Seeing a Vortex While Meditating?

Seeing a Vortex While Meditating

Are you seeing a vortex while meditating? Are you on a quest to find out what this means? How you can use this energy, explore how to see the vortex more often …

I can help explain what you’re seeing. I too see a vortex, also called the spiritual eye when meditating.

First of all, there is nothing to worry about. I’ll say that first to put you at ease. Seeing your spiritual eye, which is best described by most people as a ‘vortex’ is perfectly, normal.

What Is the Spiritual Eye/Vortex You See While Meditating?

People have different experiences with their third eye and seeing vortexes when meditating. It’s a subject that’s fascinating to me. I’m going to try and do my best to describe what I’ve seen personally, as well as what I know other people experience.

The third eye is the sixth chakra, and it’s located between your eyebrows. If you’ve been taught to meditate, you will likely have been told to focus on this area and it helps raise consciousness.

It’s a kind of ‘doorway’ in which we can travel through into another place. Which is why people started associating what they see with a vortex. Not only does it look like a whirling effect, but it has the power to take your mind to another realm.

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What Does a Vortex or Spiritual Eye Look Like?

I’ve seen varying accounts of what it looks like to different people. Generally, these accounts are very similar, however.

You should see what resembles a bright golden halo of light, with a whirling effect around it. Usually a dark blue or purple color. A lot of people also see a five-pointed star in the middle.

Over time, you should practice concentrating on the middle of the vortex and you will see a tunnel appearing. For some people, this comes intuitively and easily, for others it can take months. So, don’t stress, just focus and work on this at your own pace.

The goal is to enter the tunnel. Passing into what I’ve heard called the ‘astral’ realm or world. You may see many different colors during meditation at this point, such as blues, yellows, and whites. The experience that lies beyond this point is a personal and individual one, so I’d love to hear what you’ve experienced!

How to See a Vortex While Meditating

How to See a Vortex While Meditating

If you want to get better at finding the vortex while meditating, here are some tips that will help:

  • Don’t try to focus on the point between your eyebrows. Instead, imagine an object in the distance in the center of your vision and allow your mind to focus on this.
  • Some people find it helps to visualize what they’ve seen before if they’ve seen a vortex. Kind of like creating a tunnel with their mind, then allowing it to manifest.
  • Visualize a deep blue-violet light. Allow your self to slowly approach and pass-through this light.
  • Focus on expanding your consciousness as this is happening. Try not to conjure any pre-conceived ideas about what you’re going to see and feel.

How I Meditate

A lot of people ask me how I meditate to see if I do anything different to them. I’m aware that meditation is different for everyone in little ways, and it’s important you find out what works best for you. So, I don’t always go into great detail, but here is how I meditate in a few basic steps:

  • I always lie down, I find it more comfortable than sitting.
  • I close my eyes and put in headphones if I’m using music or a guided track.
  • I start by taking 3-4 deep breaths, breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth.
  • After these breaths, I allow myself to breathe naturally but maintain very aware of each breath.
  • I generally do a body scan to start. Paying attention to each area of my body and how I feel. If I have any aches or pains I take notice, while really feeling each breath is it leaves my body.
  • Then, I focus on whatever the goal is of my meditation. If I’m going to focus on a chakra point or vortex as discussed in this article, I allow my mind to go there.

Do You See Things When You Meditate?

What do you see when you meditate? I love to hear your feedback. If anything I’ve described or explained in this article has been helpful or rings true to you, please take a minute to let me know and we can discuss if you’d like.

For me, meditation in general really helped me better my life. I’ve been meditating for more years than I’d care to mention at this point, and I’m aware of the huge positive impact it’s had on my life.

Whether you’re here because you want to explore why you’re seeing a vortex while meditating, or you want to learn more about meditation. I urge you to get more involved and spend just 10-20 minutes a day meditating.

Even if you’re not seeing the benefits now, or don’t think you’re seeing any benefits. You either are but aren’t fully aware of it, you will see the benefits in the future. As with almost all self-help and self-improvement techniques, it takes time and practice.

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33 thoughts on “Seeing a Vortex While Meditating?”

