List of Funny Responses to “The Eagle Has Landed”!

Funny Response to the Eagle Has Landed

Looking for a funny response to The Eagle Has Landed?

I used to work with someone who would use this saying – and some other secret code-type phrases – all the time, so I needed to come up with witty responses.

Here are some of the best funny responses I was able to come up with and dig up from the depths of the net, as well as the interesting history behind “The Eagle Has Landed”.

What Does the Quote the Eagle Has Landed Mean?

A lot of people know that “The Eagle Has Landed” is used as a covert way to indicate something has been successful or someone has arrived, but do you know the history of the saying?

Not many people do, to be fair.

“The Eagle Has Landed” was first said, at least when it was made famous when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon for the first time.

Armstrong said these words to NASA Mission Control to confirm that he and Buzz Aldrin had safely landed on the moon on July 20th, 1969.

The ‘Eagle’ was actually referring to the Apollo 11 Lunar Module that was named “Eagle”.

Being used at such a historic and momentous event, this phrase got picked up and started being used by the military to indicate a successful mission objective.

It also got spoofed, used in memes, and at some point, it just became normal (for some people) to use it to describe any event happening without explicitly explaining it.

So much so that I know several people who predictably will use “The Eagle Has Landed” to describe anything from a friend or a package arriving to an email landing in their inbox!

Funny Responses to the Eagle Has Landed

What do you say when someone says “The Eagle Has Landed” to you?

If you’re looking for a funny response or a witty comeback, here are some of the things you can say:

  • “Roger, Tranquility, we copy you on the ground.” – This was the actual response from NASA to Neil Armstrong when he first said those words, that’ll either impress or confuse the person saying it!
  • “Copy that, I have an eyeball on it.” – If someone is going to give you military-style code, why not give them some back and play the role.
  • “Are you going to say that every time [insert reason].” – If you’re getting a little bored of hearing this phrase, this little hint might make them think twice next time.
  • “No, it hasn’t, and no, you’re not an astronaut.” – If you’re getting really annoyed, this is a blunter way of making this known.
  • “Thanks for telling me, I’ve been waiting for this moment all day.” – A little sarcastic, but can be taken in good spirits.
  • “Are you sure it was an eagle? Could it have been just a large bird, like a chicken?” – Depending on who you’re saying this to, it could be met with a smile or a frown.
  • “I need more detail, what is the eagle, where, and when did this happen?” – Sometimes you actually need the person to tell you what they mean exactly!
  • “I know, I saw it moments before you, try to keep up.” – This is a way to make a wannabe spy feel inadequate.

Obviously, you need to pick your response based on the person you’re talking with. The idea is not to offend anyone, it’s to make them smile!

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More Funny Secret Code Phrases

If you’re bored of using The Eagle Has Landed, want to mix it up, or just want to use similar sayings, here are some similar sayings to use:

  • “The pig has eaten the nest.”
  • “The horse is in the barn.”
  • “The sheep are in the pen.”
  • “We have a green light.”
  • “The messenger has arrived.”
  • “The man in black is here.”
  • “The balloon has burst.”

As you can see from the above, you can use just about any words and phrases to have the same impact if you use them in the same way.

After all, you’re trying to speak in secret code, right? If you want to come up with your own phrases you can get creative, if it’s a little confusing, even better!

How Do You Respond to the Eagle Has Landed?

How do you respond when someone says The Eagle Has Landed to you?

I’d love to hear more funny replies and comebacks, more funny phrases that I’ve not heard before, and anything related to this topic.

Feel free to drop me a message below. I have to go now, because; The Cat has Found Its Treats…wink wink.

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Image credits – Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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