When Your Ex Is Dating Someone Uglier Than You (How to Handle It)

When Your Ex Is Dating Someone Uglier Than You

So, you’ve just looked on social media or bumped into your ex and couldn’t help but notice they’re now dating someone else.

Not only that, but they’re dating someone who you can clearly see is uglier than you are.

How did it make you feel?

Some people are happy to see this, as it makes them feel like their ex can’t get someone as hot as they are again.

While others are pretty offended to see their ex has dropped their standards!

Here’s how it should make you feel when your ex is dating someone uglier than you:

Ways You Might Feel When Your Ex Is Dating Someone Uglier than You

Here are some of the ways people feel when they see an ex dating someone uglier than they are; which is true in your case?

1. Happy that They Didn’t Find Someone as Hot as You

This is a common feeling, as it can be validation to yourself that you are the best your ex will ever get.

It’s also a way of putting them behind you in your mind and making yourself feel better about the breakup.

If you catch yourself thinking or saying something like:

“Ha, they couldn’t even find someone as good-looking as me! I must be doing something right.”

Then I think this describes you perfectly!

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2. Disappointed that They Couldn’t Do Better

This is a feeling that comes from a place where your ego lives.

If you’re thinking things like:

“I can’t believe they would lower themselves to date someone who looks like that.”

Then not only is that disrespectful and unfair, but your ego is obviously hurting.

It might also come with a sense of betrayal if you feel you knew them well and what their ‘type’ was.

3. Like They Chose Them to Try and Offend You

Similar to having your ego hurt, you might also think they are dating someone uglier than you just to try and offend you.

I’m sure this has happened before, most things have, but I really doubt your ex would go to that much trouble just to offend you!

4. That There Might Be Something Special About Their Personality

This is a more positive way of thinking about it and might make you feel better about the whole situation.

Everyone has different preferences, so just because they didn’t choose someone who looks like you, doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with them.

They might have found someone with an amazing personality or sense of humor that you just don’t see in pictures or during a brief meeting.

5. Offended that Your Ex Might Think Their New Partner Is More Attractive Than You!

And finally, this is another feeling that stems from you having a bruised ego.

It can be really tough to see your ex dating someone you think is ugly, especially if you still have feelings for them.

You might feel like they are saying that person is more attractive than you or that they must think you are both in the same league.

Either way, it’s not a healthy way to think.

If you do think it’s something like this, I suggest taking a step back and working on your own self-esteem and stopping focusing on what your ex is up to!

This All Likely Stems from Low Self-Esteem on Your Part

If you’re wondering why you’re concerned about who your ex is dating and how they compare to you, it almost certainly comes down to your own self-esteem.

It can be really tough to see someone you used to care for with someone who is, in your opinion, less attractive than you.

But it’s important not to dwell on it or compare yourself to others.

We are all unique and special in our own ways!

And remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’m going to take a guess that your ex thinks their new partner is attractive.

Whether that’s true or not, I bet they’re happy together – and you should be happy for them.

If you’re holding on to any resentment for your ex it’s only going to do you emotional harm in the long run, while they move on with their life and flourish.

It’s a tough thing to do, but I suggest taking an honest look at your own self-esteem.

How do you really feel about yourself? Are you surrounding yourself with good people and doing the things you enjoy in life?

If not, it’s time to focus more on yourself and less on your ex!

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Which Is Worse; Seeing Your Ex Date Someone Ugly or Hot?

There’s no easy answer to this question. It honestly depends on you as a person, and how you feel about yourself.

If you have low self-esteem, then seeing your ex with someone who is attractive in your eyes might be tough for you because it highlights your own insecurities.

But if you’re confident in yourself, then it should not bother you at all.

The same goes for seeing them date someone you think as ugly or unattractive.  If you’re confident in yourself, it’s not going to bother you either way.

At the end of the day, it’s important to focus on your own happiness and not what others are doing.

You can’t control who your ex chooses to date – but you can control how you react to it!

I hope this article has helped give you some perspective on the situation. Feel free to drop any comments below to help others in a similar situation!

Image credits – Photo by Blake Carpenter on Unsplash

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