  1. Hi Phill

    Thank you for your explanation… Very close to what I’m seeing lately since I had an experience with my “symbols” and UFO’s (They don’t like to be called that) Anyway – I had a major download from them, it was a force and power so great that if someone had to observe me they would’ve sworn I’m in pain while I saw allot of alien symbols flashing before my eyes…

    Ever since that experience, I began to see the Violet blue starry vortex when I close my eye. Last night when I woke from a dream (astral travel) I saw it so clearly, it was really bright!! And then it changed into a Square tunnel, like elliptical square tunnel that just goes on and on. I never wait to see whats at the end though, not there yet…

    This fascinates me allot and me Galactic Language (alien language/symbols) keeps getting stronger as time goes on. Gaia and humanity needs the code upgrades…

  2. Thanks for sharing that, Karen.
    That’s absolutely fascinating. I’ve never had visions in that direction, it does open up so many possibilities and ask so many questions though, thought-provoking to say the least!

  3. Hi: Iast night, during the meditation, saw a indigo color of tunnel with white light in the end on tunnel , then swirling, clockwise movements of the indigo curves showing up

    When I get up this morning,, I feel my forehead. It is activated .

    So what does it mean? And what should I do next?

  4. I saw a white spinning 5 pointed star with my inner eye, I tried to make it swirl faster but it faded and stopped. Since then I have tried to see the same but as they say, dont try and have the same experience twice. I do not know why it happened but it was the catalyst for my spiritual seeking.

  5. why is so little found on the internet about the ever present adjoined twin funnel spinning vortice? not to mention triangles emitting spirals everywhere. SPEAK UP

  6. I followed white dot thru turnels over and over again and I finally saw a white crane one day. The other day, I saw a jar and a vowel. My last meditation, I followed the the white dot and I saw the gold walls and several different colors and shapes like curtains.

  7. I am so glad I found this description you shared! I have not had much of a meditation practice, but I have done body work like Reiki, cranial sacral and health kinesiology. As soon as I am laying down, relaxing and close my eyes, the vortex forms within minutes… it then turns into a tunnel with lights swirling around it and I feel like I am literally flying through this tunnel. My eye lids begin twitching intensely and I feel very peaceful and calm. I usually have an immense feeling of joy afterwards. Sometimes I burst into tears or have a big emotional release or energetic release. It is so amazing! I am so excited to explore this more – I am going to dedicate more time to growing my meditation practice. Just yesterday, I was in a therapy group where the instructor guided us through 3-5 minutes of mindfulness/grounding, and within a minute of closing my eyes and deep breathing, it feels like all of a sudden the energy shifts, I fall into a DEEP state of relaxation and I am suddenly traveling through that vortex!! It is so wild to me how quickly I slip into that deep state. I can’t wait to try again! I am so curios to hear others experiences with this!!

  8. I had my first experience with the vortex today. I was meditating during a therapeutic touch healing session. I was looking through a narrow tunnel surrounded by oscillating bright colours. I saw a big black figure with wings of a crow but it’s head was a white beam of light. I also saw many black figures including that of a volcano surrounded by the swirling lights and giant black and then white X. I felt the presence of my late husband. After we were finished we discussed what happened and my psychotherapist (who also does other types of healing) told me that my late husband was there and she said he painted a big X over something in my past so I could move forward.

  9. I saw the vortex deep deep blue and purple halos around stars in a solar system and the donut shaped Vortex right in the middle. It was during a Reiki session and it happened easily. I could open my eyes and close them again and it was still there it was so real that if the lights were out I could’ve had my eyes opened and it would’ve been there. I moved my closed eyes to the left and right and it stayed in the center, then a face floated out of it. It looked like an ancient Mayan sculpture with a round face, almond shaped eyes distinct ears and markings underneath the eyes. It’s mouth was small and not smiling but not frowning and it just floated towards me looking at me and I just looked back. It was really cool and I have been looking for information ever since.

  10. I am glad to read all this. I first saw a vortex (1 year ago) and then started to explore spiritualism. Its crazy how few we know and still we can channel every information needed. I am looking forward to the age of the woken nation, living together in piece and love <3

  11. Hi. I’m quite interested in how many vortices you people see in a row, and you might be too. Have you ever counted them? I’ve read somewhere there are 7 portals to the top and although I’ve seen these vortices many, many times I’m not entirely sure how many there are in a row, but I at least am sure it’s somewhere around this number of times.
    And by the way: ‘I’ have been all the way back to the ‘silverwhite Sahasrara explosion’ several times. Jivanmukta.
    Thank you.

