How to Reply to ‘What’s Up’ in a Flirty Way (35+ Examples!)

How to Reply to What’s up in a Flirty Way

If you enjoy flirting or are trying to catch someone’s attention, one of the best opportunities is to respond to “what’s up” in a flirty way.

Saying ‘what’s up’ is a common way to ask how someone is doing and start a conversation, so it’s perfect for flirting.

If you want to arm yourself with plenty of flirty things to say, here are 35+ ways how to reply to ‘what’s up’ in a flirty way:

How to Reply to ‘What’s Up’ in a Flirty Way – 35 Flirty Lines To Try!

“Never mind what’s up, I was hoping I’d see you today.”

“What’s up? I was thinking about you.”

“Just daydreaming about you actually as you ask 😉 “

“What took you so long to ask?”

“It’s funny you ask, I had a dream about you last night.”

“You know what, I can’t stop thinking about you!”

“I was just wondering when I’ll get to see you again.”

“I was beginning to think you forgot about me.”

“Not much, but I’ve been meaning to ask if you’d like to go out sometime?”

“Why don’t you tell me?”

“Has anyone told you that you have the cutest smile before?”

“Do you ask everyone you like ‘what’s up’?”

“Is ‘what’s up’ code for something else you’d like to ask me?”

“I usually say ‘nothing’, but as it’s you asking, ‘I’m awesome, thanks'”

“Not much, but I feel happier now you’re here.”

“I’ve been pretty busy, but I’d make time for you any day.”

“I just can’t stop smiling when you’re around, it’s crazy.”

“Well, nothing so far today, but I’m hopeful that it’s going to get better.”

“Nothing exciting – you got any suggestions for how my day can get better?”

“Are you asking me out?”

“Are you flirting with me? Because I hope so.”

“Let’s skip the small talk, when are we going to grab a drink together?”

“Looks like my prayers for my day to get better were just answered.”

“What was that? Sorry I was lost in your eyes for a moment there.”

“Is that your best pickup line?”

“Well, I’m feeling pretty lonely, as you ask.”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“I think you already know how I am, especially when you’re around.”

“I could use a hug right now if you’re offering.”

“I’m too shy to tell you what I want to say to that.”

“Why don’t you take a guess at how I’m doing.”

“I came here to see you, I can tell you that much.”

“That’s such a cheesy opener, why don’t you ask me a more probing question?”

“I love how you ask that, always gives me a fuzzy feeling inside.”

“I looked up flirty replies to that question, but couldn’t find anything I liked.”

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How to Reply to ‘What’s Up’ in a Flirty Way to a Text

“I’m good, just missing you.”

“I was just wondering how long it would take you to text me.”

“Not much, I love it when you text me though!”

“It’s a beautiful day so I couldn’t be better, wanna meet up later?”

“Nothing, I have no plans for the day – so If you’re asking….”

“I’ve been waiting for you to text :), I’m good, how are you?”

“I’ve had a crazy morning actually if you have time to chat about it?”

“That’s weird that you text right now, I was just listening to a song that reminded me of you.”

“Bet you can’t guess what I’m doing right now.”

“I’ll tell you when I see you if you’re free?”

How to Tell if Your Flirting Is Working and They Like You!

Flirting back when someone says “what’s up” is one thing, knowing they’re receptive to it and like you is what really counts!

Here are some signs to watch out for that they’re into you:

  • They smile and laugh when you replied and looked a little shy
  • They keep the conversation going and bring it back to you a lot
  • They ask you probing questions about yourself
  • They compliment you or say something flirty back
  • They get a little touchy feely with you
  • They suggest meeting up and hanging out
  • They drop hints that they’re available and/or interested in you
  • You just get a feeling that they’re into you!

There are only so many signs and cues to look for that I can point out. Ultimately, you’re going to know when someone likes you.

If it’s not obvious by what they say or do, you’re just going to be able to feel it.

If you don’t feel confident in your flirting abilities, that’s okay!

Flirting is like anything, it takes practice. Eventually, it’ll become second nature to you and you’ll have a lot of fun in the process!

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