How to Make Your Neighbor Fall in Love With You: 10 Steps!

How to Make Your Neighbor Fall in Love With You

Do you have the hots for your neighbor and want to know how to make your neighbor fall in love with you?

I can help, but it’s not going to involve magic or love potions.

You’re going to have to get to know them, show them how awesome you are, and win their heart over!

I can help you with that though, and if you do everything right there is a good chance you’ll win your neighbor over – or at the very least make an awesome friend.

How to Make Your Neighbor Fall in Love With You – 10 Tips

1. Maintain Good Eye Contact When You’re Talking to Them

This is a basic, science-backed thing you should do if you’re trying to win someone over.

There are a number of positive reasons for making good eye contact when you’re talking to someone, like:

  • It makes you appear more trustworthy.
  • It makes you seem more likable and friendly.
  • People are more likely to remember what you said if you make eye contact.
  • It makes the conversation feel more intimate and forms a stronger connection.

There is certainly a line between making good eye contact and being a bit creepy, so be careful not to overdo it!

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2. Be Genuinely Interested in Them as A Person

This one should go without saying. If you like someone in a romantic way, you should be genuinely interested in finding out more about them.

Learn what their favorite things are, what they’re passionate about, their background, and try to engage them in conversations about those topics.

You never want to be one of those people who only talks about themselves – be interested in them and they’ll definitely take notice.

Plus, it’s just really rude to not be interested in the person you’re talking to!

3. Surprise Them with Unique Gifts

Everyone loves gifts, there are literally no downsides to giving someone a thoughtful gift here and there.

You could do the classic cookies or baked goods, give them something for their house, or if you know them really well give them something that matches up with their interests.

Don’t overdo the gifts, you don’t want to come across like you’re lovebombing your neighbor as this will scare them away!

4. Offer to Help out And Let Them Know You’re Always Available

We all need a little help out around the home now and again, and it’s a good neighborly thing to do to help out where possible.

You could offer to help with yard work, fixing something around the house, or even just walking their dog for them when they’re busy.

It’s a great way to get to know them better and doing jobs for someone will make them want and need you in their lives.

5. Do Things to Make Them Feel Special and Valued

If you like someone, making them feel special and valued is another of the classic ways to make them fall in love with you.

You could write them a heartfelt letter, give them compliments, or even just do something nice for them out of the blue.

As long as you’re making them feel like you love having them as a neighbor, a friend, and someone you love seeing – it’s going to make them feel special.

6. Smile a Lot and Greet Them

Who doesn’t like being greeted with a wide smile and someone saying their name when they bump into them?

It’s one of the most tried and tested ways to win someone over, and it takes almost no effort at all.

Whenever you see your neighbor, be sure to give them a big smile and say hello – they’ll definitely take notice and it’ll make a good impression.

7. Be the Most Awesome Neighbor in The World

There is more to winning over your neighbor’s love than just doing all the right things when you see them.

You also want to be the best possible neighbor and make sure they enjoy living next to you.

This means being courteous about noise late at night, not parking in front of their drive, and generally just being the neighbor that everyone wants to have.

8. Flirt with Them and Make It Obvious You Like Them

There is going to come a point where you have to flirt with them and make it obvious that you like your neighbor, or you might lose out to someone else.

You could invite them over for dinner, cook for them, buy them a drink, or do anything else that’s flirty and romantic.

The key with flirting is to be attentive to how they’re reacting and do things that are appropriate to the situation.

No one said flirting is easy, and everyone gets a bit anxious about putting themselves out there – but if you want your neighbor to fall in love with you it’s necessary!

9. Compliment Them Often

Giving compliments is a great way to make someone feel good about themselves and it’ll usually result in them wanting to do more things to please you.

When you’re talking to your neighbor make sure you give them plenty of compliments on everything from what they’re wearing to the way they speak.

You could look at it his way; you’re not going to make them fall in love with you without dropping some awesome compliments – so get to it!

10. Ask Them Out Or Invite Them Round to Yours!

You’re also going to have to ask your neighbor out at some point to get to know them better in a romantic setting.

Or, seeing as you’re living next door to them you could invite them over to yours for a drink.

It’s up to you how you want to do it, but asking them out is definitely one of the key steps to making your neighbor fall in love with you.

Just make sure you do something special and blow them away, if they mean this much to you you’re going to need to pull out all the stops!

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The Downside of Wanting Your Neighbor to Fall in Love with You

I don’t want to put a damper on your efforts to make your neighbor fall in love with you and I certainly hope it all works out perfectly.

But it’s worth keeping in mind that if things don’t work out between the two of you, being neighbors brings an extra dynamic to the situation.

You might make the situation of seeing each other uncomfortable if things don’t work out, or even have to move if things get too awkward.

You definitely don’t want to make your life more difficult than it needs to be.

It could also be painful when your neighbor settles down with someone else, which is almost certainly going to happen at some point if the two of you don’t hit it off.

A couple of things to keep in mind – but I’m sure the pull of the attraction for your neighbor is much stronger than any potential downsides!

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