15 Signs Your Boss Is Getting Fired (& What You Should Do)

Signs Your Boss Is Getting Fired

Are you starting to think the writing is on the wall for your boss?

Or maybe you just think (know) they’re bad at their job and you’re looking for signs that they’re in trouble.

Whatever the reason, if your boss is being pushed out, managed out, or going to be outright fired there will be signs appearing.

Here are 15 signs your boss is getting fired and is probably aware of it:

15 Signs Your Boss Is Getting Fired

1. They’ve Been Pulled Into Meetings with Their Bosses or HR

If your boss is suddenly having meetings with their own superiors or Human Resources, it could be a sign that they’re being evaluated or are in trouble.

Keep an eye out for any changes in their schedule and who they’re meeting with if you want to explore this a little more.

But also be aware that it could just be a routine meeting or performance review.

If you’re spotting other signs, however, it’s more likely they’re in a spot of trouble.

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2. You’ve Noticed Their Responsibilities Being Reduced

Is your boss suddenly not involved in important meetings or decisions they used to attend?

Do they seem more hands-off and delegating tasks to others instead of taking the lead themselves?

This could be a sign that they’re being pushed out or their job is in jeopardy.

Pay attention to any changes in their daily responsibilities and how they interact with the rest of the team.

3. You Can Tell by Their Attitude They’re in Trouble

Are they suddenly stressed and anxious?

Do they seem worried or constantly on edge?

These could be signs that they’re aware of their job being in trouble and it’s starting to affect their attitude at work.

Keep an eye out for any changes in behavior or mood that could indicate they’re aware they’re in some kind of trouble.

It could be that they’re dealing with some personal issues. If you’re close enough to them why not ask how they’re doing and see what they say.

4. They Are Always Complaining About How Bad Things Are

This is a pretty clear sign that things are starting to fall apart and get to them.

If your boss is always complaining about how bad things are at work or with their job, it could be a sign they’re aware they might lose it.

Pay attention to whether they’re just venting or if they seem genuinely worried about their job security.

5. They’re Failing to Meet Targets by A Long Way

If your boss is consistently failing to meet targets or deadlines by a long way, it’s a sign they might be in trouble and potentially on the chopping block.

Keep an eye out for any patterns or trends in their performance and whether they seem to be struggling more than usual to meet expectations.

At the end of the day, meeting and even exceeding performance targets is a crucial part of a manager or boss’ role.

If they’re consistently failing to hit targets you can be pretty sure the writing is on the wall.

6. You Never See Them Smiling Anymore or They Seem Depressed

Is your boss suddenly not their usual cheerful self? Are they constantly frowning or lacking energy at work?

This is a sad thing to see and no matter how you feel about your boss, I’m sure you don’t want to see anyone suffering.

But it could also be a sign that they’re aware their job is in trouble and it’s affecting their mood.

7. You’ve Spotted Them Looking for Other Jobs

If you notice your boss is suddenly updating their resume or applying for new jobs, it could be a sign they’re feeling insecure about their current role and looking to make a move.

It’s possible they’re just being proactive and looking for a new challenge or are unhappy with their current position but not in the firing line.

However, if you’re spotting other signs that your boss’s job is on the line and it’s rumored they’re going to be fired, that’s the likely reason.

8. They’ve Been Taking a Lot of Unexplained Time Off

Is your boss suddenly taking a lot of sick days or taking extended time off without explanation?

It could be for personal reasons, but it could also be that they’re trying to avoid facing their job troubles at work.

Obviously, running or trying to avoid facing up to their problems isn’t going to help, but it’s hard when you’re on a downward spiral.

9. Upper Management Has Been Asking About Your Boss’ Performance

If upper management is asking about your boss’ performance or their whereabouts, it’s a clear sign they are looking into their performance.

That’s never a good sign for your boss.

When a boss’ superiors are starting to hit the ground and dig up dirt you know something big is going down.

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10. Rumors Have Been Gaining Momentum that They’re Going to Be Fired

Rumors can often be just that, rumors. But if you’re starting to hear a lot of talk about your boss potentially getting fired it’s something to pay attention to.

Keep an ear out for any gossip or chatter about your boss’ job security and whether they might be facing the axe.

It’s not always reliable, but if the rumor mill is churning it could be a sign that something big is happening.

I’m sure you’ll start noticing other signs if they’re there once you start paying attention.

11. You Can See They’re Being Left out Of Important Communications

Communication is essential within the workplace, especially at higher management levels.

If you start noticing your boss is constantly being left out of important emails or meetings, it’s a sign they’re losing their influence and potentially in danger of getting fired.

When communication starts to dwindle it’s typically only a matter of time before someone is forced out or decides to leave on their own accord.

12. They’ve Confided in You that They Think They’ll Be Fired

This is more than a sign, it’s a pretty obvious indication that your boss is going to be fired or at least think they are.

If they’ve confided in you about their fears or concerns, it’s important to be a good friend and support them in any way you can.

But it’s also important to keep an eye on the situation and be prepared for any potential changes in management!

If you like your boss I’m sure you don’t want to see them get fired, but keep in mind that it’s not your business to get too involved.

13. the Company Has Announced that They Need to Make Cutbacks

When a company announces that they need to make cutbacks, it’s often the higher management positions that face the chopping block first.

If your boss is looking a little nervous, it’s possible they know something or just assume they’re going to be in the firing line.

Cutbacks could certainly mean trouble for your boss’s job security, and yours.

Try to stay informed and don’t be afraid to update your resume too just in case!

14. You’ve Seen This Pattern Before with A Previous Boss

You may have seen a previous boss’s job security start to dwindle and lead to them being fired and are starting to see all the same steps happen again with your current boss.

If you’ve been through this before but your boss hasn’t, you’ll have a better idea of what’s going to happen than they do.

It’s an awkward situation to be in, but you’ll be spotting signs that your boss is getting fired just as your last boss was.

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15. You Just Have a Gut Feeling that It’s Going to Happen

Sometimes, you just have a gut feeling about something. And if that gut feeling is telling you that your boss is going to be fired, it’s worth paying attention to.

Trust your instincts and try to gather more information, but keep in mind that your gut may not always be accurate.

It’s important to stay informed, but don’t let speculation and gossip affect your work or relationship with your boss.

Just be prepared for any potential changes in management that may come your way.

And remember, everything happens for a reason!

Change can be good if you take a positive spin on it – stay positive and keep your head up. Good luck!

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