Seeing Blue Color During Meditation?

Seeing Blue Color During Meditation

Are you seeing a blue color during meditation?

Different people experience different feelings, visions, and thoughts while meditating. Visualizing something is one of the most wonderful, profound, and thought-provoking things about meditating.

Here’s what it means if you’re seeing the color blue in some form during your meditation practice.

Is It Normal to See Colors While Meditating?

It is perfectly normal, so don’t be alarmed.

I’ve seen various colors and images over the years. I’ve usually been able to connect my visions to something in my life too, which has been incredibly beneficial.

If you’re seeing colors, it’s generally believed to mean that you’re experiencing some kind of healing. And, the particular color you’re seeing relates to a specific chakra in your body.

Blue is connected to the Throat Chakra. So, seeing blue may mean your body is healing your throat chakra while you’re meditating.

Again, this shouldn’t be anything to be concerned about. But it is worth investigating if there is any connection between your physical and mental health, and the specific color/chakra.

Meditation Colors and Their Meanings

Blue isn’t the only color people see while meditating. There are, in fact, 7 chakras and each is represented by a different color.

Here is a brief description of the 7 chakras, their colors, and what they represent. If you see any of these colors it may be related to healing in that area:

Red / The Root Chakra – This chakra represents our foundation and the feeling of being grounded.

Orange / Sacral Chakra – This chakra represents how we accept and connect with others.

Yellow / Solar Plexus Chakra – This chakra represents how confident and in control we are.

Green / Heart Chakra – This chakra represents our ability to love.

Blue / Throat Chakra – This chakra represents our ability to communicate.

Purple / Third Eye Chakra – This chakra represents our ability to focus.

Violet / Crown Chakra – This chakra represents our ability to form spiritual connections.

What Does the Blue Chakra Mean?

What Does the Blue Chakra Mean

As I’m sure you’re aware, we have seven chakras located across our bodies. Each is a different color and performs a different function.

The Blue Chakra is the fifth chakra and is known as the Throat Chakra. It’s located in the center of the neck, and helps pass energy between our body and head.

Seeing a blue ball, energy field, or any form of blue while meditating is likely a sign that your throat chakra area is healing.

Is your throat chakra out of balance or misaligned?

If it is, you might be experiencing physical problems, such as a sore throat, or pain around your neck and shoulders. Any aches and pains around your neck or other physical problems may be a sign. 

Sometimes the clues are more mental than they are physical. If you’ve been struggling to articulate things, explain what you want, and generally communicate. This may be a sign that your blue throat chakra is blocked.

My advice is to take notice if you’re seeing visions of blue during your meditation sessions. Take some time to listen to your body and see if your fifth chakras needs some attention.

Should You Focus on Colors While Meditating?

No, you really shouldn’t focus on colors or any other visions while meditating.

Meditation is about training yourself to pay attention, not to analyze what you’re seeing or thinking about.

It’s fine to think about these things afterward, and it’s only natural to want to know why you’re seeing certain colors. There are meanings behind different colors as I’m explaining in this post, so it’s important to look into it.

While you’re meditating, however, it’s important you learn to be present in the moment. You should be the observer, your conscious mind will come up with meanings for what you see.

It’s hard to do the first time you experience a new vision. I know this myself all too well, I’ve experienced a range of colors and visions of the years I’ve been meditating.

But, as with most things, everything becomes easier with time and practice. Plus, once you learn how not to focus on colors you’ll get so much deeper into them for a more fulfilling meditation session.

Are You Seeing a Vortex While Meditating?

I’ve seen various colors and other imagery while meditating. While these images have been rewarding and interesting, it was seeing a vortex that really blew my mind the first time.

I felt like I was drifting into a different dimension, literally.

Seeing a vortex can have a different meaning for everyone. For most, however, and I believe this applies to me – I was seeing my Third Eye also known as the sixth chakra.

Activating this chakra is what unlocks these powerful images. I’ve discussed it with a few people who have also seen similar visions, and no one can pinpoint exactly how to do it.

It’s something that will likely come in time as you practice how to meditate deeper and clearer. (This isn’t the same Vortex as talked about by Abraham Hicks).

If you want to read more about seeing images of vortices, please read my post here – seeing a vortex while meditating. If you are interested in in becoming a more centered, mindful, and present person, a great way to do that is to journal daily and put pen to paper to bring your goals, aspirations, and desires into reality. Meditation can be folded into this routine for a more structured approach.

In Summary

I hope I’ve helped reassure you that if you’re seeing blue color during meditation, or any color for that matter is perfectly normal.

