Seeing Purple During Meditation? Here’s Why

Seeing Purple During Meditation

Have you been seeing purple during meditation?

If so, this might be your subconscious mind revealing that you have an imbalance or some kind of issue with your crown chakra (which is represented by the color purple).

I had this exact scenario a couple of years ago. I would see a white light first, followed by a purple swirling motion in the center of my line of vision.

I was experiencing some emotional difficulties at the time and going through some personal problems. These meditation visions were what sparked my recovery, so I’m hoping I can help some of you too.

Why Do We See Colors While Meditating?

Seeing colors – or even images and visions – while meditating is perfectly normal.

It’s actually a good thing, it symbolizes you’re good at going deep into meditation and connecting with your subconscious mind, while not focusing on the colors or visions.

There are endless theories into what certain visions and colors mean too. So, it might take a little investigation to get to the bottom of it for you, as it’s often personal experience.

It’s pretty much universally agreed, however, that seeing colors that relate to the 7 chakra points means there is an issue with that specific chakra.

It’s not something you should focus on while meditating. Allow yourself to stay present in the moment, and gather your thoughts at a later point to analyze the meaning.

The 7 Chakras and Seeing Colors While Meditating

The 7 Chakras and Seeing Colors While Meditating

As I mentioned, there are 7 chakra points across our bodies. Each is represented by a different color.

If you think of each chakra as a wheel that spins enabling the flow of energy throughout your body. If one point is blocked, it can cause a problem.

Here is a brief outline of the 7 chakras across your body, what each represents, and the color associated with it:

Red / The Root Chakra – This chakra represents our foundation and the feeling of being grounded.

Orange / Sacral Chakra – This chakra represents how we accept and connect with others.

Yellow / Solar Plexus Chakra – This chakra represents how confident and in control we are.

Green / Heart Chakra – This chakra represents our ability to love.

Blue / Throat Chakra – This chakra represents our ability to communicate.

Indigo / Third Eye Chakra – This chakra represents our ability to focus.

Purple / Crown Chakra – This chakra represents our ability to form spiritual connections

As you can see, purple is the color associated with the crown chakra. Seeing the color purple while meditating very likely means you’re unlocking your crown chakra or your mind is telling you there is an issue.

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What Does the Purple (Crown) Chakra Do?

All chakras are important, but the crown chakra is particularly important for spiritual awareness.

Being at the top of the head, it’s the point where you can connect your consciousness with a higher state of consciousness through meditation.

A healthy and fully functioning crown chakra allows us to experience spiritual growth, connect with the universe, and better understand our own emotions.

Is this starting to make sense? Are you tying together seeing a purple haze with a disconnection to the spiritual world and universe?

Some of the common symptoms associated with a blocked or underperforming crown chakra include:

  • Lacking inspiration, clarity, or direction
  • Feeling a lack of awareness of what’s going on around you
  • Feeling disconnected with your spiritual side
  • Being generally discontented or confused about the direction of your life

If some of these symptoms apply to you, and you have been seeing purple during your meditations – this is a clear sign that you have a problem with your crown chakra.

Meditation Techniques to Help Unlock Your Crown Chakra

Meditation Techniques to Help Unlock Your Crown Chakra

There are a few lifestyle changes you can make to address chakra imbalances. Personally, for the crown chakra, I find meditation is an effective way of addressing an imbalance.

Next time you meditate, all you need to do is make a few changes to focus on your crown as follows:

  • When you have 5-10 minutes to yourself, sit somewhere comfortable. If you normally lay down when meditating, try sitting for this technique.
  • Rest your hands where they are comfortable, and turn your hands so your palms are facing up.
  • Close your eyes, and start with three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Start breathing normally and entering your normal state of meditation. Now picture a lotus on your forehead, and slowly imagine the petals floating away.
  • You should see a purple or white light appearing. Don’t focus on the light, just let the vision take you where it wants to.
  • Allow a warmth to radiate from your forehead. The more you do this, the larger the area this warmth should cover.

Do this meditation for a few days in a row and reflect on how you feel. How have your visions changed while meditating? Do you feel more spiritually connected, at least a small step forward?

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In Summary

Seeing colors and visions while meditating can be a powerful and insightful look into our subconscious minds.

You should never focus on them at the time and draw yourself away from your meditation, but you should always evaluate what you saw afterward.

If you’re seeing purple while meditating, it almost certainly means there is a problem with your crown chakra as this is the color represented by this energy point.

Chakra imbalances can have a huge negative impact on your spiritual, mental, and physical wellness. I hope this article has helped you better understand how to interpret these visions and set you on the right path to making positive changes.

Here’s to successful meditation and finding a better spiritual and physical balance!

18 thoughts on “Seeing Purple During Meditation? Here’s Why”

  1. Thank you! This is very informative indeed. I have been having visions of sitting on a purple lotus floating in water which is really calm. I will try this technique of unlocking crown chakra and see where it takes me.

