List of Christmas Words That Start With C!

In need of festive Christmas words that start with C?

If you’re trying to describe Christmas starting with C you have a good number of words to choose from.

It’s cheating a little because the word Christmas starts with C!

I hope you find what you’re looking for, here is a list of all the Christmas-related words beginning with the letter C I was able to think of:

Christmas Words That Start With C

Cakes – an item of soft sweet food made from a mixture of flour, fat, eggs, sugar, and other ingredients, baked and sometimes iced or decorated.

Camaraderie – mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.

Camels – a large, long-necked ungulate mammal of arid country, with long slender legs, broad cushioned feet, and either one or two humps on the back. Camels can survive for long periods without food or drink, chiefly by using up the fat reserves in their humps.

Candies – sweets; confectionery.

Candlelight – dim light provided by a candle or candles.

Candles – a cylinder or block of wax or tallow with a central wick which is lit to produce light as it burns.

Candy Canes – a cylindrical stick of sweet striped rock with a curved end, resembling a walking stick.

Cards – a piece of thick, stiff paper or thin pasteboard, in particular one used for writing or printing on.

Care – the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.

Caroling – sing Christmas carols.

Carousel – a merry-go-round at a fair.

Carve – cut (a hard material) in order to produce an object, design, or inscription.

Cathedral – the principal church of a diocese, with which the bishop is officially associated.

Celebration – the action of celebrating an important day or event.

Celestial – belonging or relating to heaven.

Ceremony – a formal religious or public occasion, especially one celebrating a particular event, achievement, or anniversary.

Chapel – a small building or room used for Christian worship in a school, prison, hospital, or large private house.

Charity – an organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need.

Charm – an attractive or alluring characteristic or feature.

Cheerful – noticeably happy and optimistic.

Cherished – hold (something) dear.

Chestnuts – a glossy hard brown edible nut which develops within a bristly case and which may be roasted and eaten.

Child – a son or daughter of any age.

Children – a son or daughter of any age.

Chilly – uncomfortably or unpleasantly cold.

Chimney – a vertical channel or pipe which conducts smoke and combustion gasses up from a fire or furnace and typically through the roof of a building.

Chocolates – a food in the form of a paste or solid block made from roasted and ground cacao seeds, typically sweetened and eaten as confectionery.

Choir – an organized group of singers, especially one that takes part in church services or performs in public.

Christ – the title, also treated as a name, given to Jesus.

Christianity – the religion based on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ, or its beliefs and practices.

Christians – a person who has received Christian baptism or is a believer in Christianity.

Christmas – the annual Christian festival celebrating Christ’s birth, held on 25 December in the Western Church.

Christmas Cake – a rich fruit cake covered with marzipan and icing, eaten at Christmas.

Christmas Cards – a greetings card given or sent at Christmas.

Christmas Carols – a carol (a song or hymn) on the theme of Christmas, traditionally sung at Christmas itself or during the surrounding Christmas holiday.

Christmas Cookies – traditionally sugar cookies or biscuits (though other flavors may be used based on family traditions and individual preferences) cut into various shapes related to Christmas.

Christmas Crackers – festive table decorations that make a snapping sound when pulled open, and often contain a small gift, paper hat and a joke.

Christmas Day – the day on which the festival of Christmas is celebrated, 25 December.

Christmas Dinner – Traditional Christmas dinner features turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and vegetables.

Christmas Elves – a supernatural creature of folk tales, typically represented as a small, delicate, elusive figure in human form with pointed ears, magical powers, and a capricious nature.

Christmas Eve – the day or the evening before Christmas Day, 24 December.

Christmas Gifts – Christmas gift or Christmas present is a gift given in celebration of Christmas.

Christmas Lights – (also known as fairy lights, festive lights or string lights) are lights often used for decoration in celebration of Christmas.

Christmas Parties – an event that brings together people to celebrate the holidays and the blessings of the year.

Christmas Past – The Ghost of Christmas Past, or The Spirit of Christmas Past, is one of the characters in A Christmas Carol, an 1843 novella by Charles Dickens.

Christmas Presents – a gift given in celebration of Christmas.

Christmas Pudding – sweet dried-fruit pudding traditionally served as part of Christmas dinner.

Christmas Star – a nova or supernova explosion.

Christmas Sweaters – a sweater or jumper themed with a Christmas or winter-style design, often worn during the festive season.

Christmas Time – the period immediately before and after 25 December.

Christmas Treats – any kind of sweet or treat related to Christmas.

Christmas Tree – an evergreen or artificial tree decorated with lights, tinsel, and other ornaments at Christmas.

Christmas Wreath – made by twisting or bending evergreen branches into a large circle which are then decorated with pinecones and a red bow.

Church – a building used for public Christian worship.

Cinnamon – an aromatic spice made from the peeled, dried, and rolled bark of a SE Asian tree.

Cloves – the dried flower bud of a tropical tree, used as an aromatic spice.

Cocoa – a powder made from roasted and ground cacao seeds.

Cold – of or at a low or relatively low temperature, especially when compared with the human body.

Comet – one of Santa’s reindeer.

Comfort – a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.

Communication – the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.

Communion – the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially on a mental or spiritual level.

Community – a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

Companionship – a feeling of fellowship or friendship.

Compassion – sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

Confections – an elaborate sweet dish or delicacy.

Cooking – the practice or skill of preparing food by combining, mixing, and heating ingredients.

Cool – of or at a fairly low temperature.

Cozy – giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.

Cranberries – a small red acid berry used in cooking.

Crowd – a large number of people gathered together in a disorganized or unruly way.

Cupid – one of Santa’s reindeer.

Customs – a traditional and widely accepted way of behaving or doing something that is specific to a particular society, place, or time.

What Makes a Good Christmas Word?

Finding the right words to describe a thing, situation, or event can be incredibly powerful.

When you use the right word, people understand exactly what you mean and the message is conveyed perfectly.

Christmas words are no different!

Christmas words should be:

  • joyful
  • happy
  • nostalgic
  • whimsical
  • festive
  • and most importantly make you think of Christmas!

The letter C is certainly perfect for that!

The History Of Christmas

The history of Christmas is actually very interesting, and a far cry from how and why we celebrate this festive holiday today!

Christmas words are not new, they’ve been around since the 4th century.

Christmas was originally a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

The word Christmas actually comes from the old English word “Cristes maesse”, meaning “Christ’s mass”.

Christmas wasn’t always celebrated on December 25th, the date was actually chosen to coincide with the pagan holiday of Saturnalia which was a Roman festival honoring the god Saturn.

Christmas wasn’t declared a federal holiday in the United States until June 26th, 1870.

Christmas wasn’t widely celebrated in America until the 19th century when Christmas traditions such as Christmas trees, Christmas stockings, and gift giving became popular.

Today, everyone who celebrates Christmas does so in their own way, but it’s certainly a day filled with Christmas cheer, Christmas words, and Christmas love!

If there are any Christmas-related words that start with C you think should be on this list, please drop me a comment below and I’ll add them to the list to help others out.

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