24+ Witty Comebacks About Age to Arm Yourself With

Witty Comebacks About Age

People seem to be obsessed with other people’s ages. Especially when they can say they’re younger than someone. Or if they’re older, show they’re in better shape or think they look better.

It’s mostly driven by egos and making comparisons, which is what makes responding to the “what’s your age” question so frustrating.

First of all, it’s normal to feel like giving a sarcastic or witty response – so don’t ever feel bad for doing so.

People shouldn’t be asking your age unless it’s needed for a legitimate reason and not to pass judgment.

Anyway, the best thing you can do is arm yourself with some witty comebacks about age to put the person prying on the backfoot.

Here are some of the best one-liners to arm yourself with for the next time someone makes a comment about your age!

Effective & Witty Comebacks About Age

  • A day older than I was yesterday, how about you?
  • I’m not sure, I stopped counting some time ago.
  • At a guess, younger than you.
  • I’m the same age as my eyes, but older than my teeth.
  • Is it important to know? Because I guess I could find out for you.
  • If you’re going to compare my age to yours, it’s quite obvious to me I’m younger.
  • Old enough to remember a time before smartphones, so I guess that makes me a dinosaur.
  • Well, let’s just say I remember the dinosaurs ….. From a school trip to the museum.
  • The last person who asked me that was never seen again.
  • I always find it interesting that people want to know how old I am….
  • Why? Are you looking for someone of legal age to buy you some beer or something?
  • Age is just a number, what does it matter? (ah, the “age is just a number” classic)
  • You look at me, and that’s the most interesting thing you can think of asking me?
  • Do you always ask people their age?
  • Well, that depends on what you’re going to do with this information.
  • I’m at the best age I’ve ever been, that much I can say.
  • What do you say when someone asks you that?
  • How accurate do you need me to be? Can I round it to the nearest decade?
  • Well, that depends on who you ask.
  • Has no one ever told you it’s rude to ask someone their age?
  • I don’t think I should tell you, you may think I’m acting too mature for my age.
  • Well, I’m older than I look and younger than I feel.
  • You guess and I’ll tell you how close you are.
  • You tell me your age first, then I’ll decide if I should answer. That sounds fair to me.

Should You Tell Someone Your Age?

It’s entirely up to you if you want to tell someone your age when they ask you. You’re not obliged in any way to answer.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t want to, loads of people don’t want to reveal their age. If you don’t like lying, then don’t give them a different number – just use one of the replies above.

It’s important you try not to get flustered or uncomfortable though. This might be easier said than done, but doing so will only make the situation even more uncomfortable.

Which is another reason why you should have some replies ready. It makes it a lot easier to deflect the question and move on to another topic.

Anyone half decent at picking up on social cues will move on to another topic when you give them a clever or funny reply.

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What Do You Say When Someone Asks Your Age?

So, what has been your typical response to someone asking your age or making a comment about your age?

Did you find a reply from the above list you might use next time you’re asked? It can be so awkward being put on the spot sometimes, especially if it’s not something you’re comfortable answering.

In an ideal world, people wouldn’t be so interested in comparing themselves to others based on age. But, unfortunately it’s human nature and is always going to happen.

At least now you’re ready with your chosen answer. It’s going to be fun seeing how people respond! Do let me know if you find yourself in any funny or interesting conversations and situations.


Image credits – Header image by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

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  1. Hey! This is VERY SMART AND VERY CLEVER! My Friend, he was discriminated about his age in social media and I wanted to protect him! But I was tired saying ‘shut up’ so I just searched this up and Boy y’all surprised me. THIS IS A NEED! Thanks for all the Backslashes and shades. This is very Important about emphasizing that age question is dumb and also Very critic. God bless you people

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