  2. Hello. After reading this post about the colour purple and gold whilst meditating I am left feeling dissapointed . I have been meditating for about ten years and have always seen these colours. The feeling I have is beautiful and very deep and relaxing. I have decided to train in Reiki because I believe that I can channel universal energy through myself to other human beings so they can heal themselves
    I have researched more about seeing these colours and they say a very different thing

  3. it is kinda weird I accidentally focused my consciousness to my glabella. Then purple tinged the darkness. Its not light at all. Just purple and it is surging to me. Its like a small dot then gets bigger. Focusing my consciousness to that purple tinge, is taxing and forced me to open my eyes.

  4. When I was meditating today I was seeing purple and the middle I saw was a clouds then I seen two eyes then I seen one eye and the color of the eye was yellow gold like a cat’s color, and then I seen angel Wings in the clouds

  5. I saw purple getting lighter with a darker center and white clouds rolling as if the hand of a clock was swirling slowly around and the color got lighter to almost white. I loved it, the color was big to me about the size larger than my forehead.
    If something is off balance, how do you get balanced? More meditation?

  6. I have been seeing purple for a few months and during these months I have been struggling and felt quite disconnected. I never knew until just today what was going on, thank you so very much for your input Phil! I just started your recommendation on resolving it today and had a but success & will continue to do so. Thanks again brother, namaste.

  7. I have been meditating since 2 yrs and seeing purple color while meditation it’s relaxing and about visions I think ur mind should be free from all the thoughts, only then you can do a real meditation.

  8. Hello everyone. Yesterday morning, for the first time ever I decided to look at the sun as it came up while meditating. It turned a kind of pinkish purple around the circumference and spun around, a bit like a cursor on the screen while loading. The centre of the sun was kind of grey. It was easy to look at. I had no idea what was happening so I tried to film it. Of course the video was just a normal yellow sun. I’m on holiday in Crete and this area is supposed to have a strong energy. I have been feeling a bit scared of it and have tried to research it, hence coming here. Has anyone experienced this? It sounds similar to some things mentioned above. I would love to hear any thoughts as I’m a bit anxious about it. Thanks everyone (:

  9. I see purple go across like a sky and water at my feet I dont know what to do need help. Please

  10. I just want to share my experience, and also to be able for me to find answers to, because I’m still not sure what I have seen. At first while I was meditating, there was pitch black, then a white line like string. Or a thunder like flow. Then I followed that light, at the end of that light there was a sudden flash of white light, just like opening a window and witnessing the sunrise. Then comes these purple shaped light slowly at me. Then when I opened my eyes the green color was the most brightest I see, like the leaves of the trees was more brighter than other colors.The only weird thing for me is I can’t seem to remember the shape of the purple light. Hope I get some answers.

  11. Amazing all of the comments, on this subject. I too have been seeing a purple & yellow colors while meditating. I always felt calm and at peace, then it all changed when a bolt of white light bursted into my consciousness and I do mean bolt, because as quickly as it came it returned too purple & yellow. I’m always at peace no matter the colors. The journey continues🕊♥️

  12. I just took Reiki Healing course. At first, I was seeing White lights on my meditation. The second time around, I was seeing Green. But now, I am seeing Purple. What does it mean?

  13. I was introduced to the Violet & Pink Flames since 1999
    In the early days, the violet was swirling through blackness. Then I found a picture of St Germaine in a used book I brought the following Year. Today, I have Pink, Violet & Purple swirling around whenever I close my eyes as if I’m being Guided – at 80

  14. Hi there, I have been meditating for 3 years now and experienced many wonderful moments. Firstly ,I had waves of different colors in front of my eyes. Then I started to see single white spots appearing in different places and disappearing. Recently I started to see groups of small white lights like fireworks. It’s fab! Occasionally I see pinkish/ purple clouds floating as well. Is it my progression in meditation experience.? What to expect next? Thank you in advance G.

  15. I find that it is the opposite. I do not think that it means that there is a blockage, I think it means there is an opening. I can concentrate my focus and often times (but not every time) make the colors I see change as I want them. I can think that I want to see blue or green and the colors I see with my eyes closed will change. But even outside of that, when I see the purple star like ring around a darker center that appears as if a hole is opening up, or a cluster of purple/pink light, I feel connected to my soul, not like there is a blockage. It has been that way for a decade. I am experiencing the opposite of a blockage when I see this color.

  16. So I was just having anxiety and getting emotional about the death of my mom (she recently passed) and the emotions was starting to affect me physically so I closed my eyes to meditate and instantly I started to see a purple circle light that was pulsing. The circle wasn’t a complete circle but for shape purposes it was “circle”. So I kept my eyes closed and tried to figure out what this purple pulse was. I stopped meditating and googled it. This article makes sense about it being my crown chakra.

  17. I saw purple cloud traveling in a circle swirling following it as it moved and wanted me to follow it into like dark space center possibly a tunnel of some sort. Then I was inside this cloud surrounded by it a calm peaceful feeling then white like light rays not bright dull started appearing but then was distracted while my dog was barking during this session and finally broke my meditation. I will try while in a quite peaceful environment next time. I am struggling spiritually so hopefully in practicing this will help me. Thank You.

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