12 Signs He Is Leaving You for Another Woman (& What to Do)

Signs He Is Leaving You for Another Woman

Have you been noticing things that aren’t right in your relationship? Are you wondering what the signs he is leaving you for another woman typically look like?

If a man is planning on leaving, he will have mentally and emotionally checked out of the relationship.

Some men are good at hiding it – but most aren’t.

If he’s seeing another woman there are always signs, there has to be. It’s just a matter of knowing what to look for.

To help you better understand where you man’s head is at, here are some of the most common signs that a man is thinking about leaving a relationship for another woman:

12 Signs He Is Leaving You for Another Woman

He Doesn’t Want to Be Intimate

If your man has become less and less intimate over time, there is some obvious cause for concern.

It can mean a number of things, so this isn’t always a reason to assume he’s about to leave you on its own. But it’s certainly a factor in most breakups and shows a man has emotionally checked out of the relationship.

He’s Putting More Effort Into His Appearance

When a man starts working out, styling his hair, buying nice clothes, and generally taking more care of his appearance it’s a sign that he’s trying to impress someone.

If that someone isn’t you – who is it? You may be able to find clues by paying attention to when he’s dressing up, who he’s seeing, etc.

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He’s Spending More and More Time Away From the Home

If your man is planning on leaving you for another woman, he has to be spending enough time with his other woman to know her well enough to be sure he wants to turn his (and yours) life upside down.

Maybe he’s using the excuse that he’s working late, or that he’s seeing friends. Whatever it is, if he’s spending more time away from the home it’s one of the signs he’s planning on moving on.

He’s Hiding His Phone and Being Secretive

Planning on moving on with another woman and being secretive goes hand-in-hand. In the modern digital age, this almost always means communicating via mobile phone.

I’ve seen it all over the years working with women suspecting their husbands are cheating. “Burner” phones, which are spare phones they keep secret, fake names in their phonebook, secret texts, but it almost always revolves around commuting via their phone.

If your man is being secretive and hiding his phone, he has something to hide. Combined with some of the other signs he’s thinking of leaving, this is a huge red flag.

He’s Making Less Effort With You in General

Making more effort on himself and for other people is one side of the coin. The other side is making less effort with you and his current life.

Is he forgetting key dates and anniversaries? Not listening or paying attention to you? He might even come across like he doesn’t care anymore. All signs he’s mentally checked out.

He Refuses to Make Plans for the Future

Some men are great at hiding it, but some aren’t. For some men, it’s hard to make plans for the future when they don’t see a future with their current partner (you).

They might even take this as an opportunity to drop hints that they might not be around in the future. Make sure you’re paying attention to what they’re saying and doing when you talk about future plans.

He’s Always Pointing Out ‘Faults’ With You

Remember when your relationship was new and all those little imperfections you saw in each other were cute?

Well, if those same imperfections are now annoying to your partner, something has changed. On a basic level it’s often a sign he’s getting tired of the relationship, on a more serious level, it’s a sign he’s found someone who looks more perfect in his eyes.

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He Often Feels ‘Absent’

Thinking about leaving a relationship weighs heavy on a person. If you’ve been noticing he’s been distant or absent lately, such as daydreaming, not listening, looking troubled, these are all signs something is on his mind.

It could be anything. But, combined with some of the other signs on this list that he may be seeing another woman it may mean he’s considering leaving.

He’s Being Vocal That Things Aren’t Working Out

Not many men just up and leave without voicing concerns that the relationship isn’t working out. I know a lot of men are not great at talking about their feelings, but the warning signs may be there.

Had he voiced that he isn’t happy with the relationship? He may have picked on something trivial and you passed it off.

He Keeps Asking How You Think the Relationship Is Going

This is another sign that a man is looking for a way out. They’ll often ask how you think the relationship is going in the hope that you say you’re not happy and give them an out.

It’s a tough situation to be put in. You have to be honest, but at the same time, it’s not fair that your partner is trying to use you as a scapegoat.

He’s Distancing Himself From Your Friends and Family

If or when he moves on with another woman, you man is going to be well aware that there might be backlash from your friends and family.

He may start to distance himself from those close to you beforehand. Kind of like damage limitation, especially if he is planning on cutting contact with your circle after he moves on.

He’s Been Spending a Lot of Time With Another Woman

If your man is seeing another woman and planning to leave you for her, he has to be spending a lot of time with her.

The amount of time he’s spending is probably intensifying the closer he gets to leaving, too. If you’re still in the dark as to who he might be seeing, you should be able to find out by paying attention to who he’s spending his time with.

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What Should You Do If Your Partner Is Planning on Leaving You?

Having a partner leave you for someone else can be one of the most painful and life-changing experiences you’ll ever go through.

What you do and how you handle it largely comes down to your specific circumstances. It’s hard to tell you what to do without knowing your situation.

Some women fight for their man and he ends up staying and they live happily ever after. While for some women reading this, it may even come as a relief that he’s leaving!

What I can say is, never blame yourself or beat yourself up about it. It’s not your fault, even if things within your relationship are not going well – he had the choice to resolve them or move on without cheating.

If you’re hurting, put yourself first. Make sure you take care of yourself and surround yourself with loved ones. Also, don’t display any anger towards him or his new woman, it never reflects well on you.

And, you know what – and I’m well aware this is cliche but it’s true – you’re better off without him. That’s the truth.

Image credits – Photo by Jan de Keijzer on Unsplash

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