How to Tell if Your Married Boss Likes You Romantically (20 Obvious Signs!)

How to Tell if Your Married Boss Likes You Romantically

The boss/employee relationship can often be a close one and sometimes romantic feelings develop over time.

Workplace or office romances are never easy, and it’s further complicated if one or both of you are married!

If you have a feeling that your married boss likes you, you should look for signs that confirm your suspicions.

To help you out here is how to tell if your married boss likes you romantically and 20 signs that confirm it!

How to Tell if Your Married Boss Likes You Romantically – 20 Signs to Look For!

1. They Look Happy to See You Each Day!

Your boss might be the kind of person who gives everyone a warm greeting when they arrive in the morning.

But I’m sure you’ll be able to tell if they’re giving you an even warmer greeting, or maybe it’s just you that they look happy to see each day.

Either way, it’s a great sign, and when

combined with other signs that your married boss likes you romantically it’s starting to look like they do!

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2. They Show an Interest in You as A Person

Some bosses are very personable and will get to know everyone on a deeper level than just as employees.

It doesn’t always mean they like you in a romantic way, but it is often a sign that your boss does like you.

It’s up to you to read between the lines and decide if your boss is showing an interest in you because they like you or not.

But it’s certainly something a boss will do if they do like you as they’ll want to know everything about you.

3. It’s Obvious They’re Giving You Special Treatment Over Others

It might not be one thing in particular that gives you the feeling that your boss likes you, but I’m sure you feel it.

You might get preferential treatment in terms of work assignments, or maybe they give you more responsibility than others.

It’s not always a bad thing to be given special treatment at work, but if you feel like it’s because your boss likes you then it could create an awkward situation.

4. They’re Playful with You

This is another sign that could easily be misconstrued, but if your boss is playful with you then it’s a good sign they like you.

They might make jokes, or maybe they tease you in a good-natured way.

It’s their way of showing you they like you and want to build a rapport with you while making you laugh and hopefully impress you.

5. They Are Being Flirty

This is obviously crossing the line as to how a boss should be acting towards their subordinates, but it happens.

And it’s a huge sign that your boss likes you if they are being flirty with you!

They might make comments about your appearance, or try and engage you in conversations that are a little too personal.

It’s up to you how you respond, but if you feel like your boss is being flirty with you then it’s a sign they definitely like you – married or not.

6. They Apologize a Lot Around You

Your boss might be the kind of person who apologizes a lot in general, but if they’re doing it more around you then it’s a sign they like you.

They might be apologizing for things that are out of their control, or maybe things they’re saying or how they’re acting around you.

It’s a behavior typical of someone who feels self-conscious around someone because they like them a lot and don’t want to offend them at all.

7. They’ve Started to Confide in You About Their Marriage Problems

This is a big red flag that your married boss likes you and can cause some seriously awkward situations.

If they start confiding in you about their marriage problems, it’s a way of trying to form an emotional bond with you.

They will also hope that you feel sorry for them and their situation while lessening the guilt of how they feel about you and vice versa.

8. They Compare You to Their Spouse

This is another way a married person will make it clear how much they think of you.

If your boss is comparing you to their spouse and pointing out how you’re better than they are, it’s clear they are putting you on a pedestal.

It can be flattering, but it’s not always the most appropriate thing for a boss to do.

And it’s a sign they definitely have a romantic interest in you.

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9. They Take Any Excuse to Have a 1-On-1 Meeting with You

If your boss likes you they’re going to try and get 1-on-1 time alone with you at any opportunity.

They might call impromptu meetings, or maybe they ask you to do things that can be done in person rather than over email.

It’s their way of getting closer to you and spending time with you.

10. They Leave You Little Notes and Other Surprises

This is another inappropriate behavior, but it’s something your boss can mask as just being nice.

If they start leaving you notes or other little surprises, it’s a way of trying to get your attention and make you think of them.

The notes might be work-related and innocent in nature, but it’s still something you should take notice of.

11. Your Coworkers Have Noticed They Like You

A lot of the time we can’t see what’s happening within our bubble as clearly as our coworkers can on the outside.

If your coworkers have started to say things or give you looks that suggest they think your boss likes you, then it’s probably true.

They will have noticed all the signs and behaviors that you might not have been able to see because you’re too close to the situation.

It’s possible they’ve even seen it play out before if your boss is a bit of a player!

12. They’ve Taken an Interest in Things You’re Into

This is a classic sign someone likes you and something that you should always pay attention to.

If your boss is suddenly talking about your favorite movies or has taken up yoga because you do it, they want to have things to talk to you about.

It’s their way of trying to connect with you on a deeper level and get to know you better.

13. They Ask Questions About Your Relationship

This is another personal line that your boss shouldn’t cross and is a sign that they might be interested in you romantically.

They might be asking personal questions about your relationship status or if you’re seeing anyone.

It’s their way of trying to figure out if you’re available or not.

14. They’ve Invited You to Meet up Outside of Work

If your boss has started asking you to meet up with them outside of work, it’s a sign they want to get a lot closer to you.

Maybe they’re being pretty obvious that they’re asking you ‘out’, or maybe they’re pretending that it’s a necessary work-related thing.

Either way, it’s not something a boss should be doing and shows that they like you and are starting to be bold about it.

15. They Text You at Odd Times Outside of Work

Another sign that your boss is interested in you romantically is if they start texting you at odd times outside of work.

They might text you on the weekend to see how your day is going or maybe they’ll text you late at night.

It’s their way of trying to keep the communication channels open and keep you thinking of them even when you’re not at work.

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16. You Catch Them Looking at You and Smiling

This is another classic sign that someone likes you and finds you attractive.

If you catch your boss looking at you and smiling, it means they can’t help but admire you.

It’s a sign that they’re attracted to you and also shows you that they’re willing to make it obvious.

17. They Use Words Like ‘Special’ and ‘Sweet’ to Describe You

Sometimes the detail is in the words your boss uses around you and not their actions.

If they start describing you as ‘special’ or ‘sweet’, it means they have started to develop feelings for you.

This certainly isn’t how a boss should be referring to an employee or someone they work with and says a lot if they’re not acting like they like you.

18. They’re Always Trying to Make You Laugh

There is a saying that laughter is a direct route to the heart, and there is certainly some truth to this.

If your boss is always trying to make you laugh or smile when you do, it means they enjoy your company and want to make you happy.

It’s a way of taking things a step further than a normal working relationship and trying to impress you.

19. They Joke that Their Partner Thinks You Two Are Having an Affair

This is a sign that your boss likes you romantically, but it’s also a bit of a warning sign.

If they are joking or saying that their partner has accused them of having an affair with you – true or not – this is a way of testing your reaction.

It’s their way of trying to figure out how you would react if they did make a move on you or if they told you that they liked you, so be careful about how you reply.

20. You Have a Strong Gut Feeling About It

Sometimes the most reliable way of knowing if your boss likes you romantically is to trust your gut.

If you have a strong feeling that they do, then there is a good chance that you’re right.

Of course, this isn’t always the case but if everything else points to it then it’s worth considering.

There is tension or energy in the air when someone is attracted to someone else, and a lot of the time we can pick up on it.

Ultimately, if your boss is married they might be trying hard to hide or even suppress their feelings for you, but there will always be signs.

Keep your eyes and ears open and pay attention to how they’re acting around you and I’m sure you’ll be able to get a very good idea of what their intentions are!

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