Seeing a Vortex While Meditating?

Seeing a Vortex While Meditating

Are you seeing a vortex while meditating? Are you on a quest to find out what this means? How you can use this energy, explore how to see the vortex more often …

I can help explain what you’re seeing. I too see a vortex, also called the spiritual eye when meditating.

First of all, there is nothing to worry about. I’ll say that first to put you at ease. Seeing your spiritual eye, which is best described by most people as a ‘vortex’ is perfectly, normal.

What Is the Spiritual Eye/Vortex You See While Meditating?

People have different experiences with their third eye and seeing vortexes when meditating. It’s a subject that’s fascinating to me. I’m going to try and do my best to describe what I’ve seen personally, as well as what I know other people experience.

The third eye is the sixth chakra, and it’s located between your eyebrows. If you’ve been taught to meditate, you will likely have been told to focus on this area and it helps raise consciousness.

It’s a kind of ‘doorway’ in which we can travel through into another place. Which is why people started associating what they see with a vortex. Not only does it look like a whirling effect, but it has the power to take your mind to another realm.

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What Does a Vortex or Spiritual Eye Look Like?

I’ve seen varying accounts of what it looks like to different people. Generally, these accounts are very similar, however.

You should see what resembles a bright golden halo of light, with a whirling effect around it. Usually a dark blue or purple color. A lot of people also see a five-pointed star in the middle.

Over time, you should practice concentrating on the middle of the vortex and you will see a tunnel appearing. For some people, this comes intuitively and easily, for others it can take months. So, don’t stress, just focus and work on this at your own pace.

The goal is to enter the tunnel. Passing into what I’ve heard called the ‘astral’ realm or world. You may see many different colors during meditation at this point, such as blues, yellows, and whites. The experience that lies beyond this point is a personal and individual one, so I’d love to hear what you’ve experienced!

How to See a Vortex While Meditating

How to See a Vortex While Meditating

If you want to get better at finding the vortex while meditating, here are some tips that will help:

  • Don’t try to focus on the point between your eyebrows. Instead, imagine an object in the distance in the center of your vision and allow your mind to focus on this.
  • Some people find it helps to visualize what they’ve seen before if they’ve seen a vortex. Kind of like creating a tunnel with their mind, then allowing it to manifest.
  • Visualize a deep blue-violet light. Allow your self to slowly approach and pass-through this light.
  • Focus on expanding your consciousness as this is happening. Try not to conjure any pre-conceived ideas about what you’re going to see and feel.

How I Meditate

A lot of people ask me how I meditate to see if I do anything different to them. I’m aware that meditation is different for everyone in little ways, and it’s important you find out what works best for you. So, I don’t always go into great detail, but here is how I meditate in a few basic steps:

  • I always lie down, I find it more comfortable than sitting.
  • I close my eyes and put in headphones if I’m using music or a guided track.
  • I start by taking 3-4 deep breaths, breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth.
  • After these breaths, I allow myself to breathe naturally but maintain very aware of each breath.
  • I generally do a body scan to start. Paying attention to each area of my body and how I feel. If I have any aches or pains I take notice, while really feeling each breath is it leaves my body.
  • Then, I focus on whatever the goal is of my meditation. If I’m going to focus on a chakra point or vortex as discussed in this article, I allow my mind to go there.

Do You See Things When You Meditate?

What do you see when you meditate? I love to hear your feedback. If anything I’ve described or explained in this article has been helpful or rings true to you, please take a minute to let me know and we can discuss if you’d like.

For me, meditation in general really helped me better my life. I’ve been meditating for more years than I’d care to mention at this point, and I’m aware of the huge positive impact it’s had on my life.

Whether you’re here because you want to explore why you’re seeing a vortex while meditating, or you want to learn more about meditation. I urge you to get more involved and spend just 10-20 minutes a day meditating.

Even if you’re not seeing the benefits now, or don’t think you’re seeing any benefits. You either are but aren’t fully aware of it, you will see the benefits in the future. As with almost all self-help and self-improvement techniques, it takes time and practice.

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7 thoughts on “Seeing a Vortex While Meditating?”

  1. Hi Phill

    Thank you for your explanation… Very close to what I’m seeing lately since I had an experience with my “symbols” and UFO’s (They don’t like to be called that) Anyway – I had a major download from them, it was a force and power so great that if someone had to observe me they would’ve sworn I’m in pain while I saw allot of alien symbols flashing before my eyes…

    Ever since that experience, I began to see the Violet blue starry vortex when I close my eye. Last night when I woke from a dream (astral travel) I saw it so clearly, it was really bright!! And then it changed into a Square tunnel, like elliptical square tunnel that just goes on and on. I never wait to see whats at the end though, not there yet…

    This fascinates me allot and me Galactic Language (alien language/symbols) keeps getting stronger as time goes on. Gaia and humanity needs the code upgrades…

  2. Thanks for sharing that, Karen.
    That’s absolutely fascinating. I’ve never had visions in that direction, it does open up so many possibilities and ask so many questions though, thought-provoking to say the least!

  3. Hi: Iast night, during the meditation, saw a indigo color of tunnel with white light in the end on tunnel , then swirling, clockwise movements of the indigo curves showing up

    When I get up this morning,, I feel my forehead. It is activated .

    So what does it mean? And what should I do next?

  4. I saw a white spinning 5 pointed star with my inner eye, I tried to make it swirl faster but it faded and stopped. Since then I have tried to see the same but as they say, dont try and have the same experience twice. I do not know why it happened but it was the catalyst for my spiritual seeking.

  5. why is so little found on the internet about the ever present adjoined twin funnel spinning vortice? not to mention triangles emitting spirals everywhere. SPEAK UP

  6. I followed white dot thru turnels over and over again and I finally saw a white crane one day. The other day, I saw a jar and a vowel. My last meditation, I followed the the white dot and I saw the gold walls and several different colors and shapes like curtains.

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