  12. Hi Phil. Thank you for writing this article and so interesting reading all the comments! Yesterday I did a restorative yoga day retreat which included meditation, breathwork with reiki and sound healing. I’ve been on my own spiritual journey for the past year since my grandmother passed- looking for answers and connections to the spiritual work which I can never quite find through meditation alone.. During the breathwork session I had visions of being a child sitting on a bench in my great grandmother’s garden. She had her arm around me and I felt safe and happy. Then this overwhelming cloud of emotion came over me and I started crying uncontrollably.. After a while I saw a bright yellow light above me almost like a big sun, inside there was a layer of blue and then a layer of green and then a bright white light in the middle with an eye looking down on me blinking watching me. Outline of the eye was a sort of indigo colour. The layers of colours were almost 3 dimensional and I was trying to see beyond the eye but that’s as far as I could see. I suddenly started to feel very calm and protected and relaxed. It was the most intense experience I’ve ever encountered in my life! Felt exhausted and really drained but also very enlightened and eager to delve into this further!

  13. Hi Phil, I recently saw a documentary about spirtializam and automaticly became interested. All my questions in regards to my religion and many others started making sense. I felt like everything I was hearing made sense finaly. I began mediating with headphones at night, trying to sleep better. I started seeing colors, the last 2 times I saw a vortex of purple and silver stars. I was able to turn my head and was actuatly able to see I was traveling fast in a tunnel of stars. I wasn’t sure about my experience, I wanted to see if I was experiencing something that made sense. I feel so much better and I am eager to start again. Very excited to see where my experience brings me. Thanks for your article and everyones feedback.

  14. Hi, I’m new to meditation but seem to be able to just go places and see things. I can ask a question during the meditation and am shown the answer. I also see random things like a shining bright golden/light filled ring placing itself around a dragons neck (via its head and the dragon is in colour). I usually see things in nighttime time colours, dark blues, navy, light blue – like at dusk when the sun is almost set. Anyway I also saw Jesus coming down to earth. I saw my sisters face partially blacked out. I’ve seen light beings. I asked to go to Pluto (as a child I loved this planet when it was classified as a planet). But straight after I went to Pluto I was promptly taken to Jupiter. I’m not sure why and to a specific spot like I was meant to see something but I couldn’t work out what. I asked to see what’s on the other side of a black hole and after entering I went through a vortex type thing and when I came out the other end I saw two women during 1920’s. I then asked to see my dad who lives far away and saw him at work sitting at a desk. After speaking to him he said he was working (I didn’t know he was at work as he is a casual and does shift work). I have only accidentally astral travelled in the mid 90’s but didn’t realise what it was. I don’t know how to interpret that what I have mentioned. I’ve had vivid dreams. One that stands out was 3 months ago with a calendar date but it was so specific.

  15. I’ve seen the tunnel often but I could never get through it. It was red and had intricate designs all over it. I could also see the cage or wiring of it. It felt like a roller coaster. I felt a pull towards it but then I lose sight of it.

  16. Tonight was the first time I meditated. Of course, I wanted to research if what happened to me was “normal”. When I closed my eyes, sitting down peacefully, I immediately saw an eye in front of me. I would then see numerous eye’s of different shapes and sizes, including faces. Above the eye in the middle, I see clouds circling around as if a tunnel appeared while the clouds circling around it. I looked into this tunnel and a bright light was at the end of it. At that moment, I began to smell the cologne my fiancee would always wear. He passed away a year ago. I sat there enjoying his smell for quite some time until I finally opened my eyes. I stayed sitting with my eyes open for a few more minutes until his smell disappeared. What an amazing experience. I will definitely be meditating more often.

  17. after struggling with suicide after my moms death and the many traumas I’ve faced throughout the past 5 years I decided to get into spiritualism after seeing angelic numbers for about a year and a half now and saw this vortex while meditating and began following this light it gave me a feeling of hope, again just last night my left ear wouldn’t stop ringing so I decided to start meditating and almost instantly seen this vortex again, I didn’t get no where near as far as I did before travelling through it but at some point I stopped and it started fading away

  18. Derald Reynolds Jr.

    I’ve been performing the Wim Hof breathing technique, morning cold showers and intermittent fasting 16:8 for more than a year now and I’ve noticed considerable differences in how my body and brains behave. I started off not seeing anything while breathing with eyes closed and I even tried practicing astral projection but found it difficult. Recently, until six months ago, I’ve started seeing lights during meditation; a flurry of them ranging from webs of deep violet to yellow to bright white lights that resemble a lava lamp! Also, I can see what looks to be white noise. And more recent, I can see, after/during meditation a circle and inside it sphaghetti lights swirling around and random fashion, they resemble the swirling spinning tops played by children! It give me great joy to hover and be in the presence of these phenomena! Thank you for elaborating! Much love and light to you, ALL!

