If Your Ex Blocks You, You Won Meaning & What To Do!

If Your Ex Blocks You, You Won Meaning

If your ex blocks you, you won meaning you have the upper hand now.


Well, by blocking you on social media, SMS, or by any other platforms, it shows they’re struggling to deal with the breakup and seeing you.

I can’t guarantee you’ll get the outcome you want – whether that’s to get back together or not – but in relationship terms, you’ve come out the winner.

Here is more on why your ex has blocked you, what it means, and how you should react to get what you want out of it:

If Your Ex Blocks You, You Won Meaning Explained

As I explained, being blocked by your ex is actually seen as a win in most people’s eyes.

it may not feel like it if you’re desperate to know what they’re up to, but you have to look at why they blocked you.

Some of the most common reasons why someone will block their ex are:

10 Reasons Why Your Ex Will Block You and Why It’s a Win for You

1. They’re Feeling Hurt and Think Blocking You Will Hurt You Too

When people are feeling hurt, they tend to want to inflict that same pain on the person who caused it.

This is what’s known simply as “revenge.”

By blocking you, your ex is hoping to hurt you the way you hurt them.

However, this backfires because all it does is show how weak and childish they are and I’m sure you’re not going to be offended!

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2. They Don’t Want You to See how Miserable They Are Without You

If your ex is anything like most people who were on the end of a breakup they didn’t want, they’re probably not handling the breakup very well.

They may be feeling rejected, lost, hurt, and alone.

On top of that, they’re likely feeling insecure about their future and whether or not they’ll ever find someone else.

By blocking you, they’re hoping to keep you from seeing how miserable they are without you.

However, all it really does is show you that they aren’t handling the breakup very well.

3. They Don’t Want to See how Happy You Are Without Them

This is closely related to the last reason but with a bit of a twist.

Instead of being worried about you seeing how miserable they are, they’re also afraid to see how happy you are without them on social media.

They may think that by blocking you, they’ll be able to protect themselves from seeing how well you’re doing without them.

But more often than not, they’ll end up regretting their decision and would rather know what you’re up to than not see you at all.

4. They Need Time and Space to Clear Their Head

In some cases, your ex may need some time and space to clear their head before they’re ready to talk to you again.

This is especially true if the breakup was particularly messy or if there are still a lot of unresolved feelings between the two of you.

By blocking you, they’re hoping to give themselves the time and space they need to collect their thoughts and feelings.

It’s almost like a detox, and it’s not always a bad idea to take a break from social media.

5. They Did It Out Of Anger and Regret It Now

One of the most common reasons people block their ex is out of anger.

In the heat of the moment, they may say or do something they regret and decide to block you as a way to cut ties.

However, this is usually only a temporary solution and they’ll likely regret their decision soon after.

This is especially true if they want to get back with you, so you can rest easy knowing they probably regret it.

6. They Want to Start Afresh and Move On

In some cases, your ex may block you because they’re ready to move on and start afresh – or have at least accepted that you’re not going to take them back.

This is usually a good sign that they are ready to move on with their life without you and will not be causing you any problems.

They probably also think that it’s going to annoy you or leave you wondering what they’re up to.

But I’m sure you’re also moving on with your life and are OK with being blocked, it’s their loss at the end of the day.

7. They Don’t Want You to Contact Them

Another common reason why your ex may have blocked you is because they don’t want you to contact them.

This could be for a number of reasons I’ve already covered, but ultimately they think it gives them the power over what happens.

The only thing it does do, however, is remove the chance that they’ll be able to see what you’re up to or speak with you unless they unblock you.

Unblocking someone is a pretty big sign that they made a mistake, and it’s not something people do often due to pride.

8. They’re Feeling Confused Right Now

Your ex may have blocked you because they’re feeling confused about their feelings.

It’s not uncommon for people to want to take a break from social media, or not want to confront how they’re feeling or talk about the breakup, and this is usually what blocking someone is for.

They may be wondering if they made the right decision or if there’s still a chance for you two to get back together, it’s hard to say.

9. They Think You’ll Reach out To Them Another Way

Your ex may have blocked you on social media to make a statement, but that doesn’t mean they think you won’t try to reach out to them another way.

They could be blocking you on social media as a way to stop you from messaging them or calling them, but it’s not going to stop you from trying altogether.

It’s up to you what you do, but I’d suggest not reaching out to them another way until they do something so you can get a better idea of what game they’re playing.

10. They Think It’ll Make You Miss Them More

Lastly, your ex may have blocked you because they think it’ll make you miss them more.

This is a pretty common tactic that people use when they want to get back together with their ex, but it doesn’t always work.

It’s possible that by doing this they’re hoping you’ll reach out to them or try to find another way to contact them, but it’s also possible that they’re just trying to get a reaction out of you.

The way you win this battle of the mental games is by not reaching out to them.

This will force them to come running to you when they realize you’re not playing their games – and if they don’t, I’d seriously ask yourself if you’re better off for it?

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Is Blocking an Ex a Power Move?

Some people see blocking their ex as a power move, but I don’t really think it is. Yes, it may stop you from contacting them or seeing what they’re up to, but ultimately it doesn’t do much else.

It also shows that you’re still invested in the relationship and care about what they’re doing, even if you’re trying not to show it.

I think a better power move would be to completely detach yourself from them and their life – this includes unfollowing them on social media, muting them, deleting them from your phone contacts, and letting them know you don’t want to be in contact.

By doing this you’re making it clear that you’ve moved on and don’t want anything to do with them, which is a much stronger message than just blocking them.

Should You Ask Your Ex Why They Blocked You?

If it came as a surprise that an ex blocked you and you really don’t know why then you may be considering asking them about it.

I would advise against this for a few reasons.

First, it’s likely that they will tell you the truth or open up about why they did it in detail.

Second, even if they do tell you the truth, it’s not going to change anything or make you feel any better.

Lastly, one of the main reasons why an ex blocks their former partner is to make them come to them.

By reaching out and asking why you’re blocked, you’re playing right into their games and giving them that sense of control they want.

As painful as it is if you want to get back together, you need to take being blocked as a sign that they don’t want the same things as you – even if you do reach out.

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