Seeing Indigo Color During Meditation?

Seeing Indigo Color During Meditation What it Means

If you’ve been seeing and experiencing colors during meditation, this means you’re reaching a deeper state of meditation and your subconscious mind.

It’s a positive sign, and can often reveal some interesting physical, mental, and spiritual things about your wellbeing depending on the color you’re seeing.

What does seeing indigo color during meditation mean? The color indigo relates to the sixth chakra, also called the third eye, brow, or Ajna chakra. Seeing indigo when activating your third eye can reveal a lot about your general health.

What Is the Third Eye (Sixth Chakra)?

What Does Seeing Indigo Colors While Meditating Mean

The third eye is a chakra located right in the center of the forehead between your brows.

This is where our pineal gland is located. So, there is some science behind the profound feelings and experiences we can have when we connect with this gland.

It’s the point where all of our senses work together, and is often described as being responsible for a “sixth sense”.

Our sixth sense is when we feel or see something spiritually, emotionally, or other than cannot be explained by scientifically.

People who are able to engage with their third eye are able to get a much deeper understanding of themselves.

They can feel an “energy” that can’t be seen. They are also able to connect with their subconscious mind, and some people even describe entering a different “dimension”.

What Does Seeing Indigo Colors While Meditating Mean?

If you’re seeing indigo colors, especially if you’re focusing on the point between your eyes and you see indigo, a golden light, a white flash of light, or even an eye, this is a sign that you’re activating your third eye.

While you should never focus on colors or anything else you see while meditating, the profound effects should be present in your everyday life.

If you have been experiencing any of the following its further proof that you’ve been activating your third eye:

You’re Starting to Think Differently

Once you’ve opened your third eye you will start to think differently. These experiences affect everyone differently, but the common theme is that people start to focus on self-improvement.

Once you’re more aware of the good and bad energies and influences around you, you’ll start to focus on the good and push the negatives away.

You’re Able to See and Feel Things Others Can’t

The sixth chakra is associated with intuition. If you’re starting to get a “feel” for when something will happen or feel more connected with your spiritual side, this is perfectly normal.

It’s a subtle feeling, and something you will need to work with to better understand. But it’s a truly powerful feeling that will help you improve your life.

You Understand Yourself Better

This was the most exciting revelation for me when I started getting deeper into meditation and opening my third eye.

I really started to better understand a lot of things about myself. Such as why I think the way I do about certain things, emotions I’ve been holding onto, the changes I wanted to make in my life, and more.

Powerful eye-opening stuff!

You’re More Perceptive and Spiritually Connected

A lot of people seek ways to connect with their spiritual minds. Doing so allows most people to become more present in the moment, enhance their senses, become mentally stronger, and live a healthier life.

Like a lot of the effects of opening the third eye, it’s a very personal journey and hard to explain exactly how you’ll feel. But there’s no denying it’ll enrich and enhance your life.

What to Do When You See Colors While Meditating

The first thing I will point out is that it’s important not to focus on any visions you have while meditating.

The purpose of meditating is to not get distracted by anything you see or feel while meditating.

Seeing colors, or any other visions is a sign of progress. It’s a positive thing, and something you can reflect on when you’re not meditating.

You should actively encourage seeing colors though. You can do this by focusing on parts of your body that are associated with the chakra point you want to connect with.

In the case of the third eye, you can do this by focusing on the area between your brows. You can even imagine the color appearing between your brows before you see it and, with practice, this will encourage these visions.

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Should You Be Concerned?

What to Do When You See Colors While Meditating

I don’t think there is any cause for concern, no.

Sometimes people will see other colors relating to different chakra points in their bodies that may relate to a physical health issue.

Such as seeing green colors, which relate to the fourth heart chakra. Or seeing blue colors that relate to the fifth chakra which is located in the throat.

If you’re experiencing these colors you should investigate these physical areas to see if your subconscious mind is telling you there is a physical issue.

In the case of seeing indigo color during meditation, the third eye is a gateway to expand our minds. It’s a way to unlock our sixth sense. Some people even say they developed telepathic abilities, so it’s an exciting thing to explore.

In Summary

Seeing colors during meditation is normal. In most instances, the color you see will relate to the associated chakra point in your body.

