15 Signs You Are Not Valued at Work!

Signs You Are Not Valued at Work

We all want to feel valued at work – and we should be made to feel valued.

If you feel that you’re not a valued member of the team or your work isn’t acknowledged individually, you’ll lose motivation.

On the flip side, studies have shown that when someone feels valued they’ll be happier, healthier, feel more fulfilled, and perform better!

If you think it’s a lack of recognition and not being valued that’s sapping your productivity, it’s time to take notice.

Here are 15 signs you are not valued at work and what you should do about it:

15 Signs You Are Not Valued at Work

1. Your Coworkers Are Getting Larger Raises than You Are

Raises are rarely equal unless everyone gets the same annual raise at your company.

Even then, obviously, there is room for direction, and individual raises will be handed out throughout the year.

If you’re finding that your coworkers are receiving larger raises than you, despite having similar experience and skill sets, it’s a sign that you’re not valued as much as them.

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2. You Haven’t Been Promoted in Years (Or At All)

This is a big one.

If you’re stuck in the same position, with the same title, for years on end – it’s a sign that your company doesn’t see you progressing any further.

In some cases, this may be due to a lack of opportunity.

However, if you feel like you’re being passed over for promotions and not given the chance to progress, it’s a sign that you’re not valued as an important member of the team.

3. You’re Not Given All the Resources You Need to Do Your Job Properly

This is a frustrating one.

We’ve all been there – you’re given a task to do, but you don’t have the resources necessary to do it properly.

It could be something as simple as not having the right software, or not being given the support and adequate time to complete a project.

Either way, it’s a sign that your company doesn’t see you as being worth the investment.

4. Your Boss or Coworkers Never Ask for Your Opinion

This is a sign that your opinion isn’t valued – which in turn means you’re not valued.

Your company may not place as much importance on your role as you’d like, or they may not see you as an expert in your field.

Either way, it’s important to voice your opinion and make sure you’re being heard.

If you’re not, it’s a sign that you’re not valued as much as you should be and for some reason, your coworkers don’t think you have anything of value to offer.

5. When You Do Provide Ideas You’re Shut Down or Ignored

Linked to the point above, if you do voice your opinion and it’s constantly ignored or shut down, it’s a sign that your company doesn’t value your opinion.

This could be for a number of reasons – they may not think you have anything to offer, or they might be trying to isolate you and make you feel left out.

Whatever the reason, if you’re constantly being ignored, it’s a sign that you’re not a valued member of the team.

6. Your Coworkers or Boss Takes the Credit for Your Work

If you’ve worked hard on a project and you know you’ve done something special only for your boss or a coworker takes the credit for it, this is a huge red flag.

It’s not only a sign that you’re not valued, but also that your boss or coworker doesn’t have any respect for you.

Make sure you keep track of the work you do and don’t be afraid to speak up if someone tries to take credit for it, this should shame them into changing their behavior (you’d hope).

7. Your Coworkers Don’t Respect You and Make Jokes About You

This is a horrible feeling and is a form of workplace bullying, but unfortunately, it happens all too often in workplaces.

If you feel like your coworkers are making fun of you or don’t respect you, it’s a sign that they don’t value you as a member of the team.

This is an environment you definitely don’t want to be in and you should speak to your boss or HR about the situation if it’s making you feel uncomfortable.

8. You Don’t Feel Motivated

If you just can’t seem to motivate yourself and you can’t put your finger on why it’s almost certainly going to be to do with your working environment.

If you’re spotting any of the signs from this list then your lack of motivation is coming from the fact that you’re not being made to feel like a valued member of the team.

This can have a serious impact on your work as well as your mental and physical health and is something you should address asap.

9. You’re Excluded from Important Communications or Meetings

If you feel like you’re always the last to know about things or you’re not included in important communications, it’s a sign that you’re not valued.

This could be because your company doesn’t think you have anything to contribute, or they might be trying to keep you in the dark about certain things.

Either way, it’s not a good sign and you should try to find out what’s going on as I’m sure it’s stopping you from performing at your best.

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10. You’re Being Micromanaged

If you feel like you’re being constantly watched and your every move is being monitored, it’s a sign that your boss doesn’t trust you.

Micromanaging is one of the most frustrating forms of management, and it’s a sure sign that you’re not valued.

Your boss may even be trying to push you out or make your working life unbearable, it’s certainly something to address.

11. Your Coworkers Nitpick Your Work Even Though They’re Not Superior to You

This is another frustrating one, and it can be hard to deal with if you’re not an assertive type of person.

If your coworkers are constantly nitpicking your work or trying to find fault, it’s a sign that they don’t respect you.

It might actually be because they’re threatened by you or they might just be trying to make you look bad, either way, it’s not something you should tolerate.

12. Your Boss Isn’t Happy with Your Performance But Doesn’t Help

If your boss isn’t happy with your performance and has made that clear either in conversation or by putting you on a performance review, that’s one thing.

To then not offer any help or provide constructive feedback is another sign that you’re not valued.

Your boss might think you’re not worth their time or they might be hoping you’ll just resign, you’re in a tough spot and I feel for you.

13. You Don’t Have the Autonomy to Work How You Need To

Having autonomy at work means having the freedom to work in the way that you think is best.

If you don’t have this, it’s a sign that your boss doesn’t trust you or they think your way of working is inferior.

It can be incredibly frustrating and will impact your performance, it’s something you should definitely address with your boss.

14. You’re Treated Differently from Your Coworkers

This could be in terms of the work you’re given, the way you’re spoken to, or any other number of things.

If you feel like you’re being treated differently to your coworkers, it’s probably a sign that you’re not valued.

It might be because your boss has a problem with you personally, or they might think you’re not good enough, whatever the reason it’s not ok.

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15. Your Coworkers Don’t Share Information with You

Another obvious sign that your input is not valued is when your coworkers deliberately don’t share information with you.

This could be because they think you’re not competent enough to deal with it, or they might just not like you!

It’s not how team members who value, respect, and like each other should behave, it’s quite the toxic office behavior.

What to Do When You Don’t Feel Valued at Work?

I’m sure all kinds of things are running through your mind, but there is really only one way to address the issue of not being valued at work.

You have to speak to your boss about how you feel.

The more evidence you can provide of the points I’ve raised above, the better.

Your boss might not even be aware of how they’re making you feel, and a discussion could lead to a change in the way you’re treated.

It’s important that you approach this conversation in a calm and professional manner.

You don’t want to come across as accusing or angry, that will just make the situation worse.

Explain how you feel and why, and ask for what you want, which is to be valued and respected at work.

Should You Quit if Your Coworkers and Boss Do Not Value You or Your Work?

This is a tough question and there is no right answer.

If you feel like you’re in an untenable situation, or like your mental health is suffering, then it might be time to move on.

However, if you feel like there’s a chance things could improve, or you just need to tough it out for a little longer, then you might decide to stay.

It comes down to how your meeting or chat goes with your boss and how things change – if at all – afterward.

I hope this article has helped you to realize that you’re not alone if you don’t feel valued at work.

It can be a really tough situation to be in, but there are things you can do about it.

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