Boyfriend Being Mean in Dreams? (Meaning and Symbolism Explained)

Boyfriend Being Mean in Dreams

Have you ever had a dream – or recurring dreams – of your boyfriend being mean to you?

You’re not alone, far from it.

This is more common than you’d believe, along with various other dreams involving partners that may have some symbolic reasoning.

Here is what it means if your boyfriend is being mean in your dreams and what you can do about it:

Boyfriend Being Mean in Dreams – What Does It Mean?

When you dream about your boyfriend being mean to you, it can symbolize a few different things.

It could be that you are feeling neglected or unimportant in your relationship.

Is your boyfriend mean to you? Do you feel like he’s not attentive to your needs?

For some people, dreams often magnify what they’re seeing or feeling in real life.

Alternatively, this dream could be revealing some insecurities or trust issues that you have with your partner.

Maybe he’s perfectly nice to you but you have your own insecurities and doubts and it’s a sign that you’re looking for ways to sabotage your relationship.

Do you feel like you are always the one who is trying to please him or make things work?

It could also be that you are worried about something happening in your relationship and this is manifesting itself through your dreams.

There are more negative connotations than there are positive ones, so it’s important to not let these dreams get you down or affect your relationship.

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What Does Having a Dream About Your Boyfriend Mean?

Dreaming about your boyfriend, in general, is not a bad thing. It really depends on what the dream is, however.

Most of the time, simply having dreams that feature your boyfriend is a good thing, it shows you’re connected with them.

It could be that you two are going through a good patch in your relationship and this is being reflected.

Or, it could also be that you’re thinking about him more than usual during the day which is causing him to show up more often in your dreams.

In any case, if you have positive dreams about your boyfriend, this is a good sign.

However, having dreams about him being mean, seeing him in trouble, or anything else negative could be a sign that things aren’t so good.

How Can I Stop Having Bad Dreams About My Boyfriend?

No one enjoys having dreams about their partners being mean to them, so an obvious question is how you can stop it from happening.

As with most dreams, the key is to try and figure out what they mean and what’s causing them.

If you can confront your subconscious, there is a good chance you can stop the dreams.

Do you have insecurities in your relationship? Are you worried about something that’s going on?

Try and talk to your partner about it, get things off of your chest.

It could also be that you’re feeling neglected or unimportant, in which case you should talk to your boyfriend about it.

Sometimes, just being able to talk openly and honestly with your partner is enough to make the dreams stop.

If that’s not possible or if they continue, then try and focus on positive things before you go to bed.

I recommend meditating if you don’t already. Try some guided meditations that have a positive theme as you fall to sleep and see if that helps.

Benefits of Guided Meditations

I’m a huge advocate of guided meditations, so I wanted to spend a little time talking about why it can be so beneficial.

Guided meditations are not just good for helping you have more positive dreams, some of the other positive benefits include:

  • Reducing stress and helping you unwind after a long day
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Lowering anxiety levels, not just in the short term but long term, too
  • Increasing focus and concentration and helping you think with more clarity and make better decisions
  • Improving overall wellbeing

If you’re not already doing so, I highly recommend giving it a try. It’s helped me immensely in my own life.

Some guided meditations also involve creating imagery or visualizing things, like placing you in a scene or walking you through some scenarios.

It’s the best type of meditation for helping you get better control over the things you see in your mind’s eye, both while you’re sleeping and awake.

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