to accept and to process it all and to be honest with you, I’m still looking for some answers. Which brought me here to read your beautiful article. My life has changed in ways is hard to share with others for fear of being judged. I have shown some people a truth they were not aware of and showed some people what I meant and I think I scared them away from my life lol. I don’t blame them it would mess anyone up especially non-believers such as myself. You see, I was an atheist and I was just meditating to relax and release some stress and impress my girlfriend at the time who was really into this New Age Movement thingy. When I shared my experience with the group no-one knew anything about these Golden Light Beings including the Guide (the one in charge of the group meditation) but believes that I may have descended from a higher dimension to assist Earth and the Citizens Ascend or something like that. Unless she was being polite instead of calling me bonkers lol. But I can’t unsee what I had experienced and witnessed that day. Know my Golden friends have been teaching me how to especially activate my 7th dimensional Heart Chakra of Gold, White, Violet before activating the rest of Golden Chakras from Gold creamish color to Gold Crystal I believe but I could be wrong. Not sure why they aren’t helping me to activate my 4th, 5th n 6th dimensional chakras first and why they are jumping to 7D with these Golden chakras. I sure could use some feedback but I am here to share my Golden Light Experience and nothing more. Thank You! Much Love!

  9. While lying down and meditating on psilocybin i experenced the light so intese that i started to cry. When focusing on meditation rather than the light i broke through and into complete darlness filled with beings, and one of them were guiding me. I dont know where or to what. It was the wildest experi3nce in my life

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