Jason Stephenson’s Powerful Morning Affirmations!

Jason Stephenson Powerful Morning Affirmations

I’m a huge Jason Stephenson fan, as I’m sure many of you reading this article are.

If you’re interested in meditation, visualization, relaxation music, and any other form of guided talks, in my opinion, Jason is one of the best teachers out there.

One of his videos that literally changed my life is his Powerful Positive Morning Affirmations that he recommends you listen to for 21 days.

I was at a point in my life a couple of years ago where I really needed to realign my focus and start making things happen in my life.

I’d had great success using affirmations before, so I set out to find a powerful set of affirmations I could use daily for a while and really put all of my energy into.

I came across this video from Jason Stephenson, and I was blown away:

From the opening narrative where Jason describes affirmations as: 

Scientific prayer or affirmations are the harmonious interaction of the conscious and subconscious levels of mind.

To the long list of powerful, ‘I am’ affirmations that shaped my frame of mind and helped me manifest some incredibly powerful things into my life – this video is a complete game-changer.

I hope you can listen to this video every day for 21 days to give yourself the best possible chance of manifesting the things you want to enter into your life, too.

To help, I’ve also listed all of the affirmations from this video in case you wanted to pick the ones that are most appropriate to you:

List of Jason Stephenson Powerful Morning Affirmations! 

  • I am powerful
  • I am love
  • I am letting go
  • I am accepting of who I am
  • I am safe
  • I am honoring myself and others
  • I am confident
  • I am freedom
  • I am connected to mother Earth
  • I am worthy
  • I am magnificent
  • I am loving all that I am
  • I am creating the life of my dreams
  • I am loving all that you are
  • I am a part of the greater whole
  • I am aligned with my inner power
  • I am wellness
  • I am abundance
  • I am appreciative of all that I have
  • I am happy
  • I am healthy
  • I am at one with all that is
  • I am in the flow of life
  • I am here to grow and expand
  • I am supportive of life
  • I am a joyous being of light
  • I am well-being
  • I am gratitude
  • I am all that is
  • I am healing
  • I am peaceful
  • I am loving
  • I am honoring my higher self
  • I am soul
  • I am truth
  • I am accepting of change
  • I am lifeforce beyond belief
  • I am light
  • I am allowing
  • I am loved by universal source
  • I am here to learn
  • I am co-creating a universe of magnificence
  • I am comfortable
  • I am choosing my life moment by moment
  • I am life itself
  • I am connected to everything that is
  • I am grateful

In the video, Jason repeats all of these affirmations one more time.

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Why Use Daily Affirmations?

If you’re completely new to affirmations, I know what you’re thinking….

How can repeating positive statements every day possibly help improve any aspect of your life – I thought that too once.

Well, there is some solid science behind affirmations to back up the fact that they really work.

I’m not going to dive into that though. Something that is often more powerful than scientific explanations and studies – for me at least – is first-hand testimonials from people.

I have a wealth of anecdotal evidence myself from using affirmations, which is why I’m writing this post. But I do understand why people are skeptical at first because I’ve been there.

Just think though, affirmations are commonly used by athletes, successful businessmen and women, and other high-performance people – because they can really work.

You may have noticed I used the word ‘can’. This is because there are no guarantees, and some people are more receptive than others when using affirmations.

Affirmations are not magic. You’re not going to get debt-free, run your fastest mile, or make your first million by simply repeating the right affirmations.

You are, however, going to improve your self-integrity, reinforce positive messages into your conscious and subconscious mind, and open yourself up to make better decisions based on the affirmations you’re repeating to yourself.

What Is the Best Time to Use Affirmations?

The affirmations in this video are called ‘Powerful Morning Affirmations’, so it’s pretty clear that these are best used in the morning.

That said, it’s widely believed that the best time to use affirmations is in the morning.

This is because when you first wake up your mind should be less cluttered and more receptive to conscious and subconscious messages.

It’s the same reason why I find meditating more effective in the morning, there is less chatter going on around things that happened during my day.

Ideally, you will be able to find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed so you can wear headphones and immerse yourself in this video once a day.

Simply repeat the affirmations after Jason does, and really try to clear your mind and focus on every word.

If you prefer, you can jot down some or all of the affirmations and repeat them at a more convenient time – that’s why I’ve listed them out for you above.

I wish you good luck, and please, do stick to repeating these affirmations daily.

Don’t try to rush or force anything, just believe in the affirmations and give them time to enter your subconscious mind.

You’ll see over time for yourself just how powerful affirmations are when they’re used as part of a daily routine.

Want more affirmations? Check out:

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2 thoughts on “Jason Stephenson’s Powerful Morning Affirmations!”

  1. Great examples! I love the routine of reciting daily affirmations. It is a great way to begin your day. -Ryan

  2. I was once faced with being a victim of domestic violence, living in a shelter with two infants, being kidnapped by my abuser, going through a court trial, being addicted to illegal drugs (crack), graduating from college (who knew), losing custody of both children, going to county jail repeatedly, then two rehabs, gained possession back, reunited with abusive ex (children’s father), relapsed, went to prison, lost custody of children again to deciding to have a church-based program pick me up from prison, slowly regained custody, making 6 figures through many promotions, got married to a loving man, to now out of work, both kids are adults (young 18 & 21), one with mental health, and so on… When I went to the church-based program (literally all of this in the news), one of my mentors made me get up everyone AM to do self-affirmations. I fought her every day, but she won. They do work as it had a significant effect on my decision-making. Now I have not done this one yet but will start tomorrow am. – April

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