How to Get into the Vortex: 19 Easy Ways

How to Get into the Vortex

Are you a follower of Abraham Hicks, their meditations, and teachings about being in the ‘vortex’? If so, the first question everyone asks is – how to get into the vortex? Or, how can I get into the vortex?

Well, the good news is that it’s not difficult, and it doesn’t take long. Here’s everything you need to know about what the vortex is, and how you can get yourself into this special place:

What Is the Vortex?

The vortex, as described by Abraham Hicks is:

Resonance. That’s what alignment is. That’s what vortex is, it’s resonance, which is tuning your frequency to the fullness of who you are.

What this means in simple terms is, that you need to reach a state of being perfectly content with yourself and your environment. Then you’ll find yourself in the ‘vortex’ and feel at your ultimate happiness.

It’s a personal and unique experience for each of us. What you need to know is that you can only get there by doing positive things. You need to create a mental and physical flow into a blissful, happy, and completely content and satisfying place.

How to Get into the Vortex?

The way to get into your own vortex might differ from other people. There are, however, a number of different ways that work for most people. All of which are positive, fun activities that stimulate happiness.

Just try some of the following simple things, they’re sure to help you get into the vortex – enjoy!


Meditating is probably the most effective way to get into the vortex. Not only this, but meditating daily is a habit that will help you improve in all areas of your life.

I meditate at least once a day for 20 minutes or so. Ideally twice, once in the morning and once at bedtime. Here is a list of the best meditations for sleep.

Being Kind to Others

It feels great to do something kind and unexpected to someone else, doesn’t it? It’s these little experiences that boost the emotional side that helps us get into that special place.

I’m not suggesting you go overboard with the nice gestures and actions. Although your friends and family will be most welcome to it!

Appreciate Nature

Appreciating the natural beauty nature has to offer is a way to achieve a higher state of feeling. Being at one with nature can do so much more than interacting with people or material things in your everyday life.

Try taking a peaceful walk and looking for flowers, animals, and insects to explore and pay attention too. It doesn’t need to be great weather either, embrace what you have available.

Practice Yoga

Yoga is a great way to get into the vortex while working on your physical and mental wellbeing. You can practice yoga whatever your age or physical ability.

You don’t have to join a group in-person either. There are plenty of free resources online you can do yourself at home.

Note down What Works for You

The interesting thing is that everyone reacts differently to experiences in their lives that stimulate enjoyment and happiness.

Be mindful of what’s working for you. Make a note on a piece of paper if you have to, and refer to this to put a smile on your face and remind yourself what works for you.

Be Creative

Do something fun and creative. It’ll release feel-good hormones and help you get into the vortex.

Don’t worry about what it is or how good you are at what you’re doing. Whatever you find fun that lets you release some of your creative energy, do it.

Use Positive Affirmations

Look yourself straight in the eye and repeat some positive affirmations. Start with “I am” and add some sentences that mean a lot to you and will help shape your future.

Such as “I am going to be wealthy”, “I am able to achieve my dreams through hard work”, “I am going to be the best version of me”.


Physical exercise stimulates feel-good hormones and there is no other way to replicate the feeling of getting your blood pumping and flowing around your body.

It’s a lot easier to get yourself into the vortex through exercise. Just jump up and start getting your blood pumping at time of the day, it only takes a few minutes.

getting into the vortex by being in nature

Experiencing Love

Love is something almost all of us feel for someone else. It doesn’t have to be a partner or significant other, it can be friends and family.

Use the feelings of love you feel for those special people in your life to help you get into the vortex.

Listen to Music

Music has a deep hold on how we feel and can even stimulate different emotions. Listen to some high energy feel-good music, or even put something on that holds a special meaning to you.

You can enhance the experience by using headphones and meditating too. Or, maybe you just enjoy having a dance and getting energized.

Sleep or Take a Nap

Running on empty isn’t good for your physical or mental wellbeing. If you’re feeling tired you need to take care of yourself otherwise you’ll not get into your vortex.

Either take steps to increase the quality of sleep you’re getting overnight so you wake up refreshed. Or take strategic power naps during the day.

Take a Hot Bath

A friend of mine told me a hot bath takes her into the vortex. Not just any bath, but candles, essential oils, and the whole pampering session.

Clear all the distractions in your home. Stop any noise that’ll disturb you, and sink into a deep state of relaxation and see where it takes you.


Laughing stimulates the release of endorphins that heal, relieve stress, make you feel good, and can even reduce aches and pains.

A simple way to get yourself into the vortex. Find what works for you, maybe it’s a comedy, hanging out with friends, or just reminiscing on something in the past that made you laugh.

Listen to Something Motivational

I listen to short motivational tracks as part of my morning routine, and I know this has been an integral part of my successes and getting me into the vortex.

Make time to listen to or read something motivational. It’ll help you get into the vortex, and help motivate you to achieve more from life.

Unplug from Electronics

We all tend to forget how all the electronic devices in our lives keep us distracted from what’s really important, self-contentment.

Try a digital detox. Get away from your phone, from in front of the TV, and go do something that makes you happy that doesn’t involve electronics.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Positive people help us be more positive and lift our mood. Likewise, negative people do the opposite by dragging us and our mood down.

Surround yourself by positive people if you want to get into the vortex. Create more positive situations and you’ll enjoy a more positive state of mind.

Practice Breathing

It’s the core of meditation, which I’ve already mentioned. But practicing breathing whenever you have just a minute or so is different.

Breathing exercises help you relax, reset and reduce stress if you feel your stress levels rising, and help you get into the vortex.


I’m big into visualization. I’ve used it to visualize and achieve a number of things in my life, and getting into the vortex is one of these things.

You can use visualization in combination with a number of other techniques mentioned in this article.

Learn More About Abraham Hicks

This list would not be complete without directing you to the creators of the ‘vortex’ Abraham Hicks. If you’re not familiar with their talks, meditations, quotes, and more, I recommend doing so.

If you haven’t yet seen the Getting into The Vortex video, here it is:

Your Turn

There you have it, 19 different techniques you can use to help you get into the vortex. I’ve used all of these myself, so I can personally vouch for each of them being used at different times.

The list is endless, however, as everyone has their own techniques and methods for getting into their own vortex. I’d love to hear what works for you, please take the time to drop a comment below to help others!

Further Reading – Check out this post if you want to explore more about seeing a vortex while meditating and what it means.

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  1. Hi Phil,
    I have recently been trying to take a deeper dive into meditating, and understanding what it means. I am seeing what looks more like a galaxy of color, coming towards me. Last night it was vibrant blue, purple. I have been focusing in on my throat Chakra recently, to be able to share what needs to be shared with people in my life. Strongly enough I developed a cysts on my thyroid, at a time of great need to express my unhappiness in an important relationship. So no vortex yet, however feel I may be on the cusp of something leading to great healing. Thank you for your referral to Abraham Hicks….my next read.
    Have a great Day. Jill

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