The color indigo relates to the sixth chakra located between your brows and is also known as the third eye.

In this article, I covered some of the powerful and profound physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences that can come from opening your third eye.

If you’ve experienced any of these things – or maybe some personal things I haven’t covered – I’d love to hear about it. Please feel free to drop a comment below and share your experiences.

Happy meditating!

11 thoughts on “Seeing Indigo Color During Meditation?”

  1. Hello I started wanting to heal myself, by aligning with my soul, never done this before.
    So by trying my best to be mindful & be in the present state of mind which is difficult when you have a busy mind.
    I have always been a positive person but I have had some heartbreak over the last 6 months.
    New to meditation and I saw Indigo today, it was invigorating and I am feeling back to my positive self

  2. Thanks for sharing that Barbara, it’s so encouraging to hear such things. Stay positive, and keep up with your meditation and I know the best will come for you.

  3. I’m not quite sure how to decipher what I saw but I was standing in indigo colored water and up ahead there was a human heart being suspended in the air and it too was bright indigo almost like it was illuminated from the inside but there were like dark stains on it of a deeper darker purple almost like bruising and i was trying to reach it but couldn’t

  4. today i have seen red and dark blue or indigo while meditating, im practicing meditation from last 25 days dedicatedly, is it starting stage i think – ? ,

  5. I have started meditation today for the first time.ive been doing a lot of soul searching and I’ve been encouraged to try meditation. I must admit it was not as difficult as I thought it would be.
    I saw in my minds eye an indigo ball that danced through the dark of My mind and I followed it. It stoped and it almost looked like an eye with black inner rim and the center having flecks of swirling green… it then grew and became one big solid indigo ball. I have no idea what this really means. But I look forward to learning more on it.

  6. Man, And I Thought I Was Seeing The Light To The Decision Of Heck Or Heaven Every Time I Saw The Indigo Light While I Meditated

  7. I’m new to yoga for the first time today practicing Isha Kriya I visioned indigo swirls floating up the I saw the face of an owl that turned it o an eye all in indigo I also visioned some yellow swirls coming inward. This was totally unexpected so that’s why I’m here to gain an understanding. Does anyone know the significance of my visions.

  8. I see Indigo all the time the color never changes for me I see aliens and different beings they show me things pictures I see eyeballs a lot different eyes and when I see aliens they just sit and watch me they don’t move I see them through my third eye but they just sit and watch and also Spirits as well they just show me pictures of different things scenes I don’t understand any of this but I’m trying to and I also can feel their energy right by me as well if they’re near me next to me I can feel them so intensely I can feel their presence very weird I can feel them touch me. And also I don’t have to go into meditation for my third eye to come on mine just comes on automatically I don’t understand it especially at night in the dark it just pops on

  9. I started meditation after my father passed in May this year, he assed on Archangel Michaels feast Day May 8th and I felt an overwhelming connection with this Angel as my father’s name was Michael.
    I went for an afternoon nap one Sunday and after less than five minutes with my eyes closed colours and faces started appearing. I saw many objects, symbols and scenes.
    In the weeks following I saw many beautiful indigo swirls with cobalt blue flashes and purple.
    I continue to see the colours in meditation to Padre Pio and also in my waking from sleep or transition into sleep but never while I’m asleep. Does anyone have any insight into how I can connect although not always in meditation thank you

  10. Hi
    I started meditation recently and on listening to om mantra I felt relaxing and suddenly saw indigo colour at the middle of eye brows . I had meditated only for 15min after puja .
    Second day say glimpses of yellow and red colour ..
    It was relaxing
    Is this significant!
    Please advice
    Thank you

  11. Michelle Mariano Samson

    Hi, I just finished meditating then after my experience went to google about it. All the things you mentioned in your article most of them I can relate but not sure before if my third eye is already opened or blocked. I experienced to see color indigo now , before I used to see blue or a hole. During my deep meditation I felt chills then started to see images of different faces. Man, woman even skull and I have a rapid eye movement while the faces changes. Maybe my sixth sense is already activated since sometimes I know things . When I think about it, it happens.
    I had a headache btw. Thank you
    For sharing your article.

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