How To Handle Coworkers Who Don’t Say Good Morning!

Coworkers Who Don’t Say Good Morning

I think most of us have worked with coworkers who don’t say good morning or respond when they’re greeted, right?

As rude as it may seem, some people just aren’t morning people or don’t want to say good morning.

However, before you judge them or say something you’ll regret here’s a look at why some coworkers don’t say good morning and how to handle it:

Why Do Some Coworkers Not Say Good Morning?

You never know what’s going on with someone unless you ask them, so it’s not fair to just assume someone is rude if they don’t greet you good morning.

For example, some of the reasons why your coworker might not say good morning are:

They’re Shy

This is a very real possibility, I know it always took me a while to feel comfortable saying ‘good morning!’ across the office, especially if it was a quiet office.

Some people are just naturally shy and find it difficult to say morning, it doesn’t mean they’re rude, so give them the benefit of the doubt.

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It’s Just Not Something They Do

As weird as it sounds, some people just don’t like greeting people good morning.

I know this for a fact as I’ve met a few people over the years who made it clear they don’t like greeting people morning and/or good night.

It gets repetitive at times, I get it, and there is always the chance they forget someone – so it’s easier not to greet everyone.

Again, this doesn’t mean they’re rude or don’t like you, and I find it perfectly acceptable if I’m honest.

They Don’t Realize People Think It’s a Problem

This is probably the most common reason people don’t say good morning to their coworkers.

They’re not trying to be rude, they just don’t realize that people take offense to it or see it as a big deal.

If this is the case, the best way to handle it is to talk to your coworker about it.

You can say something like, “I noticed you don’t usually say good morning or reply when someone greets you, is everything okay?”

This way there are no communication issues or crossed wires, and they might tell you why they don’t say it or start doing so going forward.

They Don’t Like You

Okay, so this one is a little more serious, but it’s still a possibility.

Is it just you who your coworker doesn’t say ‘morning’ or ‘hi’ to when they come in?

Do they greet everyone else in the office?

If it’s just you, then it indicates they could have a problem with you. If you want to find out why you’re going to have to speak with them about it.

On the other hand, if they don’t greet anyone in the office good morning, then it’s probably not personal and is one of the other reasons listed here.

Ok, It’s Possible They’re Rude

I know I said you shouldn’t just assume someone is rude if they don’t say good morning, but it’s still a possibility.

If you’ve ruled out all the other reasons and they still don’t greet you or anyone else in the office, then it’s likely they’re just rude.

In this case, it’s best you just leave them alone and not press the issue.

When someone is rude it generally means they have some deep-rooted issues and it’s certainly not your job to get to the bottom of what those are and try to help them.

Is It Rude Not to Say Good Morning at Work?

Considering all the possible reasons why someone wouldn’t greet their coworkers good morning, is it considered rude?

The answer to this really is yes.

Even if you’re not comfortable saying morning, you really should try to respond or try your best to say something if a coworker is wishing you a good morning.

There are loads of things that can be annoying at work, especially when it comes to interacting with coworkers, but it’s basic etiquette and good manners to greet your coworkers a good morning.

Why Is Saying Good Morning So Important?

The reason why this becomes such a big issue in some workplaces is that a lot of people want to feel like they work in a friendly and positive environment.

When someone doesn’t say good morning it can come across as being unfriendly and aloof, which in turn can make people feel uncomfortable.

We’ve all been in a situation where we’re trying to be friendly and someone completely ignores us, it doesn’t feel great, does it?

There are some complex dynamics within the workplace, and something as little as thinking someone is rude can easily escalate into a larger issue.

My advice; whatever your stance on saying good morning to coworkers is, I think you should always just say it when you see someone in the morning.

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How to Handle Coworkers Who Don’t Say Good Morning

If you have a particular coworker who doesn’t greet anyone in the morning or reply when others greet them, first of all, you shouldn’t let it bother you.

This might be easier said than done, but getting wrapped up in someone else’s behavior is only going to make you more stressed and upset.

At the end of the day, if it doesn’t affect your work, you shouldn’t give it too much time or energy.

I appreciate it can bring a bit of a downer on the mood of the office, I’ve been in this situation myself.

But you’ll be happier if you just focus on yourself, your work, and interacting with your coworkers who are happy to engage with you and return positive vibes!

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