List of Powerful Words That Start With S!

In need of powerful words that start with S?

Whether you want a word with a strong, powerful meaning or a word that sounds or feels powerful, I’ve done the legwork for you.

Here is a list of words beginning with the letter S that I think fit the bill of being ‘powerful’ in some way:

Powerful Words That Start With S

Sage – wise and judicious; possessing good judgment.

Salient – prominent or conspicuous; standing out.

Salvage – to save or rescue (something) from loss, damage, or destruction; to recover (something) from a difficult or unpleasant situation.

Sanctify – to set apart as sacred; to consecrate or hallow.

Savor – to taste or smell (something) with pleasure; to relish or enjoy.

Scrutinize – to examine or inspect closely and thoroughly; to scrutinize carefully.

Seclude – to isolate or separate (someone or something) from others; to keep away from the company of others.

Serene – calm, peaceful, and unruffled; undisturbed.

Sinecure – a position that requires little or no work but provides an income or privileges.

Skirmish – a minor or preliminary battle or fight, especially between small groups of soldiers or other combatants.

Sober – serious, grave, or solemn in manner or appearance; not frivolous or playful.

Solace – comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness.

Solemn – grave, serious, or sober in manner or appearance; dignified or dignified.

Solicitous – showing concern or care; eager to help or assist.

Sonorous – producing a full, rich, or deep sound; having a musical or resonant quality.

Soothe – to make (someone or something) more comfortable or calm; to alleviate pain or distress.

Sophisticated – having or showing a high level of refinement or sophistication; worldly-wise.

Sparing – using or giving out sparingly; frugal or economical.

Spurn – to reject or refuse (something) with disdain or contempt; to turn away from with disgust or disdain.

Stalwart – resolute, steadfast, or loyal; unwavering or unyielding.

Staunch – firmly or loyally devoted; faithful or loyal.

Stellar – of or relating to the stars; exceptionally good or outstanding.

Stipulate – to specify or require as a condition or terms of an agreement; to make a requirement of.

Stupendous – amazing or extraordinary in size, degree, or quality; incredible or astounding.

Sublime – of an extremely high or lofty nature; majestic or grand.

Substantial – of considerable importance, value, or substance; significant or solid.

Subvert – to overthrow or undermine (something, such as an established system or authority); to sabotage or ruin.

Succor – help or assistance in times of distress or difficulty; support or aid.

Sustain – to keep (something) in existence or continuance; to maintain or support.

Swathe – to wrap or cover (something) with cloth or other material; to envelop.

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