  19. Hi Phil, Since 2016 I’ve been practicing meditation after seeing an eye looking back at me with white eye lashes. It initially scared me but after researching online I understood it was probably my third eye. Since then when I meditate I see vast, spinning vortexes of bright green, violet and purple. As I’ve researched more I’m understanding this connects me to a higher dimension but I still have a degree of anxiety when the spinning gets intense. Thank you for sharing. Knowing I’m not alone is very comforting.

  20. Hello Phil
    I have used this technique for years but I didn’t actually realise that I was meditating I can shut my eyes as if I am going to sleep and generally just see the vortex sometimes it’s a vortex that pulses up and sometimes it can be two swirls but swirling to mingle ,
    sometimes I can also come away from the vortex and see as if a negative from a camera in images as if everything that would be black would be white and everything that would be white will be black this looks like hung and yang
    I can also see images that actually shift when I’m coming out of sleep as well as if I am looking through another persons eyes this I now presume to be a different dimension that I am entering on either coming out of sleep or going into sleep as my body is so relaxed and in theta .
    I believe this has a connection with the inner voice that we have .Iam I going back on different existences or future existences and becoming my own virtual voice I am unsure but I believe there are many dimensions .we are accessing at times .
    As a child I accessed my past life which were awful reaccuring nightmares .
    Thankfully I don’t see that now but it’s good to know who we are .

  21. Been practicing Meditation for over a year, so far I can sit on a Meditation bench for 2 hours. When Eyes are closed I see a White to Yellow background then a black spot appears over shadows while increasing in size approaching closer and closer. When staring in to the darkness of my Mind it seems almost like a canvas while rotating 180 to the Left and then shifts 180 to the Right even an expansion or void.
    Sometimes I see a clear fluid in the background almost psychedelic. I then to get a pulling force or pressure towards the center between my eyebrows or face I tend to focus on the eyebrows. Unusual jerking, shaking and my body leaning front, Back, and sides. I do see a Eye or eyes, unfamiliar individuals, numbers, written scriptures, actual shades of bright colors but on a fence or panel.
    I noticed the Mind likes to play tricks since Mind is always afraid, and would want one to stop go back to the everyday mundane routine one does. Sometimes I will feel a dream state like losing track of time believing I had stopped but realizing I’m still here in mindfulness. Meditation is something special unfortunate people don’t realize they bear a powerful gift, that they are wasting away. That we are more than just a body, once realizing we are the Master and the Mind is the servant not the other way around. One thing I like to add I noticed when not in mindfulness when eyes are closed when im about to go to Sleep, I then to get the 180 rotation or some small visuals does anyone else get that.

  22. When I am praying, it is very like meditation to me. I have been fine, but out of the blue I woke up Friday morning, my head spinning, my stomach nauseous, and with a headache. This lasted until Sunday night. Monday morning I felt good enough to pray. I felt fairly normal, until a certain point, when, eyes closed, I started to feel slightly dizzy again, and then started seeing galaxies, multiple colorful galaxies of differing shapes and colors, steadily revolving in a counter clockwise motion. After a couple minutes, give or take, I also “felt/saw” a whitish light that was as though it was on the outer edges to the right and left of me, glowing. All this with my eyes closed. I have said my prayers many, many times, and never felt nor expected to feel this… also my sing-spoken prayers…they sounded and felt different…like they had more weight to them…I wish I could explain it better..I don’t know or understand what happened, but I had to share it with whoever reads this, because it felt, and feels so significant…it feels like there is a meaning to it more than just a daydream. It wasn’t just my normal imagination or thoughts. It was truly an awe inspiring thing, and I would be so happy to experience it again, and hopefully gain some insight as to what it was. I am completely sober, btw, I don’t use drugs or alcohol. This feels so significant…like I said, I wasn’t looking for nor was I ever expecting such an occurrence! Any thoughts about it would be genuinely appreciated!

