10 Tips for Dating a Filipino Man!

Tips for Dating a Filipino Man

Are you dating or about to go on the first date with a Filipino guy and want some tips?

When dating anyone it’s common courtesy (and helpful) to know a little about their culture and background, plus it’s going to help the dates go so much better!

Here are 10 tips for dating a Filipino man that’ll help you impress him!

10 Tips for Dating a Filipino Man

1. Be Prepared to Get to Know His Family

Family is very important to Filipinos, and their moms in particular play a very important role to a Filipino guy.

Don’t be surprised if you meet his mom or even some of his aunts soon after you start dating.

If he does introduce you, it’s a strong sign that he likes you. Try not to be nervous, just be yourself and I’m sure it’ll be fine!

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2. Embrace Their Culture

If you’re not Filipino, learning about their culture can be a great way to win over your Filipino man.

Read up on the history, food, and traditions of the Philippines and it’s sure to impress him if you can drop in any knowledge bombs or a few words in Filipino.

3. Give Him Space if He Needs It

Filipino men are known for being independent and enjoying their own space. Don’t take it personally if he wants to go out with his friends instead of seeing you at times.

Just give him the space he needs and he’ll be back to being your devoted partner.

If you don’t and you try to control him you’ll find he pushes back and it’s not going to bode well for your relationship.

4. Demonstrate that You’re Independent

As well as allowing a Filipino the space to show his independence, he’ll be more impressed if you also demonstrate you’re independent.

Show him that you have your own interests, career, and life goals while still having the time and dedication to give a relationship your all.

5. Support Their Goals and Ambitions

This is stellar relationship advice whatever the culture and background of the person you’re dating.

Show your man that you’re supportive of his dreams, whether it’s changing career paths or moving to a different city.

Offer him help, advice, and support to help him within your abilities to achieve his goals if he needs it.

6. Accept that They Might Be Overprotective

Filipinos are known for being quite protective of the people they love.

Don’t be surprised if you find him being extra mindful of your safety and whereabouts from what you’re used to.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just try not to take it too personally if he’s overly protective.

7. Respect Their Religious Beliefs

The majority of Filipinos are Catholic, so it’s important to respect their religious beliefs.

If he invites you to an event or service at a church or has some strong beliefs based on his religion, you should respect that even if you disagree.

8. Be Attentive to Their Hobbies and Interests

Like most men, Filipino men have their own hobbies and interests that they’re passionate about and it’ll vary from man to man what those are.

Along with giving him space and supporting him, taking an interest in his hobbies is going to help bring the two of you closer together.

9. Be Patient and Understanding

This is just solid advice when dating regardless of the man you’re dating and his culture, but even more so when dating a Filipino guy.

Being patient and understanding of his culture, family, background, and any issues that might come up will go a long way in building a strong relationship.

No matter how strongly you feel for him, you’re going to be much better off in the long run by taking things slowly.

10. Be Willing to Communicate Openly and Honestly

This is the backbone of any successful relationship, whether you’re in the early dating phase or have been together for years.

If you can communicate openly and honestly, especially from the start, there’s nowhere your relationship won’t be able to go.

Take the time to get to know each other and understand his views, opinions and feelings and you’ll be off to a great start.

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What Is the Dating Culture Like in The Philippines?

Dating culture in the Philippines is similar to many other parts of the world.

That said, here are some common things to know about dating in the Philippines:

  • Dating is not as common among young people as it is in some Western countries. Many young people in the Philippines still follow traditional dating customs, such as being introduced to potential partners by their families or through mutual friends.
  • Physical intimacy is generally not expected on a first date. It is more common for people to get to know each other and become friends before starting a romantic relationship.
  • It is common for people to show affection for each other in public, such as holding hands or hugging. However, public displays of affection are generally not as common or accepted as they are in some Western countries.
  • Family is very important in Filipino culture, and it is common for people to involve their families in their dating lives. For example, it is common for people to introduce their partners to their parents and other family members early on.
  • Marriage is an important milestone in many Filipino relationships, and it is common for people to get married in their early to mid-20s. Divorce is not as common in the Philippines as it is in some Western countries, and it is generally not seen as an acceptable solution to relationship problems.

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