Seeing an Eye During Meditation: What It Means

Seeing an Eye During Meditation Here Is Why

Have you been seeing an eye during meditation and are now searching for answers to what this means?

I’ve experienced this numerous times myself over the years. I’m going to do my best to help explain what it means,

What Does Seeing an Eye During Meditation Mean?

Seeing an eye is a different experience for everyone. How the eye looks, appears, and the feelings you have afterward is a personal and profound experience.

I just want to say that first in case you’ve talked about your experience through with someone else. There’s no right or wrong, and you might be seeing something very different to someone else.

If it’s an eye you’re seeing, however, this is almost certainly an indication that your third eye is opening.

What Is the Third Eye?

The third eye refers to the sixth chakra, also called the brow chakra and located in the middle of the forehead.

It’s an incredibly powerful chakra and represents your ability to “unlock” or see visions and knowledge you can’t obtain while conscious. As well as help you connect with your spiritual and psychic abilities.

If that’s a little confusing, it’s because it’s hard to explain if you’ve never experienced it.

Activating the third eye is a personal experience. It often represents a message from your inner, subconscious mind, and often leads on to greater revelations.

So, it’s something you should actively encourage through meditation. While finding that balance of not focusing on your vision and letting your mind dig deeper into the subconscious.

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Meditation Techniques to Open Your Third Eye

Meditation Techniques to Open Your Third Eye

If you’ve been seeing an eye while meditating regularly, you might feel more comfortable following your regular techniques.

However, I recommend at least trying to stimulate your third eye by trying the following:

Step 1 – Find somewhere comfortable and free of distractions as you normally would meditate.

Step 2 – Sit upright in a chair or in the lotus position if you’re comfortable with the lotus. This will ensure your chakras are aligned, which helps with this form of meditation.

Step 3 – Start with three deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Step 4 – Starting with your feet, relax every muscle in your body as you work your way up to your forehead.

Step 5 – Once at your forehead, imagine an indigo ball of light there. Some people imagine a lotus flower, they find it easier to see the petals peeling away.

Step 6 – This step takes practice. Allow whatever visions appear to be present without focusing on them. You should see an eye, bright colors, and you will see, hear, or feel something profound that you’re not able to in your conscious state.

Other Signs That You’re Connecting With Your Third Eye

There are other signs that you might be connecting with your third eye. It’s possible that your subconscious is trying to get a message to you.

Have you been experiencing any of the following: 

  • Lucid or vivid dreams that leave you feeling like you experienced what was in your dream
  • Having feelings of deja vu, or profound feelings with similar effects
  • You’re hearing things that other people aren’t.
  • You are feeling more creative and optimistic about your future
  • You’re feeling spiritually connected

Any increased feelings or understanding of the bigger picture, if that makes sense. Seeing your third eye gives you greater awareness, perception, and clarity.

I’ve also covered some other interesting visions I’ve experienced while meditating, I think you’ll like these;

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8 thoughts on “Seeing an Eye During Meditation: What It Means”

  1. I’m seeing an eye but its weirdly colored it’s red where the white is and it has gold pupils and I’m seeing it on the human form of a fox I keep seeing.

  2. Yes I saw the black pupil of an eye in bed at night. I concentrated harder and the dark began to come into white light. That light had a most beautiful mauve bits. I ve since learned mauve is to cleanse negativity from the white. Cool eh it has a job to do. Then suddenly anger came in and it all shut down and has not been back but these are angry times due to the future trends raging with structures of old – 2021. Still if I could have kept the white coming on stronger and stronger I wonder what would have happened.

  3. I have been meditating for over two years now (on and off)… I have deep Psychic abilities and have been reading hands where names and alphabets start appearing in the hands n names in my subconscious where I do a better reading and I can guide the person I’m doing reading for… Recently,during meditation, apart from the violet and black wave of colour I suddenly saw a black eye from the side with a big bright orb of a pupil…n visual images with movie like moving pictures started appearing inside the orb like pupil, while the rest of the background remained black and violet.. I got scared n opened my eyes… Is it my 3rd eye opening? I’ve been wanting to go in meditation again n experience it fully…Is it safe?

  4. I have been seeing this eye for a long time but was confused because it looked like it was mine. I now understand why. Thank you for explaining. I often look at it, accept that it is there and then move beyond it into what seems to be constellations. This happens a lot when I am falling asleep to meditations meant for my subconscious mind. Sometimes I see landscapes instead of constellations or I will see glimpses of people and places I do not know. I typically accept them as things happening elsewhere as I am drifting in the in between sleep and wakefulness. It is like I feel they are all real but cannot express why. Intuition guides me. I accept and fall asleep content and relaxed. If I fight to hang on to an image or a place or look deeper to understand, I often will get a headache and can’t sleep. Is this typical? I am new to falling asleep in this fashion but it is helping my anxiety and my insomnia.

  5. Hi. I haven’t meditated in months and I had a hard time getting back into it. But at some point I kept seeing eyes blink at me while my eyes were closed. I thought I was imagining my eyes blinking. But when I closed my eyes again different eye types kept blinking. Especially hazel eyes. I don’t have hazel eyes nor do I know anyone personally with hazel eyes. I just thought it was very interesting. It’s very hard for me to think if it is all made up in my head or coming from a higher purpose.

  6. Nidhi Sohanpal

    I had recently started mediation wholeheartedly and after going through a neuro disorder, I still started doing meditation and I saw an eye and there was red or orange colour in the place of white and the pupil colour was catlike eye. It was there for 2-3 seconds after that I haven’t experienced it again yet. Maybe in the coming time…… is it my third eye opening but I have been doing meditation in proper manner only a month ago. 😟how can it be possible?

  7. Hi I have been seeing eyes for years ,they are so real ,I see numbers very clearly ,I don’t have to go into meditation I only shut my eyes and faces ,eyes ,numbers start appearing , I can see energy in the sky ,I also can see Orbs in my house , I have had dreams come true , this is all normal to me ,
    I put this down to my third opening many years ago ,which I didn’t ask for ,it just happened ,
    But it is all a wonderful experience,I feel gifted,

  8. I was in bed late at night when I suddenly started to see these white clouds. The room was completely dark, however it looked more like Aurora Borealis than clouds, only white. It was like streams of energy were hitting my field and the field made a white lightshow, jusst as how the northern lights look.
    As I started to focus into this whiteshow, an eye appeared. It was clear as day, the eye belonged to a man and it looked like he was focusing harrrrdddd! -just as I was, trying to hold the vision in place with my third eye. I think the eye I saw belonged to my twinflame, as the eye was bloodshot, and he has a condition that make his eyes look just like that from time to time.. Im also very sure he has abilities aswell.
    It lowkey scared me because its the first time Ive experienced seeing such a strong visual in a complete conscious state with both my eyes open at the same time as my third.

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