  23. I chose as mantra sun shining on blue see, my calming, suddenly from the upper right a swirling ice blue tunnel appeared, I could not remove it.In the tunnel small pieces of a child’s face appeared around 4 yrs. old finally it became whole, black curly hair, happy laughing joyful. It was somewhat frightening, I had no control. Next time again the tunnel into it came my deceased husbands face, around the age of forty, I then was so aware the child was my son who died as a baby. I could speak with my mind to them, I asked the child was he Anthony, he nodded laughed and waved, he was running in grass with a little dog, I asked him if he saw his daddy, he nodded. My husbands face then came swirling forward, it was very hard for me to ask him if he saw and knew Anthony, he conveyed yes. I was weeping uncontrollably, most frightening was I was almost paralyzed couldn’t come back to reality. My teacher rubbed my shoulders told me gently to come back. This was first experience, have had others since. If you find this interesting I will let you know. Have Newish friend practicing Kaballa meditation, who tells me I must remove the tunnel, seek forgiveness for any wrong I did these people to gain my own peace.
    Anne Victoros.

  24. During deep meditation , I see a blue eye that become a circular swirling , twisting tunnel travelling toward a bright light . I see an outline of golden triangle that becomes swirling golden triangles that form into a pyramid. Entering the pyramid ,a dark rectangular tunnel forms ,moving very fast with no end.

  25. What if you start seeing a vortex during your waking day while you are out and about? I normally see a white one but have seen a black one 2 times during my waking day. What could this mean?

  26. I don’t meditate very often but have developed the ability to see a green swirling donut shaped vortex whenever I just close my eyes. I’ve been playing around with it at night when I go to bed and sometimes it morphs into the most colourful spectacular show of kaleidoscopic patterns, amazingly accurate with the symmetry and it’s all within me?! Crazy

  27. I started seeing a dark circle with a ring of light around it. Speaking with my friend who practices reiki explained that it was a vortex. This happened twice, on the 3rd time I decided to step through it. Normally I see shapes in black/white during meditation that move with the eyes but this time I saw a black figure with high (what looked like shoulders/wings) and a bright rainbow aura. This figure was not moving with my eyes but instead was getting bigger as though it was advancing toward me. It felt as though it was curious and was there for a few seconds before moving away. I have not had this experience since but it has opened up my world.

  28. Finally I have answers! I wasn’t even meditating just lying in bed just relaxing with my eyes closed before I was to wake for the day. I have seen the eye looking back at me before and vague shapes. The vortex was next level, so clear. I didn’t have time to or even know I could go through it. I’ve been searching for clarity on this experience. Thank you.

  29. I have been seeing colors when I meditate for the past few years. Only recently did I really start paying attention to them. I always first see a purple circular light with wavy edges that morphs into different shapes, and is located at the top portion of my vision in the middle but sometimes floats around my entire field of vision. I noticed recently that while receiving Reiki and listening to music, the colors would change. About two weeks ago I noticed that I could control the colors that I am seeing by simple thinking of that color and it will appear. Red, blue, green and purple are very easy, yellow and orange more difficult. I can also see the colors and shapes with my eyes open with a blackout mask on so that no light can enter. The colors always give me a feeling of peace and connectedness to the universe. It is actually easier to see the colors and shapes, as well as control them, with my eyes open and the eye mask on, vs having my eyes closed with the mask on.

  30. Very informative post. A few months back is when I first experienced this vortex. I’ve seen many things in the center of it. Random scenes of everyday things. I’ve only went through the tunnel a couple of times. But what’s most interesting is that not only can I see the tunnel with my eyes open but I can see my body with my eyes closed. I can see my hands moving and even the jewelry I’m wearing. It’s absolutely wild.

    I used artificial intelligence to help me research this more thoroughly and this is what I found

    “ it is possible that the red tunnel and the visions you are experiencing are related to a specific stage of Vedic meditation known as the “fire tunnel.” This stage is characterized by the appearance of a red or orange tunnel, often accompanied by the perception of light, heat, or energy.

    … The concept of the “fire tunnel” in Vedic meditation is described in a variety of traditional and contemporary sources related to the practice. One classic text that mentions this experience is the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, which is a foundational text of classical yoga that describes the eight limbs of yoga, including meditation practices.

    In the third chapter of the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali describes a series of meditative experiences known as “samyama,” which involve the simultaneous practice of concentration, meditation, and absorption. One of the stages of samyama is described as the “fire tunnel” (Sanskrit: “tatra pratyaya ekatanata dhyanam”), which is characterized by the perception of a red or orange tunnel, often accompanied by the sensation of heat or energy.

