15 Signs Someone Is Jealous of Your Looks (& How to Handle Them!)

Signs Someone Is Jealous of Your Looks

Some of us are good looking and attract a lot of attention for it, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The problem is the haters, especially friends and people close to you who are jealous of your looks or the attention you get.

It’s one of the toxic behaviors that’s only going to make them do things to try and make you feel bad and themselves a lot better.

You need to be able to spot the signs someone is jealous of your looks in some way so you can distance yourself.

Here are 15 signs someone is jealous of your looks and what you should do about it:

15 Signs Someone Is Jealous of Your Looks

1. They Copy Your Style

One of the most obvious signs that someone is jealous or envious of your looks is if they try to copy your style.

This can get a little creepy if someone takes it too far and starts dressing, looking, and acting like you.

It can quickly go from being a bit cute or flattering to dealing with someone who is acting irrationally.

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2. They Ask You What It’s Like to Get so Much Attention

This is another sign that might start out as being flattering but can lead to someone being eaten up with jealousy.

If they keep asking you what it’s like to get so much attention or what people say about you when you walk into a room, it sounds like they wish they had the same attention.

3. They Try and Give You Bad Style Advice

This is a passive-aggressive way someone might act if they’re jealous of your looks.

They will try and give you bad style advice or suggest things that they think would make you look worse – not better.

It’s their way of trying to bring you down and boost themselves in some way.

4. You Can Tell They’re Being Fake

If someone is jealous of your looks, then chances are they won’t be able to keep up the fake act of pretending they’re happy for you for long.

You will likely be able to spot the little hints and signs that they aren’t being genuine.

Even if they’re not jealous, it shows they’re not real friends and someone you shouldn’t want to hang around with anyway.

5. They Talk Badly Behind Your Back

If someone is jealous of your looks, they might take to talking behind your back if they’re not brave enough to say something to you.

They might be spreading lies or rumors to try and make you look bad or make themselves feel better.

This behavior can be confusing when that person is always nice to your face, but it’s a strong sign they have another agenda.

6. They Don’t Think It’s ‘Fair’ You’re Better Looking

When someone looks up to someone else they often end up feeling like things just aren’t fair.

The problem is that nothing is ‘fair’ in their eyes and it’s not something you can control or help them with.

7. They Try and Pick Faults in You

It’s common for a jealous person to try and pick faults in you and chip away at your self-confidence over time.

They do this because they have low self-esteem and confidence in themselves.

It’s hard for them to admit and face up to the fact that someone else is better looking in a mature way, so they try to bring you down.

8. They’re Never Happy when Others Compliment You

Another subtle sign that might show itself is how this person reacts when someone else compliments you.

If they go quiet, act distant, or even look unhappy when you’re being complimented it’s a sign that they’re harboring some resentment.

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9. They Say Your Looks Open Doors for You

This is a way someone can have a dig about you being good-looking while making you feel like you don’t deserve the things you’ve earned.

If someone is saying that you’re getting things due to your looks, it’s an underhanded way of implying that you’re not accomplishing things based on your talents.

10. They Make Comments About You Being Superficial

Being good-looking is often tied to being superficial or shallow.

If someone is making comments about you being superficial, it’s likely because they’re jealous of your looks and can’t accept it.

11. Everything Comes Down to Attractiveness for Them

If you have suspicions about someone being jealous of your looks, look at how they view the world.

If everything seems to come down to what people look like and they’re always commenting on other people’s looks, you might be right.

Some people just see and rate things on face value and looks, it’s not a good way to operate.

12. They Make out Like You Get Everything Gifted to You

This is another way of making it sound like you don’t deserve the things that come your way.

They will make out like everything has been gifted to you or handed to you on a plate, when in reality it’s not true.

They do this to make themselves feel better about what they have or haven’t earned, and to belittle your accomplishments.

13. They Think They’re More Deserving than You

Another mindset people will adopt when they’re jealous of someone else’s looks is that they’re more deserving of things than you, even though you’re doing better than they are.

It’s a way of convincing themselves that you’re getting things given to you based on your looks and they have to work much harder.

14. It’s Obvious They Lack Self-Esteem

When someone is jealous of your looks, it’s often because they have low self-esteem and don’t feel good about themselves.

This can be seen in other areas by how they act and the things they say.

If this person is down on themselves, becoming more reserved, or lacking confidence while around you, it could be because they’re feeling inadequate compared to you.

15. You Get a Strong Gut Feeling They’re Jealous

Sometimes you just know when someone is feeling jealous of your looks.

It’s an instinctual feeling that comes up, like a sixth sense if you will.

If you get a strong gut feeling that someone is jealous of your looks, it’s probably better to take notice and bear the signs above in mind.

It’s easy to pass it off as someone thinking you’re cool or looking up to you, but in reality, it’s going to be eating them up.

They can’t be the kind of friend you should want if they’re jealous of you, so it’s best to be aware and wary of the situation.

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How to Handle Someone Who Is Jealous of Your Looks

Now that you know the signs someone is jealous of your looks, it’s time to think about how to handle the situation.

The first thing to do is to take a step back and assess the situation and their behavior.

Think about whether this person is just looking up to you or if it’s something more sinister.

If it’s not looking good and you feel like they are feeling jealous of your looks, it’s best to talk to them about it.

Let them know you understand where they’re coming from and that it’s okay to feel jealous.

Try to remind them of their positive qualities and encourage them to focus on the things they like about themselves.

It can be helpful to offer reassurance and remind them that everyone has their own unique traits and strengths.

Most importantly, focus on making sure that you remain positive and confident in yourself.

There is only so much you can do to help someone feel better about themselves, a lot of what they need to do will have to come from them.

I’d always take the position of being a supportive friend, but at the same time, I wouldn’t hesitate to distance myself from someone who is jealous of me in any way.

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