15 Signs of Fate to Be With Someone You Shouldn’t Ignore!

Signs of Fate to Be With Someone

Whether you believe in fate or not, sometimes things outside our control just bring us together with a special someone.

You can call it fate, luck, chance, or destiny.

It’s just meant to be.

It’s a wonderful thing when it happens, and being able to spot the signs that fate is playing a part can help you find that special someone!

Here are 15 signs of fate to be with someone that’ll help explain your attraction!

15 Signs of Fate to Be With Someone

1. You Met by Chance

There is an argument that we always meet people by chance, but if the circumstances that brought the two of you together seemed impossible or unlikely, it may have been fate.

For example, you may have bumped into each other on a crowded street, met through a mutual friend, or had a serendipitous encounter online.

Looking back, if it was unlikely that you two would have ever met without that chance event, it may have been fate!

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2. You Share Loads of The Same Interests

It’s always good when we meet someone special and have a lot of the same interests.

It can make for easy conversation, lots of laughs, and a fantastic foundation for a relationship.

But when you share an eerily high number of interests with someone, it can feel like fate brought you together.

3. You Feel Something You Haven’t Felt Before

When you meet someone and have an instant connection with them, it’s a beautiful thing that can be hard to explain.

You may feel like you’ve known them your whole life or that you were meant to meet them.

It’s an amazing feeling, and if you can’t explain it, it’s possible that the power of the universe and fate is playing a part!

4. Your Attraction Isn’t Just Physical

A physical attraction is important, but when there is a deeper connection, it’s a sign that you get along on an emotional and spiritual level.

If you feel like you are drawn to someone on a level that goes way beyond the physical, it could be a sign of fate!

5. You Help Each Other Be Your Best Selves

When you meet someone special, they should make you want to be a better person.

Not in a judgmental way, but in a supportive and loving way.

If you feel like this person brings out the best in you, it’s a sign that fate has brought you together to help each other grow and thrive.

6. You Have Similar Goals in Life

When we meet someone and they have a similar outlook on life, it can make for a great partnership.

If you share the same life goals as someone you’re romantically attracted to, this is something special and not something a lot of people experience.

It’s easy to see how you could think that fate has played a part if it feels like this person was sent to you in some way!

7. You’re Always Thinking of Them

If your thoughts are consumed with someone you just met, it’s definitely a sign that something special is happening.

If you can’t get them out of your head, this is usually a sign that fate has brought you two together and you have a deep intrinsic connection.

8. When You’re with Them You Feel Safe

The feeling of being ‘safe’ is also something special that not everyone experiences.

When you meet someone and you feel like you can be yourself without judgment, it’s a sign that they are meant to be in your life.

This is a feeling that is often associated with fate, as it’s not something we can control.

9. It Feels Like You’ve Known Each Other All Your Lives

If you’ve ever met someone and instantly had the feeling that you’ve known them your whole life, it’s a special feeling.

This happens due to a combination of things, like trust, an emotional connection, familiarity, having a similar outlook, and so on.

This can also be a sign that you have met a soulmate or someone you are fated to be with!

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10. Things Keep Reminding You of Them

If you keep seeing signs or things that remind you of the person you’re attracted to, it’s a pretty big sign from the universe.

These things are called ‘synchronicities,’ and they often happen when we are thinking about someone a lot.

If you keep seeing things that make you think of this person, it’s a sign that fate is trying to tell you something!

11. They’re Appearing in Your Dreams

The things we see, experience, and even feel in our dreams can have a deeper meaning.

Sometimes, the people who appear in our dreams are symbolic of something else.

But other times, they can be a sign from the universe that we are meant to meet this person, or be with them if you already know them.

If you keep dreaming about someone you’re attracted to, it could be a sign that fate is playing a part!

12. You’re Now Able to Let Go of The Past

If you’ve been holding on to something from the past but finally feel like you’re able to let go due to meeting someone new, it’s definitely a sign!

When we meet someone who is meant to be in our lives, they help us heal old wounds and move forward.

If you feel like this person has helped you let go of the past, it might be a sign that they were sent to you by fate.

13. You’re Willing to Take Risks for Them

When we are in love or attracted to someone, we often feel like we would do anything for them.

While this isn’t always a good thing, it can be if it’s something that you normally wouldn’t do and they feel the same.

It’s a strong sign that you’re meant to be together if you’re both willing to take risks for each other.

14. You Feel Like a Higher Power Is Involved

If you believe in higher powers or feel like there is some kind of higher power involved in your relationship, it’s definitely a sign!

If some of the things and feelings that have happened are so surprising that you think fate, destiny, or God is involved, maybe that’s the case.

It’s OK to admit that you feel like there’s something bigger at play here!

15. You Can Just Feel It

Sometimes we get a gut feeling about something, and when we do we shouldn’t ignore it.

If you have a strong feeling or intuition that you’re meant to be with this person, it’s probably true!

We can’t always explain these things, and that’s OK.

It might be that fate has played a part in the two of you meeting and it’s just meant to be that the two of you are in a relationship.

If this is the case, you should consider yourself very fortunate, not everyone gets the chance to experience this!

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Should You Trust Fate and Go with It?

Knowing or thinking that fate has played a part in your relationship is one thing, but what does this mean?

For one, it means that a higher power is at play and that you have a deeper connection with one another than most people experience.

But you still need to listen to your head and your heart.

Fate may have brought you together, but that doesn’t mean that it will work out perfectly.

You still need to put in the effort and work on things like any other relationship.

But if you truly believe that you’re meant to be with this person, then it’s worth giving it your all!

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