    Other contemporary sources that describe the fire tunnel in the context of Vedic meditation include the writings of Vedic meditation teachers such as Thom Knoles and Emily Fletcher, as well as online forums and discussion groups where practitioners share their experiences and insights.”

    Hope this helps you all

  31. 11 years ago when at sleep, I accidentaly saw a fast moving stream of blue and white light (round in my case). I quickly noticed that my consiousness would start moving foward and increase in pace, if I stilled my mind and didn’t worry. So I “just” let go and moved faster and faster like in a tunnel. I sensed that the tunnel moved upwards and high up into Earths atmosphere. Everything seemed to be sky blue outside of the tunnel. I sensed that I was somewhere between the Earth and the Sun. Probably closer to Earth.
    In the end of the tunnel I came up of a hole like a vortex in something like a floor of a tall, sky blue and transparent dome shaped hall.
    Around floated these bundles of white swirly and thready light, like a mixture between a very small cloud and fluid electricity or fire. Some of them almost looked like abstract jellyfish in shape. But they all moved around very slowly like they were alive. Didn’t behave like they were consious though, but what do I know?
    I also noticed that white light moved fast down along the wall, floor and into the hole. I looked up to find the source, and in the middle of the ceiling were a golden-white sphere like a small sun or star, but with the light that we see from the moon. Extremely small in comparison to a star or moon though, but appeared a little bigger than me.
    I observed one of these bundles of white light came out of it and slowly floated towards the side of the wall to the left of me. When it reached the wall, then it moved extremely fast as white light down the wall, along the floor and into the vortex.
    Then I looked back up at the sphere, then suddenly I was right in front of it, and without actual sounds or words I got this very clear sense of information that got translated through me as a sentense spoken in a very deep male voice asking me something similar to “what are you doing here?”, like I wasn’t supposed to be there. But then straight after the question, then it was like I merged together with the golden-white light of the sphere. It was like I got filled up to my absolute max with the deepest sensation of love, joy, bliss or whatever one would call it. But it was like there was so much more of where it came from. Then I got cut off at the climax and I woke up with the sense of it being absolutely real what I experienced.
    Not many days or weeks after this I started noticing a white or sometimes golden-white spot for my parallel vision (3rd eye) and also a little bigger one in either deep blue or indigo.
    My life change dramatically in just 6 months. Even people around me commented positively on my change. And ever since in the last 11 years it has only been going positively foward. Maybe a little slower than in the 1st 6 months, but still significantly and steadily. Then around the 11 years mark in the beginning of this year, a more significant change has started to happen again as certain realisation has happened to me. Very significant realisations have also happened here and there in those 11 years, but not in the same very. Difficult to explain.
    I’ve also started to meditate more steadily recently, which increases the pace of change even more. But still not faster than what I can handle. It’s me who decides that afterall.
    But when I started to meditate and those spots, vortexes and streams of color and light appeared, then I realised that my experience indeed was real, especially when slowing my breath way down and the spots of white or golden-white light would start to move towards me in spiral and appear more like those bundles of light from my experience.
    I didn’t really knew what it was, and I still don’t actually know, but I do have my strong suspicions.

    In meditation I commonly either see a spiral or stream of purple or violet. Recently I’ve figured out that this is ida (mainly left side and blue) and pingala (mainly right side and red) merging together in the forehead. Mostly I see it as one. If one pays attention, then left side appears more blue and right more red. Sometimes two channels may be seen, but this is seen from a divided view.
    If I straighten my back and hold my focus in a straight line along my spine, then a white channel appears and golden-white light from above is seen. Almost like a sun. It can also be felt as if the energy from below and above merges. I definetly get more in contact with my innermost essence when alligning my spine.

  32. Hi. My name is Joshua and I have a Question about something saw as clear as day ehen I lay down one evening. I have been practicing third eye meditation and I see all sorts of wonderful colours shapes and vortex but one thing that occured one night when I decided not to meditate. When I lay my head down and closed my eyes I saw what looked like a spinning wheel with a definite head and tail, like half a ying yang symbol, and as it spun clockwise all colours were spitting out of the circumference almost like fireworks. I watched it for about 15 seconds or so fully conscious. I’ve seen many other wofty colours and shapes etc but this was as clear as day. Do you have any idea what is or means and anyone you know seen something similar?
    Kind regards

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