How to Tell if a Guy Is Single Without Asking (15 Ways to Find Out!)

How to Tell if a Guy Is Single Without Asking

Want to know how to tell if a guy is single without asking him?

Here are 15 ways you can find out if someone is single and available without having to ask them:

15 Ways How to Tell if a Guy Is Single Without Asking

1. Check out Their Social Media

This is the way most of us check if someone is in a relationship these days, by looking at their social media profiles!

If you can see that he doesn’t say that he is in a relationship and there are no recent pictures of him close to a girl, then it’s likely that he is single.

Be aware that he might be keeping things on the d-low, but it’s certainly one of the best ways to figure out if someone is single or not.

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2. Ask His Friends if He’s Single

This is the next best option which is also a very direct and reliable way to find out if a guy is single or not.

You can do this by casually asking his friends about his relationship status or if he is seeing anyone.

If you’re not close to his friends, then you can try to get close to them or ask someone who is already close to them.

3. Ask What They Get up To in The Evenings

If you’re talking to someone and they tell you that they spend their evenings and weekends alone, then it’s likely that they don’t have partner.

If they are in a relationship they’ll almost certainly mention that they hang out with their other half, it’s a pretty good way of finding out.

4. Ask Him if He’s Ever Used a Dating App

This is a little bit more of a sneaky way to ask if someone is single, but it can be very effective.

If they say they’ve never used a dating app, then it’s likely that they’re in a relationship.

It might be a way to prompt them to say if they’re actually in a relationship or not, too!

5. Pay Attention if They Check People Out

I’m not suggesting that if a guy is single he’ll be checking out everyone and anyone, but he might have a different demeanor from someone who is taken.

Keep an eye on him to see if he’s checking other girls, that’ll let you know if he has a roving eye at the very least.

6. Do They Hang out With Single Friends?

Single people tend to hang out with other single people, and couples tend to hang out with other couples.

If you’re wondering if someone is single, then it’s worth noting the groups of friends they spend most of their time with as a small clue.

7. Are They a Bit Flirty with You or Someone Else?

If you think someone is flirting with you or you see them flirting with someone else then they might not be in a relationship.

Of course, not all guys behave and some people do flirt even when they’re in a relationship, but it’s still one of the best clues you can look out for.

8. Is His Body Language Open?

I love reading body language and I’ve found it to be one of the best ways of ‘reading between the lines’ when it comes to figuring out more about someone.

If a guy has open body language around girls and others in general, it’s a small sign that they might be available.

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9. Ask Him What He Looks for In a Girlfriend

This is another good way of asking someone if they’re single without actually asking them.

If they say they don’t have a specific type or they’re open to dating anyone, then it’s likely they’re single.

On the other hand, if they’re in a relationship they’re likely (or should) describe their partner!

They might even simply say, “my girlfriend is exactly what I’m looking for!”

10. Flirt a Little with Him and Look for His Reaction

Again, this is potentially going to get you (or him) in a spot of bother, but flirting with a guy is a good way of finding out if he’s single.

If he flirts back, then it’s likely that he’s single and interested.

Of course, this one could go very wrong so you need to be careful!

11. Is He Texting a Lot?

This is another tough one to rely on in this day and age, but it’s worth mentioning.

If you see a guy texting a lot, and if you can get an even closer peek and spot that it’s texting he’s doing, it’s likely his girlfriend.

If it’s not his girlfriend, it might be that he’s texting over girls – but of course, it could just be his friends or something else.

12. Ask About Fun Things to Do for Single People

This is another conversation topic or ice breaker that is very likely to get a guy to reveal if he’s single or not.

If you’re talking to someone and they say they don’t know of any fun things to do for single people, then it’s likely that they aren’t single.

He might even say something like, “I have no idea, I haven’t been single for a while!”

13. Find out More About His Hobbies

If someone is in a relationship they’re likely to have less time for hobbies than if they’re single.

Plus, the hobbies singles guys have are often very different from the hobbies guys in relationships have.

See what he says about his hobbies and I’m sure you’ll start to build a picture of what he does in his time and who with.

14. Look for A Ring on His Finger

This is an obvious one, and it only tells you if a guy is married or not but it’s still something to check off your list.

If you see a ring on his marriage finger then he’s taken!

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15. Trust Your Gut!

I hope I’m not setting you up to fail here, but I’m a bit of a believer that your gut instinct is usually right.

When it comes to finding out if someone is single without actually asking them, you might just have to go with your gut instinct and see what happens.

Sure, take into account all the other things I’ve covered on this list, but if you can’t get close to a guy and really want to ask him out, it’s worth risking it!

It’s always going to be better if you make a move and get knocked back because he’s taken than not doing anything at all and always wondering what could have been!

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