He Never Texts Me on the Weekends! (5 Possible Reasons)

He Never Texts Me on the Weekends

If you’re interested in or involved with a guy and he never texts you on the weekends, this is a huge red flag!

There really are no excuses why a guy wouldn’t at least text you over the weekend, so it’s worth investigating.

Here are some of the reasons why a guy might not be texting you on weekends and what you should do about it:

He Never Texts Me on the Weekends! (5 Possible Reasons)

1. He Has a Girlfriend/Wife/Family

I’m sorry to say that probably the most common reason why a guy goes silent over the weekend and doesn’t text you is that he has a ‘secret’ partner or family.

I say ‘secret’ because I’m assuming that you think – or he’s told you – that he’s single and you’re involved with one another in some way.

When guys text or are available during the week, it’s usually because they’re working or are not with their partners.

It’s much more difficult for them to find the time to freely text other women on the weekends, so they end up making excuses and going ‘off grid’.

I’m sure this is one of the first reasons that came to mind, it always is.

Before you jump to conclusions or accuse him of anything, however, make sure you find some evidence to support your theory or you might end up looking like a crazy, jealous woman!

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2. He Just Doesn’t Care About You

This reason isn’t much better than him having a secret life or family – he might just not care about you.

Ouch, I know.

It hurts when you think you’re involved with someone and it turns out that they couldn’t give two hoots about you!

If a guy is never texting you on the weekends, especially after he’s been texting you during the week pretty regularly, then chances are he doesn’t really care too much about you and he’s doing other things.

If you confirm this is the reason, I hope you cut ties so you can spend your time finding someone who will value you.

3. He’s Deliberately Trying to Make You Chase Him

A lot of guys think that if they play hard to get or make themselves less available, then women will want them more.

It’s an incredibly childish and primitive way of thinking but, unfortunately, it does work on some women.

If you’ve been chasing him or he knows that you’re really interested in him, he might be playing games by not texting you on the weekends.

He’s trying to create a sense of mystery or make you work harder for his attention in order to stroke his ego.

It might sound cute, but it’s actually pretty toxic controlling behavior and a huge red flag for how he’s going to behave if the two of you do get closer.

4. He Has Some Issues He’s Dealing With

Everyone has their own baggage and problems, so it’s possible that he’s going through something tough at the moment.

It might be family issues, relationship problems, work stress, addictions, or anything else.

If he’s not ready or able to share whatever is going on with you yet, then he might distance himself by not texting you on the weekends.

It may be because he spends his weekends dealing with these problems, but it also may be a way of him subconsciously putting up a wall until he’s able to open up and talk about these things.

5. He Doesn’t Know It’s an Issue For You

The final possibility is that he doesn’t know not texting you on the weekends is an issue for you.

It could be that he’s used to only seeing or talking to his friends and family during the week, so it doesn’t occur to him that you might want or need to hear from him over the weekend.

This is a pretty weak excuse, but I’ve heard someone say this before.

It might also be a sign that he’s selfish. Maybe he goes fishing on the weekends or hangs out with his buddies and simply thinks he’ll get back to you on Monday.

Either way, if you’re interested in this guy these are red flags and unless he’s willing to come clean and change, I wouldn’t get any further involved with him!

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What to Do If A Guy Doesn’t Text You at Weekends

If a guy isn’t texting or contacting you on weekends, you need to figure out why.

I can imagine you’re jumping to all kinds of conclusions and assuming the worst – or maybe you’re someone who always gives people the benefit of the doubt.

Either way, you need to know his reasoning for not texting you so you can figure out a solution if there is one.

The only way to do this is by asking him.

You could say something like:

“Hey, I noticed you didn’t text me this weekend. Is everything okay? I’m just wondering because I thought we were talking pretty regularly.”

Or you could be more direct and ask him why he doesn’t text you on weekends by saying:

“I’ve noticed you never text me on the weekends. I find this kind of odd, is there something you want to tell me?”

If you think he’s being dishonest, or if he can’t give you a good answer or start texting you on weekends, you need to seriously consider backing away from this guy.

At the end of the day, it takes just a few seconds to send a text message, what excuse could he really have?

If you’ve been in this situation and a guy did have an excuse, or maybe he didn’t, I’d love to hear about it.

Please feel free to leave a message below to help others in a similar situation.

Image credits – Photo by Kev Costello on Unsplash

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