List of Powerful Words That Start With D!

In need of powerful words that start with D?

Whether you want a word with a strong, powerful meaning or a word that sounds or feels powerful, I’ve done the legwork for you.

Here is a list of words beginning with the letter D that I think fit the bill of being ‘powerful’ in some way:

Powerful Words That Start With D

Daring – bold and brave; willing to take risks.

Dauntless – fearless and brave; undaunted.

Decisive – settling an issue; producing a definite result.

Dedicate – to set aside or give up (something) for a particular purpose or person.

Defend – to protect or guard (something) against attack, danger, or harm.

Defy – to challenge or resist (something) openly or boldly; to be resistant to.

Deliberate – done with or marked by full consciousness of the nature and effects; intentional.

Deluge – a great flood; a heavy or overwhelming outpouring.

Demolish – to destroy (something) completely; to ruin or ruin completely.

Demonstrate – to show or prove (something) clearly or convincingly.

Denounce – to criticize or condemn (something) publicly and strongly.

Depict – to represent or describe (something) in a picture, drawing, or words.

Despise – to hate or have contempt for (something or someone).

Determine – to set or decide (something) with firmness or resolve; to establish.

Devote – to give (something) entirely to (something or someone).

Devotion – strong love or loyalty to a person, group, or cause.

Dignity – the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect.

Diligence – careful and persistent work or effort; thoroughness.

Disarm – to deprive (someone or something) of weapons or defenses.

Discern – to perceive or recognize (something) with a degree of clearness or understanding.

Disrupt – to cause (something) to be unable to continue in the normal or planned way; to disturb or interrupt.

Diverse – different or varied in character or content; varied and distinct in kind.

Dominion – control or sovereignty over a particular area or domain.

Dynamism – energy, vitality, or forcefulness; the ability to change or adapt.

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