Personally, I find the theory that the color relates to the specific chakra or energy center in the body fascinating. It’s helped me identify and work on some issues I have experienced over the years, and I hope it’ll help you do the same.

If you have any personal stories about things you’ve seen while meditating – be it colors or images – please share your experiences below.

It goes a long way to helping other people better understand and interpret their own experiences.

10 thoughts on “Seeing Blue Color During Meditation?”

  1. I was just meditating and saw a blue orb-like shape that really surprised me! I’ve meditated more than a few times, using various techniques, but have never seen anything but black, or maybe a little light depending on where I am. It started a while into the meditation and seemed to grow closer, taking up more of the black space the longer it was there. The clarity of this blue was truly astounding, very calming. What I don’t understand is that I was meditating with and focusing my intention into my rose quartz palm stone, which is a heart chakra stone. I was focusing on love of self, friends, and family, and was directing my energy into the stone when the orb appeared. It would make sense that it should have been a green orb since I was focusing on the heart chakra?

  2. That’s really interesting, Jordan.
    I don’t think we can read much into the connection between what you were focusing on, and what imagery or colors presented themselves.
    It’s hard to decipher such a personal experience, especially if it’s happened just once.
    I like how you say you were focusing on love, friends, and family, and the emotion you noted was calmness when you saw a clear blue.
    If I were you, I’d be excited about the future and what further emotions and visions you will experience from this point on.

  3. I had an interesting experience while meditating which I find difficult to explain. I was laying on my back and was really relaxed and feeling quite blissful. Then suddenly I felt energy rushing up my spine followed by cracking sounds in my neck area and ears. Then I saw the color blue as if I was in a blue light elevator flying up with an intense speed. I got overwhelmed by this feeling and felt my heart race. So I immediately tried to stop this experience. After that for a few weeks I experienced more sensitivity to my hearing and vision. My head was hurting from noises that usually wouldn’t bother me (for example the sound of a car passing by). I also experienced heightened anxiety afterwards and was not able to even leave the apartment for a few weeks. Up to this day I still don’t have and explanation for what exactly happened that day..

  4. I am a first time meditator. Normally i would see some geographical views, like hills and all the stuff, I would also see some human figures, not clear though, and looking more like aliens👽. What does that really mean?
    Lately I see colours. Yes many different colours just passing by in big clear circles, though the blue🔵 one always seem to dominate.
    Any clarification?

  5. I saw a blue Buddha while meditation, in a statue-shaped like. Then it started vanishing, and I saw the face, but much bigger. Dont know what that means

  6. I visualize meditate so I strictly visualize my life I’ve only been able to go as far as 1-2 years out. When it came to me visualizing love I like to see if I can go further then 1-2 years but all I seen was blue the color blue everything visually had went away and all I saw was the movement of blue very clearly. Love has always been a struggle for me and I assume it was a blockage but I’m not sure if it’s my past I need to dissect or my present of how I handle things.

  7. I am meditating fora quite long time but not so consistent with that ! But now a days or in also my previous experience i started to see blue colour energy just after i done meditating and rub my hand and put them on eyes to just store it in my body, exactly at that time i see blue figures that kind of seems to absorb in me and sometimes i also feel so light during meditation tht i can’t even feel my legs and its nearly like that I’m not in my body anymore or i just increase my area that I won’t feel my own body anymore ! At that time i kind of get anxeity and want to come out of that experience ! That’s calming but I’m not used to it yet ! Any suggestions??? Or anyone knows about it please tell !

  8. Sometimes when I lay down to bed at night, I can see land, but it’s like I’m flying over the land, but its fast moving and the clouds are different colors like blue and yellow and I cant quite see the land clearly but I feel the wind in my face, do you know what this might be? I use to see shadow people circling my room, which was very intense at times, especially when they would fly over my face and I couldn’t move, but I dont see them anymore, I just see the colors now and sometimes I see people like a photo of a child growing into an adult before my eyes, do you think this is my past lives. Have you had any of these experiences and what can you tell me about what I’m experiencing. Thank you

  9. The first day I started meditating I saw a blue snow flake ❄ (something like this) and my body temperature was cold for some days.Then later It changed into a blue Orb, and the position was in the middle of my fore head latter on I started feeling headaches at the same position. So one day I tried to touch the blue Orb but when I did the surroundings changed and I saw a blue oak tree next to it was a clear blue river with no creature inside of it with blue grass and there was no sky at all. And since the even if I’m not meditating I feel something moving I my blood stream.Please what does it mean?.

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