20 Signs Your Boss Is Leaving Explained!

Signs Your Boss Is Leaving

Whether they’re leaving on good terms or being pushed out if you feel like your boss is going to leave your company there will be signs to look out for.

Here are 20 of the most common signs your boss is leaving you should look out for:

20 Signs Your Boss Is Leaving

1. They’ve Had Meetings with The HR Department

If you’ve spotted your boss having meetings with the HR department, it’s rarely going to be good news.

It could mean a number of things, but if you already think they’re leaving and are looking for more evidence to substantiate this, this is a red flag.

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2. Their Responsibilities Have Been Reduced

If your boss suddenly (or gradually) has less to do and their responsibilities have been reduced, it’s a sign that they’re being eased out of their position.

There could be a number of reasons why this is happening, but the end result is the same – your boss is on their way out.

3. They Haven’t Been Meeting Targets

If your boss or the team has been underperforming for a while the writing might be on the wall.

It’s possible they have a contractual agreement to meet certain targets, and if they’re not being met it could be a sign that they will be asked to leave.

4. Rumors Have Been Gaining Momentum

Office rumors can be pretty ugly and unreliable at times, but they can also have some truth to them.

If you’ve been hearing rumors that your boss is leaving, it’s worth paying attention to.

5. They Never Look Happy Anymore

If your boss used to be pretty happy and upbeat but now they look like they’re constantly on the verge of tears, it’s clearly not a good sign.

It sounds like they might leave at some point, or at least they should for the good of their mental health.

6. They Have Been Absent a Lot

We shouldn’t always jump to the conclusion that unexplained absences mean your boss is going to leave, but if they’ve been happening more frequently it could be a sign that they’re planning their exit.

It’s certainly a sign that something is up.

7. They’re Always Complaining About Their Job

This is always a classic sign that someone wants to leave – but often finds it too difficult to actually do something about it.

If your boss has been complaining about their job a lot recently, it’s a sign they’re not happy and might want to leave.

8. They’re Not Committing to Any Long-Term Plans

If your boss suddenly starts shying away from committing to any long-term plans, it’s a sign they might not be planning on sticking around for much longer.

They could be waiting to see how things play out, or they might already have one foot out the door!

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9. You’ve Caught Them Looking at Job Boards

I think we’ve all either caught someone else looking at job boards or been caught ourselves at some point!

If you glanced at your boss’s phone or computer and saw they were looking at job boards, it’s a pretty big sign they’re considering leaving.

10. They Clearly Don’t Care as Much as They Used To

This is a tricky one, as sometimes bosses do just get burnt out and it’s not always a sign they’re leaving.

But if you can clearly see they’ve lost their love for their role it’s an indication that they’d take a new job in a heartbeat.

11. Their Behavior Has Changed a Lot

If your boss’s behavior has changed a lot recently – for better or worse – it could be a sign they’re thinking about leaving.

When someone’s behavior changes it’s usually a reflection of their circumstances changing.

12. They’re Making Sure You’d Cope in Their Absence

A responsible boss will want to make sure everyone is happy and well-equipped if they were to leave.

If your boss seems to be doing that even though they’ve not said they’re leaving, it sounds like they’re preparing for their departure.

13. They’ve Been Training Someone Below Them

Similar to making sure their team will be OK if they leave, another red flag is when your boss is training someone to take their role if they leave.

This is a pretty clear sign they’re getting ready to move on.

14. They’ve Been Distant from Their Team

Some bosses will find it easier to be distant from their team if they know they’re leaving soon.

It makes it easier to detach themselves emotionally and not get too attached to anyone when the time comes.

15. They Aren’t as Interested in Impressing Their Own Boss

This applies more so to a boss who used to try hard to impress their own boss.

If you’ve noticed they suddenly don’t seem to care about this as much, it sounds like they’re checking out.

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16. They’ve Lost Faith in The Company

It can be disheartening if you hear your boss talk badly about the company you both work for and it is always a red flag that something isn’t right.

It sounds like they’re ready to jump a sinking ship or something has soured their view of the organization.

17. They Seem Excited About Their Future

While some bosses will be all doom and gloom about their future if they’re leaving, some will obviously be excited about the new challenges that lie ahead.

If your boss is talking about their future a lot and seems really positive but it doesn’t involve your current place of employment, it’s likely they’ve got something lined up.

18. They’ve Taken Personal Items Home

If your boss has started removing personal items like pictures of their family and other knick-knacks from their desk, it’s a sign they’re leaving.

It’s a way of gradually distancing themselves from the company and their role and making sure they’ll have a quick exit on their final day.

19. They Are Evasive About Their Future

If you’ve asked your boss directly about their future with the company and they’re evasive or don’t have answers it’s telling.

It shows they’re not planning on sticking around and don’t want to make any promises they might not be able to keep.

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20. You Have a Strong Gut Feeling They’re Leaving

Sometimes the best indicator that something is going on is just a strong gut feeling.

If you have a sneaking suspicion your boss is leaving, there’s probably a good chance they are.

If you pay attention to the signs on this list and trust your instincts, you’ll usually be right!

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