What to Say to an Ex Who Hurt You? (7 Powerful Responses)

What to Say to an Ex Who Hurt You

Breaking up is tough, no matter whose decision it is to split and whether or not you know it’s for the best.

If you’re the one who’s been hurt the most, I know how you feel.

It hurts, it really does.

What helps is knowing what to say to an ex who hurt you. Maybe you want to get a little revenge, or maybe you just want some closure so you can move on.

Either way, picking the right words is incredibly powerful and can help you move on and speed up your recovery.

7 Things to Say to an Ex Who Hurt You

From anger to relief and a range of emotions in between, different people react differently to being hurt in relationships.

Here are some of the best things to say to an ex who has hurt you to help you feel better and get some closure – pick one that suits your situation carefully!

“My Only Regret Was Dating You in the First Place”

This can be a hurtful thing to say to an ex, but as they’re aware of the fact that they’ve hurt you it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to them.

I’m sure when cooler heads prevail you’ll be able to admit that you don’t mean this if you have some fun times together.

“I Should Have Listened When People Warned Me About You”

This is also another way to have a dig at them and try to hurt them back. Making your ex think that his friends knew he would hurt you undermines his friendships.

If it’s not true, however, you could cause some problems amongst your shared friends. Think about that before using this line.

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“I’m So Much Happier Now We’ve Split, I Should Thank You”

This one’s a bit of a slap to their ego. Let them know you’re happier now you’ve split, and even go as far as to thank them.

It’s better than telling an ex you’re not happier, you miss them, etc. They won’t feel as bad as you want them to, trust me.

“You Hurt Me a Lot, It’s Going to Take Time for Me to Trust Someone Again”

If it’s not within your personality to say something to try and get revenge or hurt your ex, telling them that you’re hurting can be incredibly powerful.

It should make them think about what they did to hurt you. If they have a heart, you have to assume they’re going to feel bad about it.

“It’s Only Now I Realize, You Never Made Me Happy”

This is quite a scathing and hurtful thing to say to an ex. For a lot of people, it’s actually the truth though, so it might be something you want to say.

If you were in a toxic relationship, you’re right to tell your ex. Once they see you’ve moved on and you’re happier, they’ll feel bad if they have a soul.

“I’m a Stronger Person Now, I Wish You the Best”

Sometimes, the most powerful way to get back at someone who hurt you is to forgive them and even thank them for freeing you.

Being with someone who has/will hurt you will have a negative impact on your life and well-being. Let them know you’ve grown as a person from the experience.

“I’m Sure We Can Both Learn From This Experience”

This is a way of showing that you’re the bigger person, but also plant that seed that they did something wrong and should reflect on that.

Of course, it’s not your responsibility to help them become a better person, especially now you’ve moved on. But demonstrating your maturity is above theirs is great parting words.

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How Can I Make My Ex Regret Hurting Me?

There are a few things you could do to really get back at your ex in a hurtful, and even embarrassing way.

But I’m not going to go through those types of ways of getting back at them as it usually ends up backfiring or causing a toxic and negative situation.

Instead, the best advice I can give you to make your ex regret hurting you is to simply move on and live your best life.

When he sees that you’re genuinely happier than you were with him/her and you’re doing all the things you never did with them, it’s going to hurt their ego.

It will make them take a look at how they behaved and what type of partner they were, and they should feel inadequate.

What Is the Most Hurtful Thing You Can Say to an Ex?

The most hurtful things you can say to an ex (outside of something personal only you know about them) are things like:

  • “I wish I’d never met you!”
  • “I never loved you anyway!”
  • “Our entire relationship was a waste of time!”

Be careful before saying anything scathing and hurtful, you can’t take it back once you’ve said it!

Is Silence the Best Revenge After a Breakup?

The silent treatment is one of the best ways you can get revenge after a breakup if your goal is to make your ex feel terrible.

It’s the not knowing that really drives people mad about being given the cold shoulder. People like to be heard, and more so acknowledged.

If you can just walk away and not speak with your ex again, or at least for a long time until you’re ready, it’s a powerful way to get back at them for sure.


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