15 Signs You Are Respected at Work!

Signs You Are Respected at Work

Being respected at work is great – and it has a number of positive benefits on your work and general wellbeing.

It’s also a sign that you have some leverage to seek a raise or go for a promotion.

If you’re not sure whether or not you’re respected, here are 15 signs you are respected at work, see how many apply to you!

15 Signs You Are Respected at Work

1. You’ve Been Receiving Good Raises

There is no stronger connection between how well respected you are at work than how much you’re being paid or compensated for your time and work!

If you’re being given regular, good raises – it’s a strong sign that your company values the work and contribution you make.

It shows they don’t want to lose you, want to motivate you, and see you as a highly valued, respected member of the team.

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2. You’ve Been Promoted Without Pushing for It

Leading on from the last point about salary, if you’ve been pushed for promotion – even if you were not proactive about it – this shows how valued you are.

If your company wants you in a management or leadership role it’s because they trust your abilities and know that you’ll do a great job.

This is amazing news for your career prospects!

3. You’re Given All the Resources You Need to Do Your Work

Do you have everything you need to do your job?

Are you given the budget, team, and resources to make things happen?

If so, it’s a strong sign you’re respected.

This is because your company trusts you to get the job done and they want to give you everything you need to succeed.

It’s a vote of confidence in your abilities and shows your company is willing to invest in you!

4. Your Boss and Coworkers Often Ask for Your Opinion

Another key sign you’re respected at work is if your boss or coworkers often ask for your opinion.

This could be on big decisions, or just everyday work matters.

Either way, it shows they value your opinion and see you as an expert in your field.

It’s a great feeling to know that your coworkers respect and value you enough to seek your opinion on work-related matters.

5. You’re Given Mentorship Status

A step up from helping coworkers out is being given a mentorship role.

This could be an official role within the company, or just informally being seen as a mentor by those around you.

Being a mentor shows you’re respected for your knowledge and experience.

It’s a role that comes with a lot of responsibility, but also a lot of satisfaction.

6. Your Work Accomplishments Are Acknowledged

We all want to have our work acknowledged to some extent as it helps build a profile of who we are and show our coworkers what we’re capable of.

If your work accomplishments are publicly acknowledged, whether it’s in team meetings, company-wide emails, or even just in passing conversation, it’s a strong sign of respect.

7. You’re Able to Work from Home

Working from home has risen in popularity in recent years, but at companies where it’s an option, it’s still something of a privilege.

Being able to work from home shows that your company trusts you to get the job done without being in the office.

It’s a sign of respect that can also have a lot of practical benefits!

8. You Feel Motivated

You might not spot individual signs that you’re respected, but if you’re feeling highly motivated and really enjoying every aspect of your job, I’m sure you’re respected.

The flip side of not being respected at work is not being motivated and feeling like nothing you do is valued – so this is a good way to gauge where you stand.

If you’re feeling good about your work and motivated to achieve great things, it’s a sign that you’re respected and valued by your company.

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9. You’re Kept in The Loop with Important Communications

Good communication is everything in the workplace.

If you’re kept in the loop with important communications, it means your company values your opinion and wants to keep you informed.

This could be big news such as changes to the company structure, or more day-to-day communications such as being copied in on emails.

Either way, it’s a sign you’re respected and considered an important part of the team.

10. You Have Full Autonomy to Work How You Want

Having the autonomy to work how you want is a huge deal, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

If you have full autonomy to work how you want, it’s a sign of the highest level of respect.

This means your company trusts you to get the job done in the way you see fit, and they’re not micro-managing your every move.

11. You Love Going Into Work and Greeting Everyone

This is one of the most important signs – if you love going into work and greeting everyone, it means you’re respected and have a good relationship with your coworkers.

It’s a sign that you feel comfortable and happy in your work environment, and that you have a good working relationship with those around you.

If you can say this, (and not many can) then I’m sure you’re respected at work!

12. Some of Your Coworkers Have Become Close Friends

This is another great sign of mutual respect if you’ve built strong relationships with your coworkers.

If some of your coworkers have become close friends, it means you trust and respect them, and they feel the same about you.

Having good personal and working relationships fosters a more productive working culture, it’s something to be proud of.

13. Your Boss Always Makes Time to Speak with You

I’m sure most of us have worked under managers or bosses who wouldn’t make time to discuss stuff in detail.

It makes doing your job more difficult and is also a sign of a lack of respect and wanting to hear your opinions.

If your boss always makes time to speak with you, it’s a sign that they respect and value your opinion.

It shows that they’re interested in what you have to say and want to hear your thoughts on various issues.

14. You Know You Could Take a Sabbatical Leave if You Need To

Taking a sabbatical leave is not something anyone in any profession can do and expect to return to their role afterward.

However, if you know that you could take a sabbatical leave if you need to, it’s a sign of respect.

It shows you that your company trusts you and your abilities and that they’re going to miss you and see you as irreplaceable.

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15. You’re Given Interesting and Challenging Tasks

Something we all want at work is to be given interesting, dare I say ‘fun’, and challenging tasks.

If you’re being handed down some of the more challenging and rewarding tasks to work on, this is a sign that you’re held in high regard.

If this is the case, then I’m sure you’re respected at work!

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