Alternative Funny Phrases for “Package Delivered!”

Funny Phrases for Package Delivered

Looking for more funny phrases for, “package delivered?”

If you enjoy using secret code phrases – or just want to play around and be more cryptic – you’re going to enjoy the following list of code phrases!

Alternative Funny Phrases for “Package Delivered”

If you’re trying to get the message across to someone that a package they’re expecting has been delivered, without actually saying it, here are some alternative phrases to try:

  • “The eagle has landed.”
  • “The cheese is in the fridge.”
  • “The rocket has landed.”
  • “The hostages have been released.”
  • “Green light! Go go go.”
  • “The cherry has popped.”
  • “The fox has entered the chicken coop.”
  • “Elvis has entered the building.”
  • “The baby is in the bath.”
  • “The loaf is in the oven.”
  • “The apple has fallen from the tree.”
  • “The dog is in the kennel.”
  • “The messenger has arrived.”
  • “The goods are in stock.”
  • “The King is ready for you.”
  • “The moment has arrived.”

As you can see from the above list, as long as you’re saying that [something] has [arrived/entered/happened], etc, you should be able to get the message across.

Sometimes, however, people just don’t get it no matter how many different ways you try to say it.

That’s part of the fun of secret codes though!

Keep in mind that when secret codes are being used in real situations, both parties are aware of what the codes are.

If you’re just throwing these out at someone to see if they understand what you mean, don’t be surprised if they have a confused look on their face.

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Why Do People Use Code Phrases?

There are two very different scenarios where people use code phrases;

The first is in real-life scenarios where code phrases are needed to get messages from one person to another in secret.

This includes anything from the military and first responders where code phrases are commonly used, to everyday situations that might be going on around you without you knowing.

Code phrases are used to enable staff or the people using them to get a message to other members of staff without anyone else understanding.

When used by the military, in hospitals, within the police, etc, it’s important to use code phrases as it enables workers to get messages across without alarming anyone.

It also enables messages to be relayed clearly, quickly, and in a way that everyone knows exactly what it means.

The most obvious example is the use of police codes. I’m sure you’ve heard cops using codes like “10-4”, which means, “message received”, or “420”, which is the penal code for marijuana smoking.

The second use of secret code phrases is just to goof around and be funny.

I’m sure we’ve all met someone who liked using codes.

I know I’ve come across a few people over the years, usually in an office I’m working in, who liked messing around talking in code.

There is a time and a place for it though. It can become annoying over time (take it from me), especially if the codes are too cryptic and it’s taking ages to figure out what the person means.

As with any humor, pick your audience and timing carefully!

More Funny Code Phrases

If you have any code phrases or funny sayings you – or someone else you know – uses, I’d love to hear them and add them to the list.

Please share any phrases you’ve used/heard below. It doesn’t matter how silly you think they are, someone might like them!

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