When a Guy Scans Your Face (10 Things He’s Thinking)

When a Guy Scans Your Face

Want to know what it means when a guy scans your face?

If a guy has been blatantly – or discreetly – scanning your face, it is hard not to notice and feel it.

There are a number of things it may mean, but I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out if you look at his other body language cues.

Here are 10 things it may mean when a guy scans your face and what he thinks about you!

When a Guy Scans Your Face

1. He’s Checking You Out!

This is the most obvious explanation and the one that I think of a lot of you reading this will be happy – or flattered – to hear.

If a guy is checking you out, and scanning your face, in particular, it’s often going to mean he finds you attractive and wants to take a good look at you.

From gazing into your eyes to looking at your lips when you talk, this is a common body language cue guys will do subconsciously more often than not.

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2. He Finds You Attractive and Can’t Help It

This is another obvious reason for a guy staring, looking, admiring, scanning your face…however you want to describe it.

Guys enjoy looking at beautiful girls, it doesn’t mean he’s interested in you but it does mean that he finds you attractive.

So, if you catch a guy scanning your face and he quickly looks away or pretends he wasn’t looking, this is going to be one of the most likely reasons.

3. He Finds You Interesting to Look At

This is similar to the previous reason but with one key difference – he may not find you traditionally attractive or be attracted to you per se, but there’s something about your face that has drawn his attention.

This could be anything from your unique features to the way you carry yourself or even something as simple as the color of your eyes.

There’s no telling what it is unless you ask him, but it’s still a compliment!

4. He’s Lost in Your Eyes

We’ve all been there, I’m sure, getting lost in someone’s eyes. It’s possible that he’s not scanning your face as you think, and just gazing.

It’s easy to do and if a guy is looking into your eyes, it could simply be that he’s mesmerized by them.

This is usually accompanied by a smile and can be a sign of genuine interest or attraction.

Or sometimes, there is some kind of connection that may or may not be an attraction that draws us into someone else’s eyes.

5. He’s Admiring Your Makeup

Believe it or not, some guys are impressed or interested in makeup and will spend some time taking a look at how you’ve done yours.

If you’ve caught a guy scanning your face, and he’s looking particularly at your eyes or lips, it could be that he’s admiring your mascara, lipstick, or whatever else you’ve done.

This is more common than you might think and it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s interested in you romantically but is another huge compliment!

6. You Remind Him of Someone Else

This is another situation I think we’ve all experienced, I certainly know I have on a number of occasions.

Sometimes there’s just something about someone that reminds you of someone else.

It could be their smile, their eyes, or even just the way they carry themselves.

If a guy is scanning your face, it could be that he sees someone else in you and it’s just catching his attention.

7. He’s Trying to Start a Conversation with You

There is also a chance that this guy is trying to build up the courage to start a conversation with you.

Maybe he likes you and it’s going to say something that’s making him nervous, or it’s possible that he’s just trying to get your attention and is waiting for the right moment.

Whatever he wants to talk about, in the meantime he’s probably just checking you out.

8. He’s Deeply in Love with You

I don’t know how well you know the guy who has been scanning your face, but you can’t rule out that he’s already in love with you.

Maybe it’s your partner who’s doing it, someone you work with, or a friend, it’s worth looking for some other signs that he’s fallen for you!

9. He’s Actually Daydreaming and Not Focusing on You

It’s also possible that this guy isn’t actually scanning your face at all and is just daydreaming.

I know I’ve been guilty of this myself, staring off into space and not really seeing anything.

If you’re not sure whether or not he’s actually looking at you, it’s worth asking him what he’s thinking about and seeing if he snaps out of it!

10. He’s Socially Awkward or Nervous and Doesn’t Know Where to Look!

Let’s be honest, scanning or looking at someone’s face for a long time isn’t exactly a normal social interaction!

It could be that this guy is socially awkward or just plain nervous and doesn’t know where to look.

In this case, it’s probably not anything personal and he’s just trying to avoid making eye contact.

It should be obvious if he’s the kind of guy who finds it difficult to make normal eye contact if you want to explore this as the reason further.

Other Signs that He Finds You Attractive and Likes You

If you think a guy is scanning your face because he likes you – or you’re hoping he does – there will be other signs to look for.

Some of the classic signs that a guy likes a girl to look for include:

  • He might blush or look away when you catch him looking at you
  • He’ll try to find excuses to talk to you or be around you
  • He might become more animated and enthusiastic when he’s talking to you
  • He might fidget or play with his hair when he’s around you
  • Other people will start noticing and mentioning to you that he likes you
  • He might try to get your attention or impress you in some way

If you’re seeing some of these signs as well as the fact that he’s scanning your face, then it’s a pretty good bet that he likes you!

In addition to physical signs, you should also just be able to feel it!

Trust your gut, if a guy keeps looking at you and you get a feeling that he likes you, it’s probably because he does.

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What to Do Next if You Also Like Him!

If you think a guy is scanning your face because he likes you and you also like him, then you should do something to move this flirting forward!

You could:

  • Smile back at him and see if he smiles too
  • Strike up a conversation with him
  • Ask your friends if they think he likes you
  • Make a move and see how he responds!

Whatever you decide to do, just remember to have fun with it.

Image credits – Photo by Lauren Rader on Unsplash

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