10 Signs an Australian Guy Likes You! (Body Language Decoded)

Signs an Australian Guy Likes You

It’s always exciting and different dating guys from other cultures and countries from your own.

Their mannerisms, body language, and humor – it can be very different from what you’re used to with local guys.

If you’ve met an Australian guy, you may be picking up on some of these differences.

To help you out, here are 10 signs an Australian guy likes you, some tips for dating Aussies, and more:

10 Signs an Australian Guy Likes You

1. He Tries Hard with His Flirting Game

Let’s not pull punches here, Aussie guys are not typically known for their flirting game.

They tend to be more physical and let their impressive beach tans and surfing process do the talking than they do romance a girl with sweet compliments and flowers.

If any guy is flirting with you, it’s a sign they like you. If an Aussie guy is trying hard – even if he’s falling short – I’d say it’s a strong sign he likes you!

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2. He’s Willing to Put You Before His Mates

Hanging out with the boys and watching some Australian Rules Football, cricket, or another sport is important to Aussie guys.

So, if he’s ditching his mates to spend time with you, it’s a huge sign that you’re important to him.

Any guy who is willing to put you before his mates is a keeper, and with an Aussie guy, it’s no small thing!

I can’t promise he’ll always put you before sport and some tinnies with his mates, but for now, you should make the most of it.

3. He Phones and Texts You a Lot

This is a classic sign that any guy likes you, but with Aussie guys typically being laid back and putting their mates first – having him being attentive to you is a big thing.

He’s probably not going to send you love hearts and roses (see point one), but he will let you know he’s thinking of you.

The bottom line; if an Aussie guy is texting and phoning you a lot, it’s a good sign!

4. He Cooks for You (It Might Be a Barbie)

Aussie guys love a good Barbie (barbecue). If he’s inviting you over for a feed and he’s manning the barbie, take that as a sign he likes you.

It’s a way of him showing you he cares, and although BBQs aren’t that unique, it’s one of the ways he can share his culture with you.

Even if his cooking skills are questionable, the effort is definitely there!

5. He Wants to Take You to The Beach or Surfing

I know, it’s a classic stereotype – but for good reason!

Aussie guys love the beach, and who can blame them with all those beautiful beaches they have in Australia!

If he invites you to go to the beach with him or to take a surfing lesson, it’s likely that he’s hoping to impress you!

No matter where this leads, at the very least, you’ll have a great day out at the beach.

6. He Brings You Into His Network of Friends

If he’s introducing you to his mates, it’s a good sign he likes you.

Aussie guys are very proud of their culture and roots (and friends!), so if he’s wanting to share that with you – it means you’re special to him.

This is also a great way to get to know more about him and his background.

Plus, if his friends like you, they’ll be sure to let him know – giving you a big thumbs up in his eyes!

7. He’s Always on Time and Never Lets You Down

If an Aussie guy is always turning up when he says he will and keeping his promises, it’s a good sign!

It might not seem like a big deal, but for Aussies who are known to be laidback and operating on ‘Aussie time’, this is a big deal.

Also, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s just nice to know that he’s always going to be on time, you can depend on him, and he respects and values you and your time.

8. He Wants You to Visit All the Places that Are Important to Him

If he’s taking you to all the places that are special to him – whether it’s his favorite beach, a pub with his mates, or even just his house – it means he’s wanting to share more of his life with you.

Aussie or not, this is definitely a good sign that he likes you and wants to bring you closer into his world.

9. He Wants You to Meet His Parents

This is a BIG step for any guy, but if he’s wanting you to meet his parents, it’s an even bigger deal for an Aussie guy.

Aussies are very family-oriented, so if he’s taking you home to meet the folks, it means he’s serious about you and wants his family to approve of you.

It might be a nerve-wracking experience, but just go with the flow and be yourself – I’m sure his parents will love you!

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10. You Can Tell by The Way He Smiles at You

Last but not least, one of the most important signs that an Aussie guy likes you is simply by the way he smiles at you and the feeling you get in your tummy when he does.

Aussies are known for their friendly and laid back nature, so if he’s smiling at you a lot, it’s definitely something to take notice of.

When love is in the air, we should always trust our gut instinct, too.

If you can feel some ‘electricity’ or romance in the air, then don’t ignore it. Look for some of the other signs that he likes you and do something about it!

Have you dated, are currently dating, or are interested in an Australian guy?

I’d love to hear your personal experiences and whether or not you found these points to be true – please leave a comment below, thanks!

Image credits – Photo by Vitor Rossetto